From Langevin to Pennslyvania Avenue

Privy Council Clerk Lynch to be our next ambassador to DC?


Hope you weren’t looking forward to cherry blossom season in Washington, Ambassador Wilson, because the PM’s right-hand mandarin may be headed down south to take your job. This week’s Hill Times reports that Privy Council Clerk Kevin Lynch is “locked for the job,” according to a tantalizingly anonymous “Hill insider.” The former Finance deputy minister has DC experience—he repped Canada during his tenure at the International Monetary Fund—and although the rumour has been officially denied by a PCO official, you know what they say about official denials. Wilson’s term doesn’t officially expire for another couple of years, but he’s been seen as a Former Ambassador Walking since that whole NAFTA memo leak unpleasantness exploded during the Democratic primaries last spring. Of course, this wouldn’t be Ottawa without a competing theory: the same story notes that “another name” being “talked about” is that of Liberal turned Conservative Industry Minister David Emerson. Diplomatic speculators, start your engines!

The Hill Times

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From Langevin to Pennslyvania Avenue

  1. Lynch or Emerson…hmmm…..consummately connected, with diplomatic experience in the U.S., or gormless and random? I say it’ll be Emerson in a walk.

    • I’m not an Emerson fan for reasons stated below, but gormless and random? Really? Maybe? Or is the legendary Wells double dare wit leaving me in the dust – bear in mind i’ve eaten a lot of dust in my time?

      • Gormless is strong….but I would certainly say he’s politically gormless. Still baffled at that whole people-upset-at-him-for-floor-crossing thing. Suddenly worried that the PMO is too controlling, when it never seemed a problem to him before. Etc. etc. etc.

        • No, i’d say you pretty much nailed it. I live in BC [ summer-time] and was around for the whole fiasco. Even at the time i thought: why not call a town hall meeting and take the heat, explain yr principled [ assumed ] position, trust people to understand. Sure they would have given him hell, but did he think politics was an elite privilege or something!

  2. At least Emerson wouldn’t have to complain anymore about his constituents not understanding him ; as an added bonus he wouldn’t have to – not – show up to explain either.

    • Damn that Wells, he’s everywhere!

  3. So who is then the best bet to get the promotion to Clerk?

    • yeah any rumours flying on this front?

      ‘Cause if there is anything more ‘tantalizing’ than diplomatic or electoral rumours it has to be bureaucratic appointment rumours…srs.

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