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In defending his decision to shoot the four-hour Spanish-language epic Medellin Che, Stephen Soderbergh  says: “I came to him as a sort of agnostic. I’m not from South America. I don’t want to build him up or tear him down. I’m just compelled by the fact that he twice gave up everything and put his ass on the line for someone else’s benefit.” (Potter’s italics)

What a great way of rationalizing history. Let’s make a game of it: Which historical personages of some infamy can be excused on the basis that, from a certain point of view, they put their ass on the line for someone else’s benefit?


fun with history

  1. Castro’s executioner. He murdered a lot of people whose stories will never be told by Hollywood.

    It will likely flop like all the Iraq movies. And it’ll be interesting to see the protests outside movie theatres in Miami. If it’s ever shown there.

  2. OK, I’ll take the easy one: Adolf Hitler, 1923. Put his ass on the line, little Adolf did, for the benefit of das Volk.

    And they wonder why people don’t take their voting tips from Hollywood.

  3. My goal in shooting Gulag of the Angels was not to tear Stalin down or build him up. I was just blown away by this guy who was willing to put his ass on the line for the proletariat.

  4. George Bush invaded Iraq, pursuant to a U.N. resolution, for the liberation of the Iraqi people and to eradicate Saddam Hussien’s obviously extant WMDs.

  5. What, no reference to Bin Laden?

    Here I am trying to picture how a Soderbergh biopic would treat Arafat. Or Mugabe. Or even Yeltsin.

    Y’all are waaay too predictable.

  6. Look, to most of us, Balaam was just an obscure Old Testament figure. But he put his ass on the line for somebody else’s benefit.

  7. Forget Balaam. Delilah put her ass on the line by seducing the strongest man in the world! And all for the benefit of the… (pause, wipe away a tear, regain composure) Philistines!

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