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G20 protesters rally at Toronto police HQ

Citizens gather to protest police tactics used during G20 protests


G20 protesters demonstrated in front of Toronto’s police headquarters on Monday June 28—after the violence on the weekend—and marched to City Hall.

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G20 protesters rally at Toronto police HQ

  1. On Saturday, there were many, many demonstrators addressing the G20 meetings.
    On Sunday, much of the focus seemed to shift to the use of riot police and their tactics.
    Last night (Monday), many non-G20 demonstrators were out in the street opposing detention en masse, assaults on the right to assemble in public, etc.

    Many of the people who joined last night's procession — from police HQ to City Hall and on to Queen's Park — had NOT been involved in the weekend demonstrations and were responding to what they saw as abuses of democratic and legal rights in Canada. As it went down University Ave, a lot of "suits" seemed to join in.

    Indeed, I think the headline of this post should be changed to "Civil rights protesters rally at police HQ, City Hall and Queen's Park" … it would be more accurate.

    • Look, I really mean it. The G20 meetings ended more than 24 hrs prior to this demonstration. The bulk of the demonstrators were opposing police tactics and what they see as illegal detentions.

      They are not G20 protesters.

  2. There is something wrong, I believe, with Stephen Harper. And he should not be the Prime Minister of Canada.

    • I think Harper was dumb to have the event in T.O., but I bet the objectionable police tactics were decided on well below his level.

      • I think Harper got exactly what he wanted and expected when he decided to hold the G20 in "enemy territory".

        • Remember when Chretien arranged to have APEC in Vancouver so he could pepper-spray all those New Democrat voters? When will we learn to keep our Prime Ministers out of our cities?

          • Or the meeting in Quebec city, just so he could have Svend Robinson shot with a rubber bullet.

          • To be fair, I think we all enjoyed that.

          • I agree, that was quite fun, especially when Svend grumbled about his torn pants to CBC

  3. What we saw this past weekend was a complete failure in security. It started with the incredibly stupid choice of location. It escalated when the police, for reasons somebody had better look into, ignored the actions of the rioters and intimidated and assaulted peaceful protesters. It became an absolute farce when the police began indiscriminately rounding up peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders on the streets and throwing them into detention without charge.

    We need a full-scale inquiry into this entire debacle. Those responsible, from Harper on down, must be held accountable.

    • Yup, especially since McGuinty is now saying (after being totally unavailable for comment for days!) that there were no enhanced powers given to police around the G20 Security zone:

      And that this never happened:

      So I guess all of the police officials (especially Chief Bill Blair), politicians and journalists addressing the "temporary" Public Works security "enhancements" were exceeding their authority or mistaken … and he's just showing up now to clarify matters? It was really about the space between the fences?

      Also, how can a dozen condos with private homes, private businesses and privately owned buildings be declared a public works in the first place?

      What a farce.

      Yes, this smells from Harper on down. The only success was that nothing happened to the delegates. Everything else: protecting private property and businesses, the right to assemble, protections against unlawful detention, speedy access to judicial review … all of that was a massive failure.

  4. Roy Berger says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 29, 2010 at 11:42 am

    The Black Bloc is you. The Black Bloc, the thousands of protesters, the violence at the G-20, the fence, the diversity of tactics – that's all the fault of the grown ups. I think you're to blame. You've helped create a democratic inequity. You taught your kids to not vote, to not participate in council meetings, to not learn how to talk back to authority, to not join Riding associations. You taught your kids to unwittingly conspire against democratic methods. Kids under thirty simply don't vote. In fact in Cornwall itself hardly 60% of the entire population voted and it's much like that right across Canada and a phenomenon that's spreading throughout the Western world. I don't know exactly how you filtered democracy out of your children's lives, how you deal with it in schools and at the kitchen table. You taught them language, reading, how to find work, how to ride a bike, how to cook a meal but you didn't teach them how to be a normal citizen. This action of not voting creates a massive political cleavage between desire and reality. It is an unsympathetic ghetto creating an imbalance that is without just order, clear thought or any sort of mutual harmony. Voting and democratic participation is the fishing rod that is a significant part of what creates the path to a future that isn't scary, that doesn't have five billion dollars worth of prisons on the horizon, that doesn't have to worry about agents of influence because the agents of influence should be a greater percentage of the population being active in the Canadian landscape. What is your idea of the manifest destiny of Canada?

    • I am interested in thse fishing rods you speak of, that create a path to a future. Where can I learn more about these amazing time-travelling rods?

    • Well said/ Bravo. Democracy must not be trifled with. Civil rights can be chipped away bit by bit. Canadians need to pay attention to the horrors of this government.

    • Beautiful. And I agree.

      I'm 30, and I vote. And I annoy everyone I know come election time to get out and vote. However, I used to be involved w/ Amnesty International in high school, and then grew up being active with environmental causes as well. I already KNOW the power of a pen….and I know how important it is to SAY something.

      I wish more people cared. I wish more people weren't so ignorant. Everyone things that we could never be like "THAT" country and then this summit proved that a police state is in our own backyard.

      Our society, our countrymen need to realize what Canada is becoming….because what we COULD be is so much more AWESOME. This country is the best country in the world….I love everything about it from it's diversity, to the landscapes from coast to coast even the French language which sadly, I can't speak nor understand (and I blame that on our education system!)

      It scares me to the core to realize how much things are changing….and how many people are blind to it.

  5. Well, at least our wackos can spell…which is about all you can say for them.

  6. Thanks. Now i have seen the faces of an evil.

    Did anybody have a crossbow or chainsaw?

  7. I like the guy with the "Support the Police" sign. He's the only genuine rebel there. Gutsy.

    • I agree! I passed the "demonstrators" on my way to work, and from what I could see there were a small number of people who actually believed that there had been police brutality, a large number of sheep who were there simply because there was a protest and they don't like authority, and the overwhelming majority of people who were there with their cameras taking pictures so they can post them on facebook. There for the "show". Not too many rebels in that bunch, just a bunch of curious onlookers.

  8. You gentlemans look really nice in those black police uniforms, I'd say that a svastika would make a good match with your looks and off course your deplorable behavior….who else are you going to beat the hell of today …? I'm asking because this weekend you did it to the hands that feeds you.

    • Another playschool revolutionary drama queen who thinks Canada is Nazi Germany.


    • r u taslking about Black-Bloc fascists in black clother and masks? Yes I agree those rioting scum deserve for svastika on their arms.

    • How long did you serve in the gestapo ?

  9. It's too bad you couldn't get a shot of these protestors in front of the boarded up shop windows on the other side of the street or passing the coffee shop on the other corner with all its windows smashed in. That could have been an evocative shot.

    • Blair admitted they knew they were coming; they knew they were there Friday; they must have seen them forming up with legit marchers; so why did this happen? Was it allowed to happen for an obvious government purpose? Justify the expense and justify the later beatings and needless arrests?

      • Can you arrest someone for wearing black and peacefully assembling? What sort of pre-emptive arrest pwers would the poice be using to accomplish this?

        • It looks like as of Sunday you can arrest somebody for walking down Queen and hold them in a pen for hours.

          • If there's a breach of the peace, that was probably true beforehand. Why you would contain and arrest a city's block worth of people isn't obvious to me. Hopefully, we have strong enough civilian oversight of the police that we'll find the answer quickly and be able to correct and prvent the recurrence of any misjudgments or policy errors that are found.

          • I suspect your hope is in vain.

  10. How many of the "Black Bloc" wore police-issue jackboots this time? Half of them? Did undercover cops start those car fires in those cars which were left out so conveniently?

    • and its been mentioned that the police cars had no equipment in them. I'm betting it was deliberate on the police's part.

    • Well, this bipolar guy with a seventh grade education says he did it, but maybe he's really a government plant. It wouldn't be too shocking to find out the police sacrificed a few cruisers for tactical reasons.

      • Thanks for that. That's an explanation for some of the things reported elsewhere about this that makes more sense.

        • The footage of the police cruiser being attacked on Spadina Saturday afternoon is quite shocking. For one, there is an officer in the vehicle as it is happening. The only footage I have found is in this rather jazzed up and spectacle-heavy video of Saturday afternoon's events.

          Footage of the car being attacked starts just after 0:39 (a few seconds of the Maoists – they never get any attention)

    • True enough, The cars torched were basically de-commissioned vehicles. No basic police amenities -computers, weaponry, etc. – inside. So they may have been tactical misdirection decoys. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest agent-provocateur-ing or any of that kind of thing. But, it may have been tactically dumb. And then the two-hour lapse in police activity while idiots ran amok is mystifying. And the over-reaction on the following day is an equal head-scratcher. The really maddening thing is that, in the minds of many, a couple of burnng cop cars justify an over-exaggerated security budget ($1 Million a minute) for an inconsequential event.

      One can hypothesize, but why would it be useful?

      I have maintained an office at College and Yonge for over 15 years. We have never seen anything such as this in all that time – the bulk of our professional lives – and could not reach our offices with any degree of confidence of obstruction 'til Monday a.m. When we viewed the absurdity of the vandalism, the general reaction was 'If you could destroy capitalism as we know it by smashing a coffee shop's windows, many would have done so long ago'

      Stupid? Any who think this was a good idea – downtown Toronto, G20, etc. – are useful idiots for a regime of morons.

  11. The time has come for an organized "peace officer" force to be created for and from the citizenry. A private security army, decked out in the same riot gear as the "police," but white of course, or maybe pink… Any time there is a peaceful protest we need a regiment of these peace officers to keep the peace. To do what the police have clearly been ordered not to do, namely jump on the "black block" members when they start throwing rocks and arrest them and stand as an immovable barrier between the police and the protesters, we could even get some farmers on board(I think they have some things to be upset about don't they…) and bring a few hundred cattle and live-stock into the fray. I think we will all learn who is paying these agents… As my father said to me "we need to find out who's paying these idiots! It's simple, just follow the money…" Unfortunately, we will end up following the money right to our own front doors via our most recent T-4. This is totalitarianism and the people are waking up to see it for what it is and has always been, CONTROL.

    • Hmm, a private militia accompanying the protests…how could that possibly go wrong?

    • I am with you Bud.


  12. The police ignored what was the equivalent of a Vancouver or Montreal hockey riot (perpetrated by much the same type of angry-airheads – and based on past situations, possibly aided by undercover provocateurs). The disturbing video scenes were then used as cover for the largest mass arrest of people in Canadian history. The War Measures Act and the round up of 400+ innocent Quebecois fueled a couple of decades of separatism and almost broke the country up.
    Will the arrest of 900 peaceful demonstrators back fire the same way?

    if this comment is true, there is hope:
    "Many of the people who joined last night's procession — snip — had NOT been involved in the weekend demonstrations and were responding to what they saw as abuses of democratic …."

    • I, for one, am ready to support the separtist movement in Toronto. But will this be as devastating for Harper's political career as it was for Trudeau? Also, will there be pro-federation rallies chanting "My Canada includes the Black Bloc"?

      • well done style!
        left myself open for that….

        "same way" was intended to mean more generally back fire – to mobilize a wider circle as often happens after repression – and hey – I didn't think the comment would be interpreted that way as there is no separatist movement in TO (yet ;-)

        and while it didn't hurt his short term political fortunes it was Pierre's darkest movement – a blot on a otherwise stellar career

  13. I think somebody should do a study on the correlation between having terrible hair and the frequency of showing up at a protest. In the words of George Thorogood, "Get a haircut and get a real job".

    • If these people in the pictures are the future of Canada, were f#@ked!

      • The only future any of these whacko's have is in NDP leadership positions.

        • Or perhaps as Syd Ryan's union wankers!
          Less work, more pay!

          • You and sourstud might take a glance at your own high school yearbooks before passing judgement on "the future of Canada."

          • I have…………clean cut and well dressed!
            35 year old fashions look lame now, but these guys/gals look like crap and act like it as well!

          • PS: That wasn't a personal shot — my yearbook is terrifying.

    • So the 25,000 march on saturday morning was a labour march…. which means that that vast majority of the people there were from unions, which *by definition* means they have jobs.

      • Which is exactly why they were at work on Monday morning when this particular protest took place. So we're in agreement then.

        • It took place monday at 5;30. I would know, I went there after work.

  14. Stephen Harper better be careful come next election. Though he has built a powerful political base in the city of Toronto, unusual protests such as these against his government threaten to undermine his strength in Canada's largest city. As you can tell by the nature of these no-goodnicks pouring into the streets, these are the key segments that underpin the Conservative party's success, and the G20 summit could unravel his stronghold on Toronto, and by extension, Vancouver and Montreal. The rest of the country will look to Toronto's activists with sympathetic eyes, and will unite behind the city in rejecting a government that had, until now, kowtowed to Canada's urbanites in developing their policies.

    Saskatchewan will likely request that Canada renege on its nuclear deal with India, forgoing economic opportunities into new markets in order to demonstrate its solidarity with its Toronto brethren.

    Alberta will go directly to China to ask that they re-instate the ban on Alberta beef that the Harper government had requested to be removed, Albertans being the most concerned with keeping solidarity with Easterners.

    If I know one thing about Canada and Canadians, it's that we see the best of ourselves in Torontonians and their self-less battles to defend our democracy and fight back against oppression. The Harper government should have known that when Toronto cries out, the ROC answers.

    • yee haw!

    • Stopped reading at "powerful base in Toronto"

      unless you meant "base" as in fenced in encampment.

    • Are you Tom Flanagan?

    • Thanks, Neil, best post I've all week!

      • er, read…all week. I'm laughing so hard I can't type.

    • And you probably wonder why Albertans are disliked.

      • Who said that Albertans are disliked? I'm not Albertan, but I think we have good people in all parts of Canada.

      • Is it their disdain for Torontonians that has made them outcasts in Canada? I thought it was the hats.

      • they are rather disliked, if only we could be like our well loved Torontonians,

      • I am not from Alberta, but people like you might be the reason why we love Toronto so much. You want Alberta to earn the money for you, but you in the East should alone decide how the money should be spent and alone decide what is right for the country. For we all should know, those in the West have no brains. We all wonder how they come with the money eh?

    • ha ha oh stop it you're ripping me

    • And the English-speaking world thought Satire reached its pinnacle with Swift.

  15. Today, Chief Bill Blair admitted to lying about the powers police have to questions, search, obtain ID from and detain members of the public. Indeed, it appears that Chief Blair instructed front-line officers to challenge people for their ID and search them far outside of the so-called G20 security zone – in clear violation of the laws of Ontario and Canada.

    This admission follows on the heels of his denying that innocent bystanders and residents were detained (many arrested) en masse on Queen Street West on Sunday.

    Rights are not inconveniences to be dismissed by police. Rather, they are exactly what we expect our police service to protect.

    Chief Blair must be fired for cause.

    • They also initially lied about the tear gas, right?

    • And don't forget the women who were stripsearched by male policemen while in custody, while at least one was threatened with gang-rape.

      Harper doesn't really want law and order, he wants a fascist police state.

      • These are all horrible allegations.

        However, my point is that the head of any Police Service who lies to the public and public officials about civil liberties and police powers "to protect the fence" needs to have his hat handed to him and leave with a boot mark on his arse.

        • Yes, indeed.

      • I think we need more proof about these so-called allegations that police were threatening to gang rape protesters. How can you be so sure that this person making the allegation is telling the truth?

        • Sadly, if it is true, I do not believe that the particular officer(s) who detained the woman claiming this are going to admit to threatening gang rape. On this instance, there could well be only her testimony to go by.

          • Thank you for the link. I had not seen the video.

            Unfortunately, I find the lady being interviewed not particularly credible. Who is she accusing of threatening to gang rape her? It is not credible to think that any police would have made such a ridiculous threat like that given the circumstances. Does she really believe that a bunch of policemen would line up in that holding cell in front of all those other people to gang rape her? If she had met four drunk rogue police officers in a dark alley perhaps it would be credible, but not in front of 900 activists. Just think about it. It is not a credible accusation.

          • Sorry, you're apparently, and conveniently, a continent away and have been for some time. Your observations of these matters are less than relevant. Unless you saw the lip-licking smirks on cops as they moved in to bust heads on the day, don't bleat about credibility.

            I have no sympathies for the inarticulate ranters and their cohort who bust stuff. But that lack of sympathy pales in the fear and loathing I feel for those who would glibly defend suspension of liberty while blithely dismissing abuse of authority just because "It is not a credible accusation.". Blecch.

          • I don't think she believed that anything of the sort would actually transpire. There is a certainly a difference between a credible threat and verbal abuse, she said she "viewed it as a threat," but its not necessary to parse words to agree that it stands as repulsive behaviour if true. Unfortunately, it will likely remain simply hearsay.

            Incidentally, I discovered through a friend that this woman – Amy – was detained at Bloor and St. Thomas at the same time that Kathy Shaidle filmed 'officer #3478', and was among the people Shaidle describes being detained in her blog entry.

          • Kathy Shaidle's show on 'Kory News' will decidedly be 'can't miss' programming!

          • Dude, and look at that dress! Clearly she was asking for it, and worse!

    • The only mistake Bill Blair made was not allowing his troops to fire real bullets.

  16. Canadian Civil Liberties Association preliminary report on the G20 events, page 6:

    "…While there were certainly instances of very competent and professional behavior of police officers throughout the week, our monitors also observed many instances of abuse of power…."

    • Don't forget that the quality of sandwiches at the detention center were well below expectations for a free and democratic society! Therefore Canada = Police state

      • Shouldn't a police state have lots of donuts?

  17. Yup, the world's coming to an end because you weren't allowed near a security fence for a few hours.

    • WOW, I didn't see this coming from you………………..I agree for once!

  18. http://canadiantails.blogspot.com/2010/06/dell-on
    In this post I give a reasoned explanation for Harper's abuse of civil liberties, the big show of police and what is really behind his actions: no nutty anarchist stuff…just one old Canadian with a long memory. 2 follow up posts clarify.

    • "The film imagery of these last days in Toronto is stunning. The last time I recall such effective propaganda imagery, the director was Leni Riefenstahl, and I imagine that classic piece of film was expensive, too. Riefenstahl's 1935, Triumph of the Will, was made at the request of her leader with a message for the populace."

      Yup, Dell, nothing nutty at all.

    • Nothing like projecting your thoughts in the form of question, eh Dell?

      We're supposed to be pulling out of a war. If we don't, there are going to be protests. I predict Harper is gearing up the propaganda machine in advance of his release of that very news and perhaps news of a financial collapse to boot. Would PM Harper dare to use this country's police force against its own citizens? Harper hasn't said it, but I'm hearing the words, "Just watch me."

      You predict, therefore it must be.

  19. FYI: at about 3 PM, the Globe took the link to the Bill Blair lying story OFF of the main page and buried it in National/Toronto news.

  20. This protest is a stunt put on by the lefties because they realize how badly they lost a PR battle this weekend. In the eyes of the average Canadian Torontonians look like incoherent spoiled children.

    • I've lost track – who is the "they" you're speaking of?

      The peaceful protesters?
      The Black Bloc?
      The bystanders and passers-by?

      I'm sure you don't mean to lump all these people in together.

      • OK you are right, Torontonians cuts a pretty wide swath. But I have little sympathy for "peaceful" protesters (largely, if not completely left-wing) who did little to remove themselves from the situation, and the same goes for bystanders who stood around shooting photos and watching.

        The "peaceful" protesters knew very well that this sort of criminal element would be at the G20 protest (or should have known – go to Youtube and search Seattle, Quebec City or APEC protests). The protesters should have worked with police to isolate them and have them removed.

        If I am walking down the street and an armed band of masked thugs comes along, I would stay very far away from them, or risk the consequences.

        • ABSOLUTELY!!!
          GREAT POST!

        • "The "peaceful" protesters knew very well that this sort of criminal element would be at the G20 protest…"

          So did Stephen Harper. By your reasoning, the G20 meeting should have been cancelled altogether by the people who planned it in the densest neighbourhood in Canada.

          "The protesters should have worked with police to isolate them and have them removed."

          Ok, you're assuming 1) the police were working to isolate the protesters at all. As far as I could see, they were standing back Saturday and just letting the destruction happen. 2) You're assuming the peaceful protesters knew who the violent protesters were, when simply shedding their black clothing allowed them to melt into the crowd.

          "But I have little sympathy for "peaceful" protesters (largely, if not completely left-wing) who did little to remove themselves from the situation…"

          Ok, left or right wing, what's the relevance? Also, people have the right to protest peacefully, walk their dogs and walk around their own neighbourhoods. Just because a few hundred *ssholes were smashing windows doesn't make it ok for the police to round up nearly a thousand people wholesale.

          You might not be so circumspect if you'd had to lock yourself in your own home because a small number of vandals had given police an excuse to arrest people at random.

          • Ok, left or right wing, what's the relevance?

            The relevance is this was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many on the Left want the drama.

            "people have the right to protest peacefully, walk their dogs and walk around their own neighborhoods."

            If I hear on the radio that someone robbed a bank or committed another crime I don't jump on my bike, grab my dog and ride to the scene, then harass police officers and demand that I be allowed past police lines.

            I often hear how "progressive" and "forward thinking" the left is. Well, maybe next time down at the clubhouse, in between discussions of how to bring about world peace, feed the hungry, they can take a few minutes to think of some ideas about how to separate themselves from the thugs and idiots that will inevitably be at these demonstrations.

          • "Many on the Left want the drama. "

            How do you sidestep the fact that the drama could be very useful to the government as well?

            Justifica-a-a-a-tion of a million dollars a minute. perhaps.

          • Certainly it was, and that is a shame. But, as I stated the left are supposed sophisticated progressive thinking individuals. Maybe they need to think about things a little more instead of marching around like lemmings.

          • "Many on the Left want the drama."

            And many on the Right want drama too (see armed Teabaggers). And many – right AND left – want to exercise their right to free speech and shouldn't have that taken away by anonymous thugs with no discernable agenda. Nor should their rights be taken away by cops who have decided that unrestrained use of power is their strategy for the day.

            If anonymous people started showing up at Teabagger rallies and vandalizing, would you argue that the Teabaggers should stay home and shut up? Or would you defend their right to congregate and protest? If anti-abortion protests attracted anonymous violent protesters, would you argue that they should stay home and shut up?

            And what about the people who live in those neighborhoods? I saw multiple interviews from people who were arrested after studying in their local coffee shop, or going out for a slice of pizza (NOT harassing police officers or demanding that they be allowed past police lines). What should they have done? Lock themselves in their homes because the cops were in an ass-kicking mood?

            "I often hear how "progressive" and "forward thinking" the left is…"

            Maybe you need to get out more. Maybe you'll even meet an actual "lefty" in real life. If you do, ask them for a lesson in basic civics. These are rights that you might want to exercise someday – you would do well to understand them. Heck, your new lefty friends will even defend your right to do so.

          • You speak of "Teabaggers", I am conservative supporter, but I am able to ( when I feel necessary) separate my views and support from other groups on the right. Something the lemmings in TO seem unable (or unwilling) to do.

          • I mentioned Teabaggers specifically because so many people who consider themselves conservative want nothing to do with them, like you. And that makes sense – dividing up the world into "left" and "right" is ridiculous.

            And yet you continue to talk about "the left" as if they're a big homogeneous bloc of people. Which is why I think you need to meet some of these people. It might be more difficult to stereotype them once you've actually met some.

          • "Left"-ness and "Right"-ness are meaningless terms … and maybe they always have been. I see the labels being used to mean "whoever disagrees with my point of view." But, since we're here, might a group of black-shirted violent anarchists be termed "right"? Aren't they more like fascists?

  21. don't be home late for supper kids, gosh that demonstrating makes girls and boys hungry huh?

  22. I see John Tory with a microphone – anybody know what he said?

  23. aawwwwwwwwww, did some little baby hafta stand in the wain for a wittle while, that's soooo sad those powice are such meanies locking up innocent people who used their right to assemble as a way to camouflage terrorist activities. when you are in a group and someone pulls on a black hoodie and your response is to yell f— the police or to help hide them by not leaving then you are not peacefully protesting you are willingly abetting their violence.
    STOP acting like this is Iran or China, do you remember Tienanmen or the Iran's elections, and countless other examples of how other nations crack down on protesters. Protesters who don't get released the next day, who get a little more discomfort than standing in the summer rain. Oh you got a little sniffle, suck it up you big babies, next time leave when the black bloc shows up so you don't implicitly sponsor their violence.

    • Actually, they should hold the next one in China.
      The Black Bloc would be ripped to shreds as well as the aiders and abettors!

      • Good point. If China can do it, why can't we?

        Then again we can't make cheap, lead-enriched toys for a nickel either.

        • "Good point. If China can do it, why can't we?"

          No, just curious to see if the anarchist types are REALLY as committed to their cause when faced with a real crackdown with real bullets. I suspect not!

  24. Caught up in an insular group think, with healthy doses of narcissism, and a deep desire to be a victim of some form as if the very real repression, arbitrary detention and government mass killings far too common in other countries, is somehow trendy, like the new J. Crew "oppression" hoody.

    Victim chic.

    I wonder what those languishing in N. Korean gulags would have to say about these pampered provacateurs.

    • so toronto is not as bad as n korea ? is that your point ? really ?

      • I take it then that you haven't seen the placards displaying comments that liken Canada to a police state, or the reporting by some that says this is worse than Bosnia? (Recall Srcebenicia mass killings???)

        Or, as I suspect, is it because you're being willfully blind to such things in order to escape the moral culpability of supporting a movement which inherently belittles real repression worldwide.

    • North Korea?

      At this point, I'm hoping that we don't have to compare ourselves to Florida. Watch these cops laugh together about shooting at a middle aged woman in the face with rubber bullets at a 2003 FTAA summit. Her sign: "fear totalitarianism". I sincerely hope that none of the officers I saw and talked to over this weekend come close to this kind of dishonourable, sickening culture.

  25. Judging by the recent comments, I guess pre-school must be out for the summer.

    • As observed by our resident Dip Stick!

  26. "To Serve and Protect" the commercial and political agenda. You didn't think they were reffering to you did you ?

    • Yep, 18.000 out of 34 million.

      • How typically Canadian. Lets call an inquiry to solve our ills!
        Utterly pathetic.

  27. Here's a quote from an interview with Bill Blair in the Globe and Mail this morning:

    "Q. Do you feel there's been some trust lost between the public and the police this weekend?

    A. No. I have to tell you I've been overwhelmed with e-mails, letters and phone calls of support … certainly, advocates for the anarchists are offended. I can live with their offence."

    Chief Blair feels that anyone who takes offence to the actions of the police this weekend is an advocate for the anarchists. Typical small-minded thinking that creates a police culture that encourages police brutality. It's time for the City of Toronto to replace their Chief.


    • typical one-sided thinking on your part. looking for very particular snippets that you can twist out of context to make a "point". look at the BIG PICTURE. there is this thing called "stupid public". it is not spoken of often because most of the folks who fall under this category are out there and don't like hearing the truth about themselves. they do stupid things and get arrested for it, then blame the police for arresting them because they have the right to be stupid. anarchists don't want discipline or order. is that what you want too?

  28. Just look at most of these flaked out, doped up hippies. Do any of them bathe? Not many, if the photographic record is any evidence.

  29. You know these people look like they could be my kids or the kids of most of the mid age people blogging on this site; University/college or young just starting out in the work world. I don't see anything foreign or evil here.

    These Tom Flanagan types who are spewing hatred as he did on CBC Monday night and we're seeing on this blog, , remember these could be your kids or your friends or relatives kids. They're young, idealistic, perhaps innocent. Do you want them beaten and jailed because they want to march for climate change? or social justice?

    Twenty somethings. Male and female. On the way up and ahead in life. Educated, intelligent. Stop. Think. These are our people, our children, our youth, our hope.
    These marchers arte not the evil hordes Blair and others describe.

    • My son certainly was not there.

      Perhaps some were a bunch of naive kids. Well, they learned a couple of life lessons.

      One is that protecting the lives of approximately 30 world leaders, many of whom are under genuine threats to their lives by terrorists, is a serious business. It's OK if these kids want to spend Sunday afternoon doing riot tourism, but they need to be aware that the police may not treat them with kid gloves if they get in the way while frolicking. There was a real security job being done at the same time. No one would have been amused had the riot got out of hand again and the anarchists had penetrated the security barriers.

      • Wow, all those leaders just trembling in their boots lest they come face to face with ordinary people. Poor frightened phonies.

        • Thank God they had the soccer game to distract them.

        • If you wish to portray various government leaders as phonies, that's your right. However, this does not remove the need for our government to provide them with adequate security. I, for one, do not consider President Obama nor Prime Minister Cameron to be phonies and believe that they have been legitmately chosen to represent their people on the world stage.

          • give it up
            protecting the leaders had zero to do with what we are complaining about and you know it
            have you no shame?

      • Monday's rally was neither a 'bunch of naive kids' or 'riot tourists'. What stood out most to me was that the crowd was more diverse in terms of age, profession and class than any of the demonstrations the weekend beforem they were simply Torontonians that needed to take their city back from the chaos. Chaos from black-clad vandals that hijacked otherwise loud and colourful but ultimately peaceful protests. And chaos from the police who were completely out of line in indiscriminately mass-arresting and beating down people afterwards.

        Many of the people there were not involved in any of the protest activities of the weekend, they were just disgusted and needed to feel some sense of normalcy again. Many were opening thanking the police, talking to the police openly about the events that transpired and aggression against the police was present but largely not welcome.

        It was cathartic and necessary,

        • My comments were in response to a debate about Sunday's protests and arrests. I do not doubt that the Monday rallies were different in nature. I'm not aware that anyone was arrested on Monday.

          • Do you mean Saturday afternoon?

            Because on Sunday the only violent actors I saw or heard of were the police.

      • "Perhaps some were a bunch of naive kids."

        Almost certainly. But there were all ages and races in that crowd. You can't just dismiss them as a bunch of dirty hippies.

        "Well, they learned a couple of life lessons."

        Yup – if you exercise your right to peacefully protest at the wrong place or time, you might get arrested regardless of your actual actions.

        "One is that protecting the lives of approximately 30 world leaders, many of whom are under genuine threats to their lives by terrorists, is a serious business"

        Uh, was there ever any threat to the leaders' lives? The worst of the protesters that I saw made no attempt to penetrate the fence around the G20. That's not an excuse for what happened.

        " It's OK if these kids want to spend Sunday afternoon doing riot tourism, …"

        What you call "riot tourism", most participants called peaceful protest. It's a right, and once that shouldn't be taken away just because a bunch of cops have decided that the day's strategy will be to indiscriminately kick ass.

        It's easy to dismiss when it happens to people you don't care about. What happens when you or your son want to exercise this right yourself? Will you be ok with, say, an anti-Ignatieff rally leading to violent arrest of hundreds of non-violent participants? Will you say "gosh, I was naive to think I could exercise my right to free speech without getting arrested!".

        Stop sneering about the people involved, stop lying to yourself about what happened and think about the issues at stake. I assume you're a fan of Kathy Shaidle – was she a naive kid doing riot tourism? Did she deserve what she got? No she didn't, and if you read the big leftwing blogs, you'll find those writers defending her right to be there too.

  30. John W.

    There are millions of young people across the country that fit your description of inspirational youth.

    These few thousand, not so much. My friends kids of the same age are out working in between taking classes. They're not a bunch of whiney narcissists who dare to put themselves on the same plane as victims of brutal thugocracies.

    They're not our hope. They're the ones who'll spend the next ten years living in their parents basement, taking just enough humanities courses to say they're being "university educated" while sleeping in until noon the wake to listen to some marxist professor rail against the establishment, then off to the coffee shop to gripe about their poor existence that should be made better by others.

    Nope, our hope are learning molecular biology to heal our sick, learning engineering to take on life's next challenges, working in between to learn the value of effort, fortitude and perserverence.

  31. Those you describe as "our hope" are actually our hope's future dependents.

  32. As a regular Canadian guy, 30 something with a good job and a father concerned for his son's future, I am appalled at the show of force that was displayed in Toronto last weekend. Why did someone decide that we need 7 times more troops (how else can you describe the police presence downtown?) in Toronto than we have in Afganistan for what amounts to a few dozen vandals. I think I saw more damage happening the last time the Blue Jays won the world series!

    Next time we think about inviting the G20 to our community, we should remember the events of 2010 and reconsider. This group does not belong in our society if their mere presence causes so many concerns that we need to spend a billion dollars just to secure them from citizens. Go have your summit on Baffin Island or something

    • Actually Baffin Islanders don't need them either. They should go some place remote, some place secure, some place where they can't disrupt normal civilization. There's one place that fits all of these requirements and even offers one more benefit – it's not part of any nation. That's right G20, take your fancy schmancy summits to the only place on the planet where they belong – Antartica.

  33. What a bunch of weirdos. This is what happens when a people are overfed, over coddled and groomed in Liberal lecture classes by some of our irrelevant liberal arts professors. I can only assume that these Canadians are the ones who vacation in Cuba, where they can bond with fellow communists, share anti-American sentiments, while pretending to be Che Guevara. If the Cubans only knew that over 60% of these pixes, said they would not join the armed forces, if Hitler returned, dominated Europe and began to exterminate Jews, Queers, protesters, liberals, and more.

  34. What a bunch of pussies. I bet as kids they cried for a week when the light burned out in their easy bake ovens. yes, look at them-well fed, overfed, tattooed, stoned, hard-done by, spoiled brats. You would think they were the oppressed peoples of a failed state. And on that note, over 4 billion people live in failed states where the police at best are corrupt, and at worst are serial killers. But when we intervene, the crybabies decree that we're stimulating the Military Industrial Complex, Occupying a country, and working for the oil companies.

  35. Fuck the pigs.. Bunch of Jag offs. Get real job your behind the badge assholes.

  36. The pigs should get a new job!

  37. I love Holly Stick's post re: 18000 people have joined the facebook group. This is what it has come to we are so freakin sad and lazy the only way we can express ourselves or attempt to change society is by the arduous task of joining a facebook group. I got news for you guys, it takes more than that. The fact that protesters aren't rallying against the Black Bloc instead of the police indicates the idiocy that prevails. Any legitimate message from a protest group was lost. Canadians in general support the police and most of us would have liked to see a lot of ass kicked on Saturday. It is sickening to hear people say that we should hold the conference on a remote or inaccessible location. If we have to run and hide from vandals and criminals in order to further the worlds democratic needs what does that say for Canadians and society in general. Oh, and there would be no opportunity for legitimate protest groups then, would there?

    • Pretty much all the running and hiding on the weekend was done by the peaceful protesters to get away from the police. And what does THAT say about Canadians and our society in general?

      • One needs to examine what a so-called peaceful protester is. Is it someone who is part of a group with a legitimate concern or belief? Or is it those people who are there seemingly peacefully but are there to provide cover for the anarchists, cheer and jeer as public and private property is destroyed and to taunt the police men and women who by the way are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers just like the rest of us. While police are trained to show restraint in these situations there is only so much an individual can put up with before he/she reacts. Of course this is what the dorks are hoping for so they can justify to themselves and their ilk that the police are brutal and the state is a police state. If you are a thinking person you can avoid trouble, it isn't that difficult. As for the Black Blocheads, put them in the army and send them to Aphganistan, lets see how tough these clowns are. I can see them now.

        • well said, sir!

  38. Excuse me??? "Police state?"

    While I think the police did use execssive force and rounded up a lot of people who were no threat, these drama queens don't know the first thing about living in a police state.

    Talk to someone in Iran, Burma, Saudi Arabia or Chechnya about police states. In those places you're either gunned down in the street or the cops have a car battery hooked up to your balls before you've uttered your second protest slogan.

  39. When Civil liberties groups, protest groups, and politicians protest more about the Police than the destruction caused by the BlOCK, then something is really wrong with Toronto's society. Your universities and schools trained your brain to contract and addled. Congratulations to Toronto's Teaching profession you did well in brain washing your children.

  40. This only tells me that Toronto is not made for International events. It is a city of too much pretentions… nothing else. This might be the start of Toronto relegated to has been bin. Any economic, trade, and business , tourism conferences and events might be better off bringing their businesses somewhere else. This is not a place conducive to business.

  41. i understand that the "protest" was supposed to be peaceful. however, here is my problem. with a gathering that large, i would assume that the "peaceful" lot would/should expect some nuts scattered around the crowd (maybe am just too smart for my own good, eh). when those nuts got set off, why didn't the "peaceful" protesters do ANYTHING to stop them. From all their videos i say, they just watched the windows being broken, vehicles being set on fire and stuff being thrown at the police trying to get a violent response; they had their cellcams and all out ready to catch the police in action. and am sure a LOT of people there were just there to catch "police brutality" for their blogs and rant-pages. this whole fiasco could have gone perfectly ok, if the "peaceful" protesters had actual peaceful intentions. they wanted attention, they got attention. so the police took action as the situation called for. those who got arrested deserved it. bystanders should not have been there; they have no excuse. "peaceful" protesters should have dealt with the miscreants well before the police showed up. and now instead of helping the police clear up this "peaceful" mess, they are proving that "peace" was never part of the protest. there is no discipline in this bunch people.

  42. What is being ignored by the whiners is that the cops saved many people from injury and possibly loss of life. Arrest and detainment was designed to pre-empt violence and if innocent bystanders got swept up in this benign plan to secure the site and protect people shame on them for getting that close to the front lines.
    Democracy is alive and well in Canada and the cops did a good job.

  43. When you go to the streets as a gruop of masked cowards and destroy property and put the general public at risk ,you deserve to be caged as an animal that you are. I believe the location was an error on the planners part, but no matter where it was the IDIOTS would have shown up.

  44. What a laugh. Idiots roam the streets, destroying store fronts and burning police cars, and yet, now the protesters are protesting police brutality?
    Give me a break.

  45. One of the saddest chapters in Canadian history–the G20 fiasco that could have been prevented and saved Canadians $1.5 billion to spend on pension reform, job-creation, national Child care!

    Toronto Police are actually one of the finest forces in the world and Interpol has said that internationally Toronto cops are probably the best in tracing Internet pedophiles and other real criminals. This was NOT the Toronto police force that caused this farcical infringement of human rights of ordinary citizens. It was the so-called "integrated force" and ORDERS given to them by POLITICIANS!

    When the Ottawa Dictatorship is on the receiving end of a DEMOCRATIC COUP D'ETAT (hopefully by many of those out protesting peacefully on the streets of Toronto, as well as members of the police force) then the Eastern Avenue Detention Centre can become a landmark and have a plaque dedicated to its immense significance.

    And, as far as the G20 is concerned, their Summit experience could be conducted in a Cruise Ship sailing to the Arctic for a few months. No one would miss these "heads of state". After all, the Summit epistles were prepackaged and written by their respective bureaucrats and staffers months in advance! At least give 'em some time to put aside their theatrical costumes for the benefit of the hoi polloi….We don't buy cheap political theatre anymore…..thanks to Bill Gates' invention and youtube….

  46. To begin with Toronto is nothing but an ugly bunch of misfits. Ship them off to Russia where they would be handled with kid gloves.

  47. The G20 was a bad idea for Toronto and I think the decisions to have it here were politically motivated to screw up the City. Harper has no Conservative Candidate from Toronto so they don't live here physically or politically. If you have to build cages for 1000 people's detention in advance, you can't say you didn't know there would be violence. I was with my daughter on College at the time of the riot and she took video of the Riot Police coming off a bus and looking at the riot and then leaving up an alleyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeU8ObPrI3I. The Police Chief allowed them to run amok for about an hour and a half then cracked down on peaceful demonstrators, it's absurd and a full Independent Investigation must be ordered into the Police response to the riots and the gross civil liberties of Torontonians and others.