Found: ‘The ugly one’ -

Found: ‘The ugly one’

Mysterious creature dragged out of Ontario creek


A dog in northern Ontario has dragged a mysterious creature out of a local creek that Aboriginal elders say hasn’t been seen in more than 40 years. The creature, which appears to be dead, has a white, bald face similar to that of a wart hog, and crumpled ears. A scowling expression reveals long lower fangs, and its eyes are rolled back. Its body is covered in thick fur like that of otters, beavers or bears. In fact, skeptics argue that this is actually a water-logged bear. But elders in Big Trout Lake insist that creature is a long-lost oomajinakoos or “the ugly one.” They are right, at least in name.

Toronto Star

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Found: ‘The ugly one’

  1. It actually looks more like a partially decomposed Wolverine, thus the baldness around the face and the eyes rolled back. Anyone else think that might be a Wolverine?

  2. The full story states that it has a rat-like tail & is 30cm long. I would think it's a water-logged, partially decomposed Muskrat.
    Cooler northern lakes would slow down the decomposition. The ugly snout and ears are designed to keep water out while under water. Google "Muskrat description" for more info..

  3. -Water Opossum (Chironectes minimus), and trout tickler. Catches fish, that it finds under rocks by thanatosis (feigning death) and trout tickling (rubbing the under belly of the fish) with its snout. Problem solved.