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G20 bomb plot?

Ontario Police are searching for missing ammonium nitrate fertilizer that can be used in bombs


On May 26 in Lincoln, Ontario, an unidentified man bought 1,500 kilograms (3,300 pounds) of ammonium nitrate, a type of fertilizer that can be used to make bombs. The ammonium nitrate in question remains unaccounted for just weeks before the G8 and G20 summits. Niagara Regional Police say the man who purchased the substance identified himself as a regular customer and loaded the fertilizer into his mini-van. Only after the purchase did the staff discover that the man was not a regular customer, prompting a police investigation. The fertilizer is the same kind that was used by Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in 1995. It’s also the stuff the Toronto 18 terrorists plotted to use in 2006 to detonate three truck bombs.

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G20 bomb plot?

  1. fear mongering techniques at their greatest

    • That's Three Fingers Harry from Langely.

  2. Well Stephen Harper got on the phone last night, to the security people, telling them they better find something to change the channel…because his "water feature" is killing him in the polls.
    And voila! Right on cue. They found something. Some poor Grape Grower in Niagra bought a ton of the stuff in May. Probably, because it was time to get going on a summer crop before the HST kicked and Probably didn't have the exact ID necessary. But he's been buying the stuff there for 20 years. By the way buying a ton of this stuff is so common. And so now…we have a mad bomber running around…and aren't our security people doing a great job!!!
    AS Stephen Harper stands gravely nodding his empty skull "Yes Virginia, the world is a dangerous place but have no fear! I will save you and my political career!!"
    and the media is buying right into the Harperite propaganda. How corrupt is this Harper government that it is willing to go to such irresponsible lengths to change the channel. Harper is a dangerous. Back in 1933 the nazis used to created exactly such bogus threats and then blame the Jews.

  3. Even better the guy who bought the fertilizer was an uncover RCMP…

  4. Possibly it could be. Probably not. Either way we won't be informed.

  5. Steve and the boys seem determined to stir up the same politics of fear in Canada that the Shrub so successfully manipulated in the United Silliness of America. Whom the pols would subdue they first make frightened. To that end, some poor farmer is going to be terrorised for twenty-four hours by an RCMP goon squad before being released, with a warning never to buy agricultural supplies without permission from the boss. I watch my country being transformed into a U.S.-style police state with great sadness.

  6. Look at it this way: if they're wrong, they're just wrong. Is it better to explain to the world that they didn't bother looking into the possibility of a deadly attack, or to apologize for alarming the public.

    Perhaps the media coverage is not "fear mongering" but an effort to prompt the man, if he's really just a farmer, to come forward and resolve the confusion…

  7. I can't believe people are simply dismissing this as "fear mongering". I'm pretty cynical but you guys are the worst!

  8. this has nothing to do with Stephen Harper or fear mongering, a man purchased fertilizer and they don't know who it was. We can blame the media for blowing this story way out of proportion becasue the police were not taking it as a serious threat until the media grabbed a hold of the information and exagerated x10. It's not our governemnt manipulating us people its our media and thats a fact.

  9. muzlim guy trying to get ammoni? show ID. white guy with missing fingers = no ID & no idea. so lame. 1 billions dollars, fences, fake lakes and the whole nine yards but no one checking on ammoni purchases of this volume? WTF?!