France admits supplying arms to Libyan rebels

Critics say French actions overstep NATO’s UN-mandated mission


France has provided anti-Gadhafi rebels with weapons, admitting on Wednesday that its military dropped light arms and ammunitions to fighters in Libya’s Nafusa mountains in early June. According to reports from Le Figaro newspaper, the French military also dropped rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles without informing its NATO allies. A military spokesman told the AFP news agency that the arms were “light infantry weapons of the rifle type,” that were dropped “so civilians would not be massacred.” France’s admission of providing arms could bring further criticism from countries like Russia and China, who contend the NATO-led mission in Libya is overstepping the boundaries of its UN-mandate. The U.S., on the other hand, has argued that NATO countries are able to provide weapons to rebel fighters in Libya under UN resolution 1973.

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France admits supplying arms to Libyan rebels

  1. if you’re going to help, then help. If we don’t give them the small stuff to keep fighting with then it will become our war. Nobody wants our boots on the ground in yet another conflict so you better make sure theirs can keep fighting.

    • Are you serious? You think that if the rebels can’t get the job done that we ought to go in and do it?  My question to you is – “who are these rebels that we are rushing to help?”

      We are being presumptuous and arrogant to think that we have the right to determine who are “the good guys” that should be in power in that sovereign nation. It is simply none of our business. As much as I may have thought we needed a change of government we Canadians would not allow foreign interference to achieve that change. In that regard, the Libyans will be no different. If it is to happen change will have to come from within. Let that process run its course without interference. Surely we have learned something from our experience in Afghanistan!

      We are not a “super power”. With our limited financial resources our emphasis should be 
      on homeland security. In that regard the threat to our way of life comes in an economic form. We need to counter the economic threat to our Arctic, protect our coastal fisheries, deal with internal unrest, root out terrorist cells, and, first and foremost, keep our country financially viable.

      • You are 100% right. Man there are so many twits in this world it hard to understand how they even read the news.

  2. Armed Islamic secessionists, supported by outside powers, killing civilians that support the government, government workers, policemen, and soldiers are NOT civilians. Any country, facing a treasonist insurrection backed financially and militarily by outside, hostile forces, has the right to defend itself to preserve its nationhood.

    • Exactly. And that is what Col. Gadhaffi is doing!

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