From Tiger to Puma?

Elin Woods “very close” to signing deal with Nike arch rival


In the latest development of a saga that gets weirder by the second, TMZ.com is reporting that Elin Woods is “very close” to signing a deal with Puma, the athletic wear company whose arch rival is Nike, the brand her husband has represented for more than a decade. An official from Puma confirmed to the website that they are in “internal discussions” to sign Elin as a spokesperson for a new Swedish-inspired clothing line called Trentorn.


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From Tiger to Puma?

  1. Tiger maybe good with his putter but this chick swings a mean club!

  2. Trentorn is in a completely different segment of the market from Nike. This, to me, is a non story, but I suppose that because Tiger and his wife are having marital troubles everything they do is now a controversy of utmost importance to the general public. Thanks for staying on top of this, Macleans.

    • Dude, it's a blog. Relax.

  3. I didn't know Puma was even still around. Are they only still big in Europe, or what's their deal?

  4. I can't believe McLeans would actually post anything they got from a parasitic site like TMZ. Just let Tiger play his golf and keep out of his business

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