‘Freedom To Create…Spirit To Achieve’

Alberta’s new $4 million slogan is a case study in faulty focus grouping


It cost $4-million and took six months of focus grouping both within and outside of the province, and still Alberta’s new slogan is as confusing and
as forgettable as the old one–“Alberta Advantage”–was solid, direct and unapologetic. Good luck remembering it five minutes from now, don’t hurt
yourself trying to figure out what it means. The Alberta Tories will spend $25 million pasting it up around the province in all formats. “Every time I
watch the video it gets me emotional. It builds my compassion for this province,” said Premier Ed Stelmach, who seems to believe this is just the medicine Alberta needs to battle those nasty environmentalists who have been so successful in besmirching the oil sands. “It’s worth more than $25
million, protecting a $40 billion revenue stream.”

Calgary Herald

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‘Freedom To Create…Spirit To Achieve’

  1. “Alberta Advantage” was a much better slogan. I can’t believe that they spent $4 million to come up with something as lame as ‘Freedom To Create…Spirit To Achieve’. That’s what you get when you rely on focus groups and bureaucrats. They should have had a contest or something.

  2. This is so typical for a Tory gov, they try every day to remove our health coverage and then pour money down a rat hole on a program such as this, any child could have told them it would be wasted money.

  3. The slogan says nothing!
    It’s way too vague. It’s an incomplete idea. Simply put, it’s four nice-sounding words conveying a very weak meaning.
    This is how I read it:
    freedom to create…..ok
    spirit to achieve…..ok…..so what??

    The second phrase does not even complement the first one. Creating something is achieving something and ‘having spirit’ may as well be interpreted as ‘being free’ or viceversa so the second phrase is sort of the synonym of the first one.

    What was wrong with the hear of the new west??

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