France pushes protectionist measures -

France pushes protectionist measures

G8 country to adopt policy of “industrial patriotism”


French Industry Minister Christian Estrosi says the country will adopt a policy of “French industrial patriotism” because corporations aren’t working properly to ease unemployment in the country. “What is important is the number of components, to ensure that the large majority come from French suppliers,” Estrosi says. “All this will lead me to think about a law on inter-industrial relations, to better protect our suppliers.” France, one of Canada’s key allies in the push for a free trade deal with the EU-Canada, is being accused of violating the spirit of the G20 summit pledge, which opposed protectionist policies. Separately, the EU has accused Canada of enacting protectionist measures of its own. It continues to press provinces to abandon measures granting preferential treatment to domestic suppliers, like those included in Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

Montreal Gazette

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France pushes protectionist measures

  1. What an incredibly stupid idea

  2. Yup. Stupid alright.

    Let's look at our own glass house, however.

    Google "montreal metro contract 60% canadian content" for a taste of some home-grown protectionist crap.

  3. in truth there is no such condition as 'free trade'. all countries restrict imports and subsidize exports to a greater or lesser degree across the board. just as there are traffic signals in cities to prevent chaos on the road there are rules applied in countries that prevent financial and industrial chaos . there are also cheaters just like on the road. free trade as a concept is good; its real application is the problem. its affect on you depends where you are on the dung heap!