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G20 police seized man’s prosthetic leg, called it a weapon

Ont. man alleges officer then told him to “hop” to paddy wagon


A 57-year-old Ontario man claims a police officer grabbed his prosthetic leg and “yanked it right off” during last month’s G20 summit in Toronto. John Pruyn, a Revenue Canada employee, was attending what he described as a peaceful protest on the lawn of the provincial legislature when the incident happened. Police were apparently moving into the area when Pruyn was seized by officers who pinned him to the ground and handcuffed his hands. That’s when one officer seized his leg. “Then he said, ‘Hop!’ but I told them I couldn’t because it hurts for me to hop on my right leg,” Mr. Pruyn recalled. “Then the cop said, ‘OK, you asked for it’ and two officers grabbed me under my armpits and dragged me away from Queen’s Park towards the police vans.” Pruyn was released the next day without charge and given back his prosthetic leg, which police had confiscated as a weapon.

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G20 police seized man’s prosthetic leg, called it a weapon

  1. Remember, this incident hasn't been proven in a court of law, thus is a leg-ged.

    Too soon?

    • Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. Too soon. But funny.

  2. I'm surprised it didn't show up on the table with all the other confiscated weapons displayed to the press last week – it would have fit in nicely with the foam bats and padded arrows they confiscated from that live action role player.

  3. This is why people are pissed with the po-po. If they'd at least have stopped the thug vandals in the midst of acting like douches then it wouldn't be so bad.

  4. So a leg is an "arm"? A little ironic; it's usually Revenue Canada taking the arm and the leg.

    Easy puns aside, my condolences to Mr. Pruyn if this is true.

  5. exactly my comment about the 80 year old senior being stopped by the fascist cops dressed in black walking across the street with a cane and said they probably would throw her in jail after beating her up calling her cane a weapon and branding her as a terrorist! gratefully it was only a comment but this story proves it just about happened!

  6. Wow, what has society come to. This is a perfect example of the ridiculous way our police forces handle these situations

  7. While the pious NDP vent against Israel and the violation of the Black Bloc's human rights, this is one which escapes their wrath:

    Admist Protest, Iranian Mom Faces Stoning

    Admist protest and objection by human rights activists all over the world, an Iranian woman faces the penalty of death by stoning for commiting adultery. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani was sentenced to death by stoning last week after facing a tribunal of judges where the majority rules. Three out of the five judges recommended the stoning sentence and according to officials the death penalty could be carried out at any time, without Ashtiani having any warning or preparation.


    are you reading this, Libby Davies?
    are you reading this, Jack Layton?
    are you comprehending this, Jim Reed, CBC researcher?

    • What does this have to do with the NDP?

    • what exactly are the NDP hypocrites for? Not declaring war on Iran? What the f*** has this to do with Jack Layton?

  8. Her young son is pleading with the stone aged government to spare his mother's life.

    • It's a terrible story and you'll find no sympathy for the Iranian regime here. But again: a) what does this have to do with the above story of genuine Canadian police abuse and b) what does it have to do with the NDP? It's like you're commenting on the wrong newsboard or something.

      • It's called a Red Herring. Because fish-brained people such as those you are replying to hope to use it to bait the "reds" away from topics they'd rather didn't get any attention.

        • Damnit Thwim! We've told you again and again, we don't send you on those "culture jamming" workshops so you can spread all the stuff you've learned to the enemy! Stay off the commie chat boards or start packing up your office!


          • Don't tell anyone, but these guys are really commie plants trying to make the right look bad by posting really lame, one-dimensional comments.


  9. God-damn cops. It's our duty as Canadians to be suspicious of the police and to make sure their power is curtailed. This is what happens when the police are allowed to make up their own rules.

  10. These are the people MacLean's magazine thinks should be "locked away" for their crimes: amputees in their late 50s. "Lock them away" indeed.