French Senate passes 'Nutella tax' in hope of cutting down obesity -

French Senate passes ‘Nutella tax’ in hope of cutting down obesity


PARIS – First the French government went after the rich. Now it has it in for Nutella.

Despite an outcry in support of the beloved chocolate and hazelnut spread, the Senate passed a measure Wednesday that would triple the tax on palm and some other vegetable oils in the hope of cutting down on obesity.

The “Nutella tax” would affect any foods made with those oils and bring in about €40 million ($51 million).

The measure is part of a bigger bill on financing the national health care system and aims to push manufacturers to use healthier alternatives.

But Frederic Thil, the head for France of Ferrero, which makes the spread, told Le Parisien newspaper that the recipe won’t change.

The lower house of parliament still has to vote on the tax.

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French Senate passes ‘Nutella tax’ in hope of cutting down obesity

  1. Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax. Bye bye freedom. Was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately the majority of people want to get into other people’s business.

  2. “we’re not taxing you. we’re trying to make you healthy. No, this tax is good for you..” since when is a tax a method to improve people’s health it just makes it cost more for people to buy the things they want. Many “healthy” eater also eat Nutella! This is just another foolish idea. Why not tax everything that isn’t fruit or water then!!!