From Russia with snit -

From Russia with snit

A scathing attack of the Games—and of the host country


Russian newspaper Pravda has issues with the Olympics, Vancouver, figure skating judges, cowardly Canadians—and mutton. (The article is titled ‘Vancouver: Mutton Dressed as Lamb.’) “The abject cruelty shown by Canadian soldiers in international conflicts is scantily referred to, as indeed is the utter incapacity of this county to host a major international event, due to its inferiority complex, born of a trauma being the skinny and weakling bro to a beefy United States and a colonial outpost to the United Kingdom, whose Queen smiles happily from Canadian postage stamps. Maybe it is this which makes the Canadians so . . . retentive, or cowardly.”


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From Russia with snit

  1. I don't know how it is in Russian, but in "English" when one expends the greater portion of his energy thinking up insults and mother cuts and discussing the point at issue almost as a sidebar, the validity of the complaint as well ad the credibility of the compainer come into question. Methinks the Bear roars for the same reason a dog licks its balls………

  2. this is the Pravda that kind of like the National Enquirer …anyhow, look up economic stats and compare Russia to Canada ..they are second world and still under a semi-totalitarian government.. i am sure many of the people are very nice though

  3. An article that was positive of the Vancouver games or suggesting Plushenko's silver was fair would likely result in state-sponsored harassment or worse, so I would say this was a very glowing article of the games for Russia.

  4. Accusations of military cruelty from Russians seem a bit rich

  5. My comment to the author of this garbage over at Pravda:

    "Timothy – This doesn't make any sense at all. Were all of the judges Canadian? How does that have anything to do with the kind of country Canada is? How do you explain the fact the IOC approved the 'unsafe' track and that it was engineered and built to internationally approved specs?

    I am embarrassed to share the last part of your hyphenated surname. I'm glad the Russian athletes are here in Canada. Maybe a few of them will choose to stay."

    What a waste of skin…

  6. In Soviet Russia, newspaper insults YOU!

  7. Medal count:

    11. Russia

  8. The few times I've read Pravda I've been disappointed by their journalism. Far too much sensationalism and not enough objectivity.

  9. I would be interested to see what other Russian newspapers had to say about this, Sometimes it's the type of newspapers, its target audience or its purpose that creates the style of writing that we see. If Fuddle Duddle is right and Pravda is like the National Enquirer, it would be interesting to see what Russia' Wall Street Journal or New York Times or even it's Democracy Now! had to say.

  10. Come on, everybody !

    How about some good feeling?

  11. Abject cruelty of Canadian soldiers? What the what? Even if this charge had some kind of basis in fact, what the hell would it have to do with Vancouver hosting the Games?

    The Pravda rant seems like a disjointed collection of unrelated criticisms, some valid and some not, with the underlying beef seemingly the figure skating fiasco. If they'd just addressed the fiasco it would have been a much stronger article….as it was, the wildly flailing attempt to provoke Canadian readers with what Pravda clearly thinks are soft-spots reminded me a lot of some of the rants I've seen on these comment boards from our less rational contributors.

  12. The Russian Mark Steyn! He probably has a better beard.

  13. The appropriate response is one of complete indifference. The gumption of the author of the article to imagine s/he even matters! :-)

  14. I have never thought of Canada as the USA's weakling brother, more like a pretty little sister. Lighten up Canada better Russian barbs than Russian bombs.

  15. Methinks the Russians consume too much vodka. With their brain cells slwoly dying from alcohol abuse, they can't even come with good insults.

    Russia is its own insult.

  16. Russian journalists are obliged to write this kind of crap to establish their bona fides as regime symps. Afterall, if the Russian government thinks a journalist is a dissident, the journalist can get whacked.

  17. russian women are skanks

  18. Boy we sure must have gotten under their skin! Hooray!!! I think as we win more whether it is economically, politically or in sports we will become a bigger target for those who secretly envy us. Canadians will just have to grow a thicker skin because as a Canadian I have no intention of hiding behind a bush and acting the wimp. I am proud of who we are and our successes and I would include the Olympic games in those accomplishments. Maybe we could irritate the Russians even more by beating them at hockey! Now that would be a fit reply.

    • Do you have a problem with Russians? sure sounds like they got under your skin.

      while we are at it, how many Russians do you know personally? Being Russian, i can tell you than regular people there have a lot of respect for Canadian athletes, which is not something I can say about you.

  19. I think Don Cherry needs to come out of retirement and give Ivan a piece of our mind. He's a better dresser than Plashenko, too.

  20. It seems there is a lot of complaining for Europe about these olympics. Is it because they aren't winning enough? Such childish whining.

  21. We should not even care about what this Russian newspaper has to say about Canada. They are just butt hurt for getting beaten in figure skating.

  22. Oh Timothy, how refreshing it is to hear you speak of corruption from a country whose corrupt officals, according to Forbes, siphered $120 billion of the governments budget in 2008. Why was the Russian skier asked to provide a urine sample? Other than her Lanny McDonald moustache, I have no idea. Random pick I guess. And how could Plushenko lose gold? Easy. Nobody wins when you look like that. Nobody. He is the poster child for Chernobyl. Enjoy your day.

  23. Hahaha! Cruelty?! THATS a funny and projective article from a newspaper whose country was the leader of a socialist union that utterly trampled half of europe and Asia. When were russian soldiers ever know for their compassion? In Afghanistan?!

  24. The article was written by an English Pravda editor, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey.

    He is a former UK songwriter that frequently normally writes tedious vitriol in Pravda about the Americans and Israelis. Those countries must feel a sense of relief that this wingnut has found a new target. I understand that he only publishes in English in the online version, a version with a global audited readership of 113, so Russian readers will have not even seen this article.

    Canadian reporting of this as actual Russian journalism means that they skipped their fact finding.

  25. Thanks for that info, Guido. The whole thing sounded a bit suspect when I first heard it, but if this was an English journalist it certainly makes sense. English society has a streak of viciousness and loathing running through it that is a mile wide, and it manifests itself most clearly in its journalists. Their chief aim in life is to tear everyone and everything to shreds. This really says more about Britain than it does about Russia.

  26. Thanks for the update Guido.

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