From CTV to the NAC -

From CTV to the NAC


Much-loved CTV journalist Rosemary Thompson leaves the Hill to join the National Arts Centre as their communications director. She held a farewell bash at Ottawa’s watering hole Brixton’s. Below is Thompson with her daughter Jasmine.



Transport minister John Baird.




NDP MP Peter Stoffer.



Thompson with Canwest’s David Akin.



From CTV to the NAC

  1. Is that a cut on Baird's forehead? Must have been a unibrow-grooming mishap. Tweeze, John. tweeze. Not shave.

    • Maybe he go so excited in QP he hit himself in the face.

  2. Is Peter Stoffer Mitchel Raphael's boyfriend or something?

    • Peter is everyone's boyfriend.

  3. Baird is looking haggard