Sarah Palin’s life lessons

Palin discusses mooseburger, America priorities and how she really can see Russia from Alaska


In an interview with Esquire, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin waxes authentic about campaign trail regrets, her secret chili ingredient (mooseburger) and those pesky journalists. The Alaska governor says she wishes she had told the campaign that she’d be “callin’ some of the shots” when she accepted the candidacy. Pleading with media to “let it go,” she says her ability to see Russian from Alaska is “a factual statement that was taken out of context and mocked.”


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Sarah Palin’s life lessons

  1. Factually the distance between US and Russia is probabli less than 2 Nautical Miles.
    From Diomed Island one can see I think Vladimir?? island without binoculars.
    Just zoom on Berring chanal in Google Maps.
    Mrs Palin was right!!


    • I think there is often heavy fog in the Bering Sea, though. Palin must have been out on Diomed Island on a clear midsummer’s day.

    • wrong…that is an isolated uninhabited island….sarah palin can no more see russia fromwhere she lives anymore than she can see Santa Claus…grow up neo-con

  2. Even if Ms. Palin could physically see land on the other side of an invisible border line, does not mean she knows what is going on there. Ms. Palin suggested that seeing is knowing.

  3. If she can see it, then there’s fog, if there’s no fog and she can see it, then that’s not what she meant. Good thing about having friends like that, you sure don’t need enemies!!

  4. Most of what has been attributed to Palin during the campaign was actually stated by Tina Frey in her impersonation of Palin (Palin never said that she can see Russia from her house – that was Frey, but most people think it was Palin). Its sad that the public nor the media actually realize that there is a difference. As a single, self-employed 50 year old woman, I find Palin to be refreshing in her attitude about how to be a politican who got very little if any help from the political machine and certainly not by the media (who are still in their adoration phrase of Obama!). She has never portrayed herself as perfect, but has dealt with things that happened in her life (like more women) – I admire her support of her daughter as a new mom (like many women who have to deal with daughters); I admire her decision to carry her son to term rather than abort something that is less than perfect (which shows to me that she has more compassion than all the women’s rights advocates); she clearly has a supportive and loving husband (who is a complete stud as women look over to their mates and think – ‘what the hell did I get saddled with?); and she has had success in politics mostly on her term – that spells to me a successful woman who I will admire regardless of her political views (which are different from mine),.

    • Well said.
      Hopey-Changey’s gaff factory, Joe Biden was left alone by the media for the most part. Sarah was attacked daily and without balance. The pro-Obama, breathless reporters don’t know how to play fair.

    • Wow , how refreshing, her white trash trailer court son in law are just doin’ us all proud. Just another neo-con hypocirite condeming everyone while conducting their own lives like dogs. Screw you.

      • Again, the media had her condemning others – if you look at her record she does not engage in that. But she will speak her mind which I guess for a lot of men is intimating and for a lot of feminists is annoying because sometiimes women don’t hold the same views as the feminist approved talking points – in fact most times women don’t agree with the feminist approved talking points – but then that opens women to be called all sorts of insulting names. That’s the level of debate that the left engages in.

  5. And why was Palin so mercilessly attacked? BECAUSE SHE SPEAKS LIKE A RETARD! She gave comedians and talk show hosts soooooooooooooooooooo much fodder (unlike Joe Biden) that it’s no surprise so many journalists who just wanted a straight answer out of her wanted to slam her one upside the head.

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