France calls for "unprecedented sanctions" against Iran -

France calls for “unprecedented sanctions” against Iran

“Few doubts on Iranian intentions,” after UN report


France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppé called for “unprecedented sanctions” on Wednesday if Iran fails to address questions from the international community about its nuclear program, the Wall Street Journal reports. On Tuesday, the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, officially acknowledged for the first time that the Iranian regime appears to have developed technologies needed to produce atomic weapons. “The elements of the IAEA report on the military activities, together with the accumulation of enriched uranium and the intensive ballistic trials program, leave few doubts on Iranian intentions,” Juppé said.

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France calls for “unprecedented sanctions” against Iran

  1. I see nothing in the report unequivocally demonstrating Iran’s intentions toward making a nuclear bomb. It little more expands on previous data indicating its capability for making a device, and that within short order. Stuff we already knew.

    People who are getting excited about it never stepped inside a high school metalwork shop, no nothing of physics, are mis-parsing what’s necessarily entailed by dual-use, are not teasing apart the information that Iran (not unreasonably) charges as forgery from the rest of key analyses, and are swayed by the kitschy diagram at the end, that looks like some 80’s high-school DOS graphics project, that seems to scream NUKES, NUKES! run for your lives!

    After reading all the hype, and finally reading it last night, it sounds like so much deja vu all over again.