Fowler/Guay watch: Released (?)


BAMAKO (AFP) — Two Canadian diplomats as well as a German and a Swiss, held for months by Al-Qaeda’s North African branch, were released Wednesday in northern Mali, security sources told AFP.


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Fowler/Guay watch: Released (?)

  1. I’m sure it was because Karl-Heinz Scheiber put in a good word with one of his many contacts…

  2. So glad Fowler and Guay are back safe & sound. I had no idea it was “Al Qaeda’s North African branch” that was holding them, it makes one twice as happy they’re back.

  3. PMO is putting the screws to the media in Canada to not report this. They first tried to get us to not mention it at all (despite it being out on the AFP and Reuters world wire), now they are insisting that we say that it is unconfirmed.

    UN is now confirming they are free.

    • I think I asked you about this when you posted on this earlier. Why do you think it has been handled this way?

  4. Wonderful news.

  5. Three reasons:

    1. This government hates communicating
    2. They are terrified of leaking any information that would put Fowler and Guay in danger — totally justified.
    3. Media –especially CBC — quid pro quo from the Fung cone of silence.

    • Fair enough on 2 and 3

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