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Full-body scanners pose no problem for Canadians

Poll finds travellers would take the scanner over a pat-down


The choice leaves those concerned with privacy on the horns of a dilemma but, given the option, more Canadians would opt for a full-body scan over a pat-down when boarding a plane. According to a newly released Angus Reid poll, 67 per cent of Canadians would take the scan, compared to just 18 per cent who would prefer a pat-down. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of Canadians support the use of the scanners, which produces a three-dimensional image of the contours of a person’s body: 44 per cent of respondents strongly support their implementation at Canadian airports, while an additional 30 per cent of respondents moderately support relying on them. The scanners are due to appear at major airports in the coming weeks and will, at least at first, target only travellers bound for the U.S.

Angus Reid

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Full-body scanners pose no problem for Canadians

  1. A nice pat-down poses no problem for this Canadian. What? Same-sex only? No fair! All right, heteros, line up behind me at the Human Rights Commission counter…

    • this scanner won't show if people put something up their hoo hoo, like people do when they try to smuggle things into prison

      • How big of a bomb can someone really fit up their butt? I think the scanners are a good call.

        • And if THAT becomes the standard of the pat-down, I DEFINITELY request that they keep the same-sex agent away from me.

        • So you don't mind TSA agents staring at your kid naked on a screen??

  2. Anyone know how often these things are being used? Is it the same as the pat-down (like, a few random people per flight), or does this have a chance of becoming a standard screen?

    The radiation here isn't much at all, but if done to everyone who flies, every time they fly, that's a real health concern – the underwear bomber didn't kill anyone, but those machines could, given enough use.

  3. How about no pat-down and no scanner? You know, like back when we used to actually have the FREEDOM and LIBERTY that we're dying in Afghanistan for.

  4. I'll be doing my tiny part to protest the use of a full body scanner by insisting on a pat-down; slower, requires more staff, and in a small way, keeps my body private. The full body scanner is pointless. The next most obvious place to hide a device is in a body cavity. Those who are determined to disrupt will do so. I'm not going to participate in the scanner charade.

  5. Well I don't agree with them. I don't like xrays to begin with as radiation is harmful. The thought of being radiated by an airport security guard is particularly frightening.

  6. I don't know which Canadians were asked about scanners & groping…..but for this Canadian, his wife, and young family of daughters BOTH methods are a problem and NOT acceptable. What I'd like to see is profiling and more the system used in Israel for security.