Free condoms are just an app away

NYC smartphone app locates free condoms near you


The Health Department of New York City has launched a smartphone application that will locate the nearest place giving out condoms free of charge. “We’re not promoting sex, we’re promoting safer sex,” said Dr. Monica Sweeney, the city’s assistant health commissioner. Drawing from a database of over 1,000 locations giving out free condoms, the app will give a leg up to New Yorkers with iPhones and Android phones.


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Free condoms are just an app away

  1. No sense of humor ?

  2. YES Now when I am trying to get lucky there is a condom available!

    • The best thing is get prepared, one should not depend too much on gadgets to do the thinking. Once one does, brain got atrophied and who knows which else. It also kills spontaniety and mood. Imagine when in the middle of a very romantic moment, one of you or your partner says; "honey, I have to use my Iphone to get a 'Free Condom', I forgot to bring one", do you really believe the moment you come back with the free condom, the mood would still be there? When it comes to this specific matter, be a boyscout for once.

  3. Just click on "Where the road meets the rubber."

  4. Let me be your cautionary example. Don't ever depend on machines to think for you, or you will end up like me, young man.

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