Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher’s ‘final farewell’


Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

Front pages from Britain on former prime minister’s "final farewell."

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Today’s Front Page: Britain bids farewell to Margaret Thatcher bit.ly/11zFqGZ pic.twitter.com/crvoj39rRNDaily Mail Online
Front page of @theipaper Thurs 18 April: "Thatcher: the final farewell: @hendopolis @SkyNews #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/FogkQoCXqxRhodri Jones
Here’s The Times’ Thatcher funeral souvenir pullot, page 1 and wrap cover pic.twitter.com/7tK45cSiTMDavid Jack
Wednesday’s ‘London Evening Standard’ front page: Final journey Into history #Thatcher #London #UK twitpic.com/ck0l6jcf
Striking front page of today’s @TheEveningTimes twitpic.com/cjz5u8 #thatcherThe Herald
Pomp and ceremony for Baroness Thatcher farewell – tomorrow’s @scotsmanpaper front page: pic.twitter.com/Yh1roSZjyNMartyn McLaughlin
Thursday’s Daily Star front page: Goodbye Granny #Thatcher twitpic.com/ck2a47cf
Thursday’s front page… Boston bomber caught on CCTV and cheers and jeers as Thatcher laid to rest pic.twitter.com/MvwNAQNGZgDaily Mirror
Are Prime Minsters supposed to be cheered when they’re buried? Front page #dailytelegraph #margaretthatcher #thatcher pic.twitter.com/zrQapGo3OwKing Cnut
. @guardiannews Disgrace: breaking style and clearing whole front page for huge pic saying Thatcher was ‘one of us’ pic.twitter.com/1os76relOltash
Check out today’s #YEPleeds front page. #Leeds #thatcher #thatcherfuneral #politics pic.twitter.com/mnNG2O9ceKAndrew Hutchinson
Congratulation, Northern Echo. You nailed the whole #Thatcher thing in a double front-page: pic.twitter.com/wHohVVRn1IPeter Kirkham
Thursday’s Sun front page: RIP Mrs T #Thatcher twitpic.com/ck2l7qcf

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Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher’s ‘final farewell’

  1. Northern Echo is the only rag that got it right. She divided Britain; they divided their cover.

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