Four charged in MLA expense scandal

Nova Scotia premier laments the loss of public confidence


One sitting and three former Nova Scotia MLAs have been slapped with a slew of charges ranging from fraud to breach of trust to theft for filing fraudulent expense claims. Former MLAs Richard Hurlburt, Russell MacKinnon, David Wilson and sitting independent MLA Trevor Zink are scheduled to appear in court on April 20th. “Frankly, I’m not just disappointed, I’m angry about it because we all have to live with the consequences,” said premier Darrell Dexter. “It just becomes much more difficult to bring people into public life.” The premier refused to comment on the individual MLAs, or say whether he thinks Zinck should resign his seat.

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Four charged in MLA expense scandal

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    Hamid Karzai would be proud.

  2. Four down five six hundred left to charge. Our politics should be like the states. Two terms max. then out the door you go!

  3. NDP'ers are entitled to your money, if you don't hand it over, they have to take it.

    • 3 of the members were either Pc or Liberals

  4. My question is: Where is Howard Epstein on this list? He bought $2000 worth of books with money from the tax-payers pockets. If he was in any other profession he'd have been locked up long ago.

    This is a man who along with his job as MLA also works as a professor at Dalhousie, and is a practicing lawyer. Why can this man hold three jobs and still be in office?

  5. The public here knows that Nova Scotian governments have had self-serving fraudsters in office since roughly 1749. Too bad the NDP are no different than those other two criminal organisations. And lo, the people of Nova Scotia voted for change, and change is what they got…a change in paving contractors!!! (as it has been from the beginning of this province, really, or at least since the invention of asphalt)

  6. I wish they would monitor federal politicians as carefully as they do provincial politicians.
    And I wish all governemnt officials would be denied expense accounts. Imagine the reduction in corrruption!

  7. Premier Dexter says: "it just becomes much more difficult to bring people into public life". Excuse me. What kind of statement is that? Does this mean that getting caught with your hands in the till will eliminate certain people for getting into public life? I hope so. His statement is confusing to me.

  8. Stupid is as stupid does. The local media can't give enough space to the CTF to express the
    populist outrage. The current face of the CTF being Kevin Lacey .. late of Mr. Harper's office
    and the recent campaign manager for the Failed Fiddler under whose regime most of the
    documented misdeeds took place.. I stress "documented".
    I guess if the barking media can't give us that much detail it's too much to expect that we get
    good information on the history of CTF, detail of its' funding sources, or its' agenda as translated
    into reality. Or the part it plays in the fall-back employment options of right-wing circus barkers.

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