France upholds gay marriage ban -

France upholds gay marriage ban

Court rules ban is constitutional


France’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the country’s ban on gay marriage is in line with the constitution. A lesbian couple, Corrine Cestino and Sophie Hasslauer, who have four children and have lived together for 15 years, brought the case to court in a bid to have France join Spain and Belgium in legalizing same-sex marriages. Most French people are in favour of overturning the ban, with 58 per cent approving and 35 per cent opposing gay marriage, according to a TNS Sofres survey. But the court upheld two articles in the civil code that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Gay marriage advocates are hoping the ruling will make gay marriage an election issue, a hope also shared by far-right National Party leader Marine Le Pen, who opposes gay marriage but feels it is up to French people to decide, not the Constitutional Court.

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France upholds gay marriage ban

  1. Liberte, egalite, fraternite? C'est what?

  2. I won't pretend to be an expert on the French Constitution, but it sounds to me like it could use some revisions if the court feels it's constitutional to uphold the marriage ban.

    I suppose it's important to note that the French Constitutional Court doesn't oppose gay marriage, only that they ruled that the law does not contradict the constitution.


    • morals? "good morals" are allowing people to love who they choose. In the grand scale of things i think the government forcing two consensual adults not to marry is pretty immoral.

  4. It is sometime fascinating to see how old and antiquated thinking is still hanging around in some ''developed'' countries.

  5. Old and antiquated thinking. How about next week when it becomes PC to marry your dog, your cat, your goat, your pet emu. How about a week after that when NAMBA becomes the fad of the day. Values, my friend never change. Only morals do. Just ask the ancient Romans.

    • A marriage is a legal contract. Legal contracts can only be entered into by adults who comprehend them.

      As clever as you think your pets are, they are unable to do this.

      As to values and morals….whose? Yours? You are not everybody.

      • Neither are your perverted ones either, my dear…

        • Values and morals are an individual matter, and cannot be imposed by the state….so stop trying to make us into a theocracy.

        • Jeet..So what your trying to imply is that same sex marriage is perverted then. ?

  6. Real Marriage is between and Man and a Woman. Anything else is not a Marriage. Get over it and stop trying to force your views on the entire World.

    • @ Greg in Cambridge… Sounds like your trying to do same thing…but you knew that right ??

      • Sounds like you’re a Liberal. Too bad for you that “my” view is that of at least 95-98% or the population and that’s a majority view in anyone’s books.Too bad Canada’s gutless Politicians didn’t let Canadians vote on this in the first place.Trying to make people accept things by force and lack of a choice is wrong.

        • Don't assume that your opinion is the majority one…it's not.

          Equality is in our constitution…which is the basic law of this country

          If you don't want any connection with gay marriage….don't marry a gay. Simple as that.

          • @ Emily, Sounds like a pretty solid Idea……..

    • "Real marriage"…. as defined by whom? Your definition would appear to be a real stuck up christian interpretation. That's fine. Let's call a union between two loving people something else then. People do not need approval from some bigoted intolerant religious sect who don't even pay taxes like the rest of us to keep the real world running.


  7. Well this won't stand given the EU constitution, but it certainly makes the French look antique.