Fox host apologizes to Canadian troops

Comments came on the day four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan


Greg Gutfield, host of Fox’s Red Eye–you miss it if you happen to be asleep on weekdays at 3 a.m.–has gone and apologized for making fun of Canada’s troops. The host offended Canadian sensibilities last week when he questioned the efficacy (and, it would seem, the very manhood) of this country’s military–on a day when four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan. Defence Minister Peter Mackay was outraged, Gutfield said sorry, and we all went back to not watching Red Eye.

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Fox host apologizes to Canadian troops

  1. Way to go Peter who knows maybe he helped light a fire under a few seats down there.

  2. “David Frum’s only goal in life, it seems, is to gain respect from the very people who will always think he’s a turd. In that sense, then – he really is a turd. He craps all over fellow conservatives, hoping this will get him a free pass into cocktail parties previously off limits to his neconservative dorkish self. Who knows – this “strange new respect” thing might work – but frankly we’ve already got Meghan McCain gunning for that slot, and she has a better rack.”
    Now that’s funny! Too bad I can’t get Fox through my rabbit ears.

  3. The guy apologizes with forked tongue .. if you look into it. … These people should be ashamed of themselves it would be one thing if it was even a little satirical in a funny way but nada nothing zip void .. a waste of space and one in which I think they are feeling alittle heat over. Keep up the excellent work Peter M.

  4. Gutfeld’s “satire” was despicable, but the segment actually aired several days before the most recent Canadian troop deaths. (Of course, even before that, the death toll was 112.)

  5. More proof that FOX News is an embarassment as a news organization. Kudos to McKay!

  6. Gutfield and co are nothings and nobodies.

  7. I wonder if Canadians will care enough to stop watching fox network.

  8. Fox is supported by a large powerful group who have caused problems all over the world. This disrespect for another country is just one more example.

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