Fund for bullied bus driver reaches $512,000 thanks to viral video -

Fund for bullied bus driver reaches $512,000 thanks to viral video


As of this morning, more than $512,000 has been raised for a 68-year-old bus monitor who was the verbally attacked by four Grade 7 boys earlier this week in a suburb of Rochester, New York.

The incident made international headlines after a cellphone video of the encounter was posted on YouTube.

The four boys involved in the incident are now the subject of international fury and have received death threats, police report. Officials also say that Karen Klein has no interest in pursuing charges against her attackers. The school district, however, has indicated the boys will be disciplined.

As Reuters reports, the fundraiser was initially set up to send the grandmother of eight on the “vacation of a lifetime.”

“I’ve got these nice letters, emails, Facebook messages,” she said. “It’s like, wow, there’s a whole world out there that I didn’t know. It’s really awesome.”


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Fund for bullied bus driver reaches $512,000 thanks to viral video

  1. The saddest part of this story is that the guy who got his face torn off and cannibalized? His fund-raiser has only made around 15,000 or so last I checked.

    Which one do you think needs the half million more? Grandma who endured 15 or 20 minutes of kids taunting her and can’t even be bothered to lay charges, or guy who had his face ripped off his body while people walked by uncaring?

    • I TOTALLY agree. This is insanity. As if she won’t be at the casino parking lot in a big fancy RV gambling it all away. This world needs a reality check.

      • Tha amount raised may be out of line relative to other evenets but your comment is just as disgusting as the ones those boys made. What makes you assume she would “gamble it all away”? Perhaps she will donate excess funds to an anti-bullying organiztion, to educate ignoramuses like you.

        • Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it.

      • How is it any of your business how she choses to spend the money? Did you make a substantial donation? Is that why you feel entitled to tell people what causes they should donate THEIR money to and other people how they should spend the money they receive?

  2. I hope that this fund will mean that his grandmother will never have to return to a job where she has been demeaned and bullied by children who have been so poorly raised. I also hope the parents of these children will now have the responsibility of taking them back and forth to school each day as their behavior should warrant that they are no longer allowed on the school bus.

  3. Not just the guy who was cannibalized…but that we can’t raise money to research a LEGIT drug that has been shown to almost cure cancer. Give me a break, I don’t care how old she is and what names she was called…you’re a grown woman. Suck it up. Worse shit happens every single day. And people are wasting money on a vacation for this lady? Idiots.

    • You think people should give the money to a pharmaceutical company….because those companies are in such financial straits.

      • Being the “healthcare Insider”, I would assume that you realize there are actually very promising drugs out there, and researchers that are in need of funding for researching such drugs that the pharmaceutical companies DON’T fund because they won’t make money off of them. Did I say donate to a pharmaceutical company? No, I did not. Get your panties out of a bunch because other people DO have opinions aside from yours.

        • Yes, I am sure there is a drug to cure cancer that is just waiting for funding so it can be invented but I don’t know about it because I am spending all my time in my RV in a casino parking lot.

          • No, not so it can be “invented”. It’s already in existence….I’ll save my breath. So are you now saying that YOU are the bullied bus driver? And you ARE actually spending your time in an RV at the casino? Classy.

  4. Ok first of all it is very sad that this happen to her….BUT….she knows the consequences of this job that SHE applied for and kept for how long? You cant tell me that these brats decided on the last day of school to verbalize her, I’m sure it was an ongoing
    occurance and she could have Quit. I too am a bus driver and I DON”T have a monitor riding on my bus to help me with the everyday BS that these disrespectful brats throw out there!! This money that has been raised for her is a great idea but when it comes down to it she suffered emotional pain for awhile and could have walked away….isnt that what we teach our children to do when there is someone picking on them?? What about the children, parents and grandparents of all ages that suffer in the emotional and Physical pain of Cancer,and other diseases that $500000 could actually make a difference in someones well being. Of Course she desearves a vacation!! BUT the children that suffer EVERYDAY the Parents that suffer EVERYDAY, the people that suffer EVERYDAY deserve some sort of recognition that what they are going through is just as or MORE important then raising money for someone that has a shitty job!! Raise money for a cause that will help us ALL in the future, not send an unfortunate lady into retirement!!

    • I am not sure who you think video taped this victim being bullied or posted the video tape on the internet but it wasn’t the victim. Rather, it was one of the bullies. He put it on his facebook page and it got shared on you tube and went “viral”. This victim didn’t ask anybody for help or complain that she was being bullied. She did exactly what you suggested children should do….she ignored the bullying. The person who started the fundraising was only looking to raise $5K….five thousand dollars to send this lady on a trip….but obviously this disgusting show of human behavior at its very worst resonated with alot of people and they gave money….alot of money.
      Now you seem really resentful that people donated money for this lady who didn’t ask anybody to do so. You also are VERY naive if you think it is so easy to walk away from bullying with no emotional scars. The bottom line here is that what people chose to do with their own money is their own business. You have no idea how much money these people who donated to this cause donate to other causes such as cancer and abused children.

      • Well I am well aware of the fact the woman didnt record this on her own (thank you for pointing that out btw) and I am certain there are way more discusting human behavior at its very worst then being called names although YES it is very sad im sure the lady did not deserve it..and I also see she is capable of walking away and usually on a school bus there are 24..24 other seats on that bus that she could have ..walked away.. from the verbally abusive teens instead of allowing it to continue for as long as it did. I didnt say that we teach our children to sit and Listen to the verbal abuse I said that we teach our children to Walk Away….
        Now YOU seem really offended of the fact that I shared my “opinion” I didnt ask you to agree with me and offer me an “Atta Girl” for my comments Im simply voicing what I think, just as YOU are doing each time you write a comment down here, and I believe that there are way more serious and unfortunate people and causes out there that are more deserving of such large amout of donations.

        • Do you work as a school bus driver in this same district? Do you know for a fact that the monitors are not assigned which seat they have to sit in? Do you know for a fact that the other 24 seats on the bus were not taken? Do you think that a school teacher or someone else in a position of authority would “walk away” from being verbally abused by chldren? Do you know for a fact that this woman doesn’t need this job to live? Finally, how exactly would your children “walk away” if they were riding on the school bus and being verbally abused and poked at by children? Do you know that these children on a different occasion knocked out this woman’s hearing aides. Do you know that they mocked her about her family members all commiting suicide just to get away from her when in fact one of her son’s did commit suicide? I am not offended by your desire to share your opinion. I am offended by people who think that for some reason that victims of bullying have not been victimized quite enough to deserve people’s empathy. That somehow they are complicit because they were weak or they didn’t just walk away. This woman did walk away. If the kids would not have filmed the episode and posted it, it would have gone unnoticed and uncommented upon just like so many other episodes of bullying do everyday until somebody commits suicide or brings a gun to school. How exactly do you or anyone else know the level of suffering that a person who is bullied goes through?

  5. I am so tired of people blaming the victim in this she should have know what might happen, she shouldn’t be there , she’s too old. This speaks to the indignity of bullying of EVERYONE not just glbt teenagers and twenty something but everyone elderly people , pwople with disabilities, women , young children whomever. We say we don’t like bullies but in reality we do, we praise em – Donald Trump, Stephen Harper, the bullies on the hockey teams and in other sports. I think it’s lovely that this woman has defenders and in Canada. I often think this is a difference between Americans and Canadians. Canadians know what isun fair and nasty and for the time being speak out against that. God help us not to get as desensitized to bully behaviour as many Americans.

    • Any self respecting person, whether Canadian or American cannot help but feel compassion for this poor woman. North or South of the border has nothing to do with who is more or less desensitized.
      This woman does not have the ability or authority to enforce dicipline on these punks. The perps in this attack need to feel the full force of the law and not just from the school district.
      If Bus Monitors are needed, they should be staffed by trained officers who can and will enforce the law and enact the appropriate action.
      I think that twenty minutes in a locked room with a Marine Corps Drill Seargent would be sufficent.

  6. There are people dying of cancer unable to pay their medical bills, some who are waiting for an organ transplants that they might never receive, whole families that are literally homeless and unable to pay for safe lodging, plus millions of individuals in parts of the world who are trying to survive on $2.00 a day, who could would be thankful for just a small slice of what she received. This was such an over reaction to what was such a small piddling affair, that it’s just a very bad joke.

  7. The reason the grandma got all that money, & not the homeless victim of the cannibal attack, is because of public attitude towards homeless street people. The general public has a higher opinion of working grandma’s than homeless street people. Street people are viewed as somehow “responsible” for their plight, & as troublesome drug addicts. The general public can also relate easier to the grandma, than they can to a bearded bedraggled homeless man. Not saying it’s right, just that that’s the way people are. This video also allows people to “vicariously experience” what she went through, whereas a similar video does not exist for the cannibal attack.

  8. I’m a teenager (17) and if those fucking kids were on the same fucking bus as me I would of got up smashed there fucking faces in and made sure that they would have no use of there balls ever again. Bullies fuck you and grow up. Get a reality check

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  10. I want to bring and remember this person who brought this to life. I am so relieved this bus monitor has a bright light. A light after lose. Please remember the giver, the heart felt person that brought this to us. THANK YOU. ‘By bringing this to our attention, you have shown not just in your thoughts for others, but your compassion brings me back to the very rare caring of humanity. THANK YOU