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G20 officer charged in alleged protester assault

Special Investigations Unit identifies officers through video, stills and witnesses


The civilian organization tasked with investigating complaints against police for their conduct during the Toronto G20 summit has announced that Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani has been charged with assault with a weapon for the alleged beating by police of protester Adam Nobody. The Special Investigations Unit had previously decided that it was impossible to identify the perpetrator from the YouTube video of the incident, but additional video provided by the Toronto Star and cooperation from a police witness led them to reverse their decision. Nobody further alleged that he was beaten a second time after his initial arrest, but the SIU says it hasn’t found enough evidence to lay a charge. The Toronto police service is also reviewing the conduct of its officers, and is disciplining nearly 100 for not wearing their name tags. Several further investigations into police activity at the summit are ongoing.

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G20 officer charged in alleged protester assault

  1. Here's an idea for a headline: "One of dozens charged with assault after the police are publicly handed evidence that they couldn't ignore."

    How many unresisting protesters ended up at the wrong end of a baton, or a boot, or a fist, during the G20? Dozens? Hundreds? How many fellow officers stood by, witnessing these assaults, and didn't consequently arrest the perpetrators? Any cop who witnessed one of their brothers or sisters beating down unresisting members of the public and did nothing to stop them, or didn't report their transgressions, should be ashamed of themselves. Any loss of trust the public have in your service in the future will be the fault of your own cowardice.

    • Sounds like we need an inquiry.

    • "The Toronto Police Service is also reviewing the conduct of its officers. Almost 100 face disciplinary action for not wearing their name tags." Gee, I wonder why.

  2. Dear Toronto Police:

    Good luck in asking the community to come forward as witnesses in the future. If you won't, why should they?

    Pretty much everyone.

  3. Apparently a dozen officers couldn't identify themselves or other officers in videos shown by SIU.

    Get rid of them all. If they are that bad at identification, they are either lying or they have some impairment that should have precluded them from being a police officer in the first place.

    Chief Blair, needs to resign if he can't clean this mess up, and he certainly seems to be a failure.

  4. The Police Service should be cancelled altogether. There is no place for them in a society where "rights" completely undermine common sense. Rules and Regulations should also be cancelled. If the Police are to be held accountable action taken in enforcing the Rules and Regulations, and facing disciplinary charges for doing their jobs, then they are effectively being rendered useless. People should be left to honour or dishonour the law at their own discretion, answerable to their own conscious.

    • Cops aren't above the law just because they are in uniform.

      Or rather, they shouldn't be above the law. Current situation notwithstanding.

      • Catch-22.