G20 protesters rally on Canada Day

Citizens demand inquiry into police handling of G20 protests (PHOTOS)


Canada Day saw G20 protesters gather at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The front lawn of the Ontario legislature was packed with people demanding a public inquiry into the what happened in Toronto between police and citizens over the G20 weekend. The event was organized by Canadians Advocating Political Participation (CAPP) Toronto, the group that brought Canada those successful anti-prorogation rallies. Similar G20 protests were organized in other cities as well.

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G20 protesters rally on Canada Day

  1. CAPP, not to be confused with the CAPP that saw a Facebook membership grow to more fans than Stephen Harper (and that glorious little onion ring.)

    • Same CAPP, new name.

      • How I hate acronyms and alphabet soup. Why can't you people spell these names out?

        • Pretty sure it's somehow all Mike Harris' fault.

          • Well, I guess that makes you a gLiberal or a Trendy-pee supporter. Poor Mike, didn't he kick the can up there in his northern retreat? You shouldn't speak ill of the dead. It's too bad that history says the next Ontario government will be Conservative (another word for Federal Liberal?). The tie-dye couple and their followers should be replaced by the environmentalists (Green Party) as the crying-in-the-wilderness party. Olivia, Jack & Co. have had their innings and should let someone else at the plate.

          • I was being sarcastic and joking about how everything seems to be his fault in Ontario according to protesters. Sarcasm doesn't always come through well in the written word.

          • Sure it does. I was being facetious right back.

  2. Macleans editors:

    Why are demonstrators opposing police abuse and lies (and supporting civil and political rights) right here in Canada being labeled "G20 protesters" … 5 days after that summit closed? Recognizing that these vents originated with the G20 demonstrations, isn't fair to say these protesters have Canadian police and politicians in their sights now?

    Are you afraid to use the term "civil rights demonstrators", for fear of sounding dated?

    • Alternatively, by using G20 protestors, the headline writer (who may or may not be involved with the article itself) is pushing the idea that all protests are to be dismissed as most Canadians have dismissed the G20 protests.

    • I completely agree.
      Why is this article not titled:


      The actual title is full of assumptions.
      Especially give the fact that many people who did not protest during the G20,
      did go out on Canada.

      • In view of the actions of the combined security forces on the days of the G20, and the resulting kerfuffle a few days later as a "civil rights protest", I suggest that the next time an international summit is held, that we, relying on our civilized virtues, do nothing extra with respect to security.

        "Civil rights protest"? You have got to be kidding! Extreme circumstances often require extreme measures, and if you stubbed your toe on a blue uniform, you have to remember what job the guy inside the uniform was doing. That's right, he was protecting you!

        • Protecting me… from police rape threats?

          • Now that is carrying things too darned far. In earlier language rape meant to seize and carry off, but these days it has sexual overtones of either criminal conversation or sodomy. Watch your language!

            If the police ever threatened to rape you, you should turn to the next cop with rank markings and make your accusation. I don't think this type of hyperbole will get you very far, especially with people who have their heads well attached. Maybe you should try and be a little more specific when you throw around hot words like that.

          • At least one woman arrested during the G20 was threatened with gang rape. Other women were strip seached by male officers.

            Here is an account of abuse by police:

          • From Part 6:

            …In police custody for 6 hours now, no water, no anything. We start to get worried. We are still very polite to the guards, “Please, we need water. Please help us. Please help this 16-year-old kid. Please split us up, we can't even all sit in here.” We look at the camera and beg for help. We can hear people in the other cells yelling and begging for water. We hear a girl “Please! I need my medication! HELP ME!”. I yell “Help that girl, what the hell is going on here!” Other cages begin to yell. I find out later this girl was in my girlfriend's cell and was way past her medication time. The male officers were laughing in at her and tapping their keys along the bars leering at the girls in wet clothes. Finally two female officers took the girl away. They also had a 17-year-old girl in her cage as well. Still thirsty…

          • Well, well, what one sees when one doesn't have a big enough stick. I realize that the "tank" wasn't ideal conditions, but I wonder how many of the bloc noir were actually grabbed, identified and charged. I haven't seen or heard a word on that, so maybe you can enlighten me. I've been moving my house over the last month or so, and my TV receiver is sitting next to me, disconnected, so I don't have good access to news except what I can dredge up on the Internet, which is tedious.

            I guess one of the big problems is that the cops had a big stick but didn't know how or where to apply it. I was certainly shocked, before I lost my broadcast viewing, to see these bloc noir vandals running free in the business district committing unspeakable acts of destruction on places of business, seemingly just for fun at random, and no police!

            Now these bloc heads were clever enough to strip off their black outer shell and merge with the rest of the legitimate(?) demonstrators when the cops eventually did show up. There is enough footage on this for full identification of these guys if the cops only have it. (19:35 Holly, I just got another comment from you, and will answer it shortly. My mailer tells.)

            Now, coming back to the bleak conditions in the "tank". It is reprehensible but also understandable that the police were not really prepared for a large number of people. Maybe there was some way to make their sweeps selective, but I can't think of any, can you?

          • You should go back and read the links more carefully. The police reproduced the Black Hole of Calcutta except without the heat, so thankfully no prisoners died. However, the police removed their badges, refused the most basic needs, and abused prisoners. They acted like fascist authoritarian dicks.

            The question many have asked is why the police left those police cars out, and took no action against the idiots who trashed the car. The most common answer is that the cops wanted a nice picture of burning cars for the news, so they would have an excuse for attacking innocent protestors the next day. The police chose not to arrest the "black bloc". Some of the "black bloc" are bedlieved to have been undercover policemen.

        • "Extreme circumstances often require extreme measures" …

          And unpopular speech is exactly what needs legal protection (popular speech, by definition, not really needing much). Basically, what you're suggesting is that we should only exercise our rights when no one is watching, when the nation's and the world's leaders are elsewhere and when the issues really aren't that important.
          It must be nice to live in your inverted world.

          "That's right, he was protecting you!"

          During the G20, the ISU was protecting delegates, their lobbyists, and as Bill Blair kept referring to it, "the fence". The rights to assemble, protest, be free from arbitrary detention … not so much.

          • Bill Blair was not in command. He was a lower commander in the ISU task force run by the big cheese who was sitting safely in the Barrie command center.

            My world is not inverted. Some American statesman, or a French thinker, said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it." I am in agreement with this principle. I do not think the protesters at the G20 need any defence. What they needed was freedom from the bloc noir. When you lie down with wolves, it is very hard to distinguish you from them.

          • I also love the leather gloves and expensive boots the "anarchists" are wearing. They don't seem too worried about the gas tank exploding on the burning car. It appears that none of the gas tanks exploded. Does that only happen in the movies or was there no gas in the police cars?

            Can someone explain from watching this video why this car was abandoned? Also, how is it that a camera crew had time to arrive, set up and broadcast, but police couldn't show up? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=784lay9401U&fe

            An interesting article about the police response. http://www.torontosun.com/news/columnists/joe_war

          • that's voltaire you are quoting. 18th century philosopher.

  3. Do these idiots ever take a day to celebrate what we do have?

    They look like strange people to me.

    Oliva Chow and Jackie boy should get away from the tie-dye shirts and protest signs and act like Federal MP's.

    • > Do these idiots ever take a day to celebrate what we do have?

      That’s exactly what we were doing. What can be a more appropriate way to celebrate Canada than by standing up for the values it represents and demanding the rights those who came before us died for.

      • To bad nobody was at the Legislature..Statutory Holiday (except maybe the janitor )

    • What, and stand by and do nothing while the Charter is trampled on by an autoritarian dictatorship?

    • .. On the 'idiot' file: Who's that idiot in the picture that brought a kid to the protest/demonstration/what-ever-you-want-to-call-this-waste-of-time??? Canada Day is NOT the day to demonstrate against what you think is an issue… We don't try to force-feed you happy thoughts in your parades; Don't be pissing on our celebration of what makes this country great (hint: not you.).

      • What makes this country great is it's freedoms. They seem to have been somewhat left behind recently.

    • Thats the point buddy. the things the we DO have (ie right to peaceful assembly) were being celebrated during the summit. That was taken away.

      What would you do if a cop walked up to you on the street and threw you in jail for 20 hours? Would you say he's doing his job? Thats what went on en mass last weekend. This has nothing to do with partisanship.

      • Ya, and some of those (the stories you don't hear) so-called peaceful protestors deliberately trying to taunt and egg on the police – how grown up is that and why do they do that?

        grow up – a bombing this morning in Quebec of a DND office – police have much more to worry about then some crybabies.

        • Watch the videos. In most of them there was no taunting.

          The police can worry about what ever they want, as citizens we should be worried about our rights.

        • I'm pretty sure most of the placards say "hold the government accountable" not "hold the police accountable". They did their job alright.

      • Silly thing to say. With the bloc noir among the crowd, and indistinguishable from the rest, what would you have done? Would you have sat them all down and made them identify themselves. I'll bet that most of that mob didn't carry ID for fear of being picked up and gathering a record.

    • I think they are celebrating EXACTLY what we have. Canada, complete with a Charter of Rights and democracy.

      Maybe you should spend a few years in the service and find out why our troops do what they do? Clearly, you don't get it.

      Lest we forget…

      • My dad was a veteran – 21 years old at the time. My brother-in-law was in Korea at 19, my aunt was an army nurse at 21 and my grandad was in France in WWI.

        I do get it. Running around with protest signs doesn't get it done.

        Walking with protest signs in a crowd is easy. Actually doing something takes effort.

        It was only for a few hours and our way of life is not going to change.

        Robert Kennedy, John Lennon – and others were kiled by rogue lone nutbars – how the hell are police going to know who might be one of them?

        • So Ontario Town – if your neighbourhood is having a rash of break and enters, you don't mind if the police come into your house, without a warrant, and search it. And if you don't co-operate, arrest you. Whether protests are effective or not is beside the point. We have a right to participate in them and we can't allow the government and a bunch of hopped up cops to take that right away. And by the way, my father was a WWII vet – he spent 4 years overseas defending our rights.
          Allowing them to be wittled away by any passing government is not respecting his service.

          • Poor example. Illegal search and seizure under those circumstances is just not allowed. I'd want the badge number of every cop involved in such a thing, and believe me, action would be taken.

            However, when the Sweet Marie's can't be told from the O Henry's with glass on their hands without a forensic examination, you have to take in all the bars, nut or not.

        • Five veterans in my family, including a great-grandfather who fought at Vimy and Passchendaele. Not one would accept the Charter violations from last weekend. They would be horrified by police brutality, threats of rape, unlawful detainment. That's not what they fought for.

          • Did you ask them or are you just making assumptions?

  4. I'm a middle-aged businessman, a Toronto employer and family man, and I wish I'd known about this civil rights protest. I'm THRILLED that the protesters are calling attention to this issue on Canada Day.

    There couldn't be a better day to raise the issue of abuse of our Charter Rights.

    Please keep it up, but next time let some of us older "non-protester" folk know where its going to take place … many of us agree that the G20 abuses require an independent inquiry so that the chain of command who directed officers to act contrary to the Charter or the Toronto Police Mission Statement, can be held accountable.

    Independent inquiry, please!

      • There were advertisements handed out yesterday for a rally on July 10 at 1pm at Queen’s Park. I would be there, but I will be out of town. I’m glad to hear that there will be another the following week. I will attend with signs in tow.

          • Argh … can't see that one either :) The facebook generation needs to realize that there is a non-facebook generation who won't sign up :) I will read a website or blog though :)

            Thank you!

          • Hi! Thanks for the support, I think it's great to see all kinds of people interested in participating. Try http://www.torontoparticipates.ca, you should be able to find the info on future rallies there.

      • Thank you …. but some of us don't use facebook so can't log in. Is there anywhere else? Again, thank you.

    • I am 100% behind the Police!!! These violent protesters were burning cop cars and throwing bricks threw windows and you people think this is ok??? Unbelievable!!! If you do the crime then yes you deserve to be detained and in mass numbers to be arrested then the conditions are not going to be prime conditions. For the few that were mistaken as one of the possible violent protesters, well then maybe they should have removed themselves from the black clad jackasses that do not deserve the respect of a decent detention area as they show no respect for the rest of us that are proud to be Canadian, and will be paying for their actions and poor judgement! I do not stand alone in these thoughts and there are many angry! There is a difference between bring the issues to light in Canada and just being idiots and partisapaing in criminal activating thinking they are being miss treated!!!

      • To paraphrase you, "You are 100% behind the Police??? Unbelievable!!!"

        If you are 100% behind the police then you are 100% blind. As has been pointed out MULTIPLE times in every national newspaper and verified by both independent observer teams and video (go watch … its on youtube.com) the protesters that were arrested were not "mistaken for violent protesters" or even in the vicinity of the violent protesters..

        Those violent protesters you speak of were not there at Queen and Spadina, only a block from our offices.
        Those violent protesters were not in the "free speech zone" at Queen Park.
        Those violent protesters weren't at Novotel when police officers held and assaulted a reporter for the Guardian
        Those violent protesters weren't the ones singing Oh Canada when the police charged without reason
        Those violent protesters weren't there at Eastern Avenue

        I'm sorry, didn't you realize? The violent protesters (better referred to as "vandals") were only out on Saturday …. and then the POLICE weren't there.

        I believe in the Charter … Section 2, Section 7, Section 8, and Section 9. I also believe in the Toronto Police Mission Statement. Both are a thousand times more important than a few vandals, and both were violated far more times than criminal acts involving those vandals.

        There needs to be an independent inquiry.

      • What crime was the TTC employee, trying to get to his job committing? The one that was in his uniform and carrying his official I.D. Is there a new Criminal Code out I haven't seen?

    • The Toronto Police Mission Statement is inapplicable to the fiasco of the G20. There was an ubercommandant sitting in Barrie who was charged with all the security responsibility. It was easy from a remote location to order all kinds of stupidity, and the police, being trained to follow orders, did what was required. I suspect that by the last day they were all so pissed off they would have done this anyway.

      • Err while they may have been "only obeying orders" (I've heard that before and it was ruled a bad defence then), the Police punched people, illegally imprisoned people, verbally abused people, illegally searched people even a rookie knows this is probably illegal behaviour. This idea was given some confirmation by the removing of name badges and identifying insignia.
        The whole illegal police action charge has also been given more weight by the repeated lying of TPS chief Blair to the media. Weapons cache fiasco, black bloc in the demo that was assaulted, black bloc action at a soldiers repatriation on friday; all lies and half truths.
        Then when there was actual "black bloc" action the cops ran away and hid.
        Beat the innocent, ignore the criminals, which part of this is tough for you to understand Moose?
        The police in Toronto that day were poorly prepared and led I agree, but a lot of individual coppers committed repeated offences for which you or I would be facing serious charges over. A uniform does not excuse criminal behaviour.

        • Well, it is not worth spending several hundred thousand dollars on an inquiry unless and until the person running the inquiry has the power to bring charges against offenders.

          All you people have been watching Spencer Tracy in Justice at Nuremberg, and believing that this kind of thing can happen now. The chief offender is the guy who was in charge of the OKW at Barrie (as I choose to call it). This generalissimo seems to have disappeared behind poor Bill Blair, who should not be used as a scapegoat.

          As for Miller and his bunch of publicity seeking minions, there wasn't much that they could do once the action started. Miller could have proclaimed the Riot Act, which is within his powers, but I don't expect he even has a copy.

          We all know the whole thing was mishandled, but I still believe that there was an unprecedented number of Pollyannas marching around as if nothing could possibly happen to them. If there is ever one of these gatherings in the city again, maybe the optimists and the foolish will stay out of the rain of bricks.

          Protest marches and gatherings are just fine in semi-controlled circumstances when you are not expecting people like the bloc noir to be present, but, for God's sake, use an ounce of sense next time.

          When the Feds throw the next party, what if nobody comes?

          • Blair has been shown to have lied about certain instances that he has used to support the actions of his constabulary. He should resign for that.
            If there is an uber-kommander and he issued orders that would result in officers committing illegal acts then as chief constable Blair should have refused to issue his orders. It's called having leadership ability. A leader must protect those below him from committing criminal acts. If those above him insisted that he do as he was told, then he should have tendered his resignation.
            A couple who had been dining at the Keg and were scooped up hardly seem like polyannas to me. Folk out and about after being invited to do just that by elected civic leaders should not end up detained in metal cages so their captors can deny them water and access to legal aid. Blaming the victims is always much easier than dealing with the criminals, more so if they are society's legal protectors. Me I like going for the bad guys, not the innocent.
            Also the money required by any inquiry will pale into insignificance compared with the costs that the city of Toronto will have to incur due to civil court actions as a result of this debacle.
            But you are right about one thing, any inquiry needs to have prosecutorial powers and the power to subpoena what ever witnesses they deem relevant.

          • Well, you are certainly right about Blair with respect to his command ability. He came up from the TPS ranks, and that is not, in my humble opinion, a qualifier for the rank of chief. If anything, it is a major disqualifier as you can't really command the old boys in this situation. In the military, commanders generally come from outside. So let it be with police forces. Now that he has demonstrated what a sycophant and clay-foot he is, he is now eligible for hierarchical exfoliation. His pal, David Miller, is certainly eligible for de-election next time out. He's been there too long, anyway. Hazel McCallion he is not! The city needs somebody strong, now, to face up the the pressures of being Canada's largest and most cosmopolitan city, not some ward hack.

            The guy in Barrie who had overall command is eligible for crucifixion if enough wood and nails can be found. As more information comes to the light of day, we see this eminence gris of the whole mess trying to efface himself.

            I am sorry for the couple from the Keg. However, they could not have gotten there without knowing there was trouble in the city. They should have gone out on another evening, just to avoid being caught as they did. Even though they have right on their side, it doesn't protect you from what amounts to a police riot. There are two million stories in the broken city, and this has been one of them.

            The city will either interminably delay or settle any suits. I don't think you can sue any part of the crown without its permission, so things may be dicey here at best.

            The inquiry, if any, needs to be conducted on neutral ground. How about Hamilton or Kingston?

          • Just found this promise that was published in the Windsor Star, 14 June:
            "The G20 Summit Integrated Security Unit (ISU) consists of the RCMP, Toronto Police, Canadian Forces, OPP, Peel Regional Police and other partners. The RCMP will be primarily responsible for the Summit site and surrounding areas. The RCMP is also responsible for the safety and security of Internationally Protected Persons (IPPs). Otherwise, as example, TPS has police jurisdiction in Toronto, while OPP deals issues of public safety within Ontario. All partners are fully prepared to support the other should a particular need arise. The G20 ISU will also uphold the fundamental freedoms of thought, belief, opinion, expression and of peaceful assembly as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights."
            There might have been a guy in Barrie, but TPS had jurisdiction in Toronto.
            I love the last paragraph, epic fail for all concerned

          • That really ties the can on Blair's tail, if true. This is an indication of a divided command, which everyone knows does not work. I guess we can pin the tail on that donkey after all, eh? Well deserved and earned before this fiasco, too, I believe.

            BTW, can't you get a better avatar. It is very out of focus and indistinct.

    • Exactly. I too am middle age business man with company, family, and obligations. I was born in Toronto and am greatly saddened and angered by what has transpired; it is inexcusable. Our politicians and police have lost their way. Count me in on protests of these criminal acts. Just let me know where they are and I will be there with family and friends to stand up for the principles upon which Canadian democracy depends. We must hold people accountable and not let this pass.

      • There will be two events coming up. One on the 10th and one on the 17th. Information for both events is listed on Facebook but I've included a summary below. Contact the organizers via email if you need more information. Come out to both, if possible, and bring your family, friends, and anyone else who feels peoples' rights were violated.

        First one on the 10th:

        Queen's Park, Toronto (most likely near the Legislature, that's where the last rally was)
        Saturday, July 10 @ 1 p.m.
        Mass demonstration & march
        For information, email: CivilLibertiesNOW@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=13397156662


        Saturday, July 17, 2010
        Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
        Location: Country-wide. The Toronto details are being be determined but most likely will start at Queen's Park again.
        Organizer: jpeg.arjoon@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=13922729609

  5. Here's hoping the furor over the G20 events leads to a more vigilant public when it comes to civil rights.

  6. Soldiers once died and fought for the rights of others. My brothers in Canada will not stand up for my rights here because the media has been hijacked, critical thinking is dead, and we are happy with what we have – people in this world used to care enough to do better. Mostly and sadly in a system where power corrupts dissidence is necessary and my country has made it clear to me that as a dissident my rights will not be protected (not by the media, not the cops, not my elected officials, and most of all not by my fellow citizens). Open your eyes people this was petty vandalism used to justify something much worse an attack on dissent. Wake up. To Maclean's I am ashamed this protest was for a public inquiry into what happened it had nothing to do with theg20 and its policies. Tr reporting the facts not the skewed facts

  7. POLICE – thank you for keeping peace last weekend.

    • And by that he means remaining peaceful — as in not having two cops hold an asthmatic while a third punches him in the gut.

    • Sadly and shockingly the Police did not keep the peace. Any cursory review of the weekend's events or a broad review of the evidence suggests strongly that there were widespread abuses of power. There were reports that some officers were quite opposed to the actions of their fellows. These are the true patrots and we need to hear from them. As for the other cowards who allowed the destruction to take place, shame on them.

    • are you living under a rock? the police either went out of their way to allow the Black Bloc to rampage or they were too incompetent to stop them. There's a sweeping consensus that they were nowhere to be seen during the actual riot yet there were a total of 19000 police and security present. The police chief has openly admitted that he lied about a bogus law extending the Public Works Act.

      Get educated man, you don't have to look hard. The Star, the Globe and the Sun have numerous articles and NOBODY can or will answer these questions.

    • POLICE – thank you for threatening to rape and "gangbang" women journalists for daring to report on the summit! Thank you for sexually harassing 17-year-old high school girls! Thank you for beating 22-year-old women with batons!

  8. i think the police force did an amazing job last weekend. No one was killed that i heard of and the violence could have been much worse. People protesting should stop and take a look around and realize what an amazing country we live in… there are so many more bigger battles to fight.

    • Such as?

      • The one's against hysterical dorks :P,

        • That's rather self-defeating for you though, isn't it?

    • …an amazingly poor job of upholding the Charter. The police were the perpetrators of violent acts and assaults. This amazing country is asleep and complacent and lazy.

  9. As millions and millions gathered around the country to celebrate what a great country we have (great, not utopic, just to point out that important distinction)

    a few thousand acted as if Canada was some rogue nation.

    That the few thousand were given such disproportionate media attention says far more about today's media, and their increasing disconnect from average Canadians, than about the "protesters".

    • You obviously don't hold Canada Day out as anything more than an excuse for a party.

      Some of us remember. We remember those who served and why they served. The media isn't even coming close to doing this issue justice on Canada Day.

      • Thank you. God forbid we put down our beers and hockey sticks to pick up a sign.

        • The sign should be nailed to the business end of the hockey stick. Lugging a sign in a legally constituted protest is partly what freedom is all about, but we have to remember that freedom is not free. In the case of the G20 protest, the people who paid were the peaceful protesters. They allowed or were unable to prevent le bloc noir from using their numbers as a cover for their nefarious activities. This turned out to be quite expensive with respect to the legitimate protesters freedom, did it not?

  10. Blame the Block for ruining the "patriotic protest"
    They are the ones that took your liberties away by acting like thugs and burning police vehicles and putting "normal" protestors in danger.
    Toronto would have had peaceful demonstrations without the Block.
    The Block protestors are to blame as they forced the hand of our civil liberties.
    They ruined the streets during the Olympics too.
    As a Toronto tax-payer I know we are going to pay to replace 5 police vehicles including the new HST.
    Put the blame where it is deserved…..Blame the Block !!

    • I do. The Black bloc, and those who get their jollies with them, are idiots. I would be very pleased if the next time they show up, they find they can't change out of their "war clothes" without being filmed by protestors who've had the chance of their message getting across destroyed by these jack-asses.

      At the same time, I also hold enough room in my heart to blame the police for their massive over-reaction the day after. I realize it's a fine line that they have to walk, but that's what we pay them for, and why we give them a monopoly on using force.. because we expect them to adhere to that fine line not just now, but every minute that they're on duty. If they can't handle that, they should find other employment — they're too important to damage the respect that we give them.

    • the police allowed the black bloc to riot. the police demonstrated that they can coral 200 people quite handily at queen and spadina. there were 150 Black Block rioters max, i would say maybe 20 that were actually doing damage.

    • The Bloc could cause some vandalism, but nothing near the permanent harm that a police force that is accountable to no one other than themselves, could do. The Bloc don't worry me a bit, and those TWO police cars and the other vandalism are inconsequential.

      We have some terrific police officers, and they need our support by calling for an Independent Inquiry, so we can remove the rot; the rogue officers and those in the chain of command that led to the purposeful removal of Charter Rights.

      • Having dealt with police responses to vandalism before, I detected a difference in the priority they gave it last weekend. A thousand arrests trying to catch the perpetrators of a few broken windows and a couple of car fires? Usually they don't find it that important, and they mostly care that you clean it up. They're very nice about it, but I understand that nobody's life is in danger and the evidence is usually not great.

        Can you imagine them rounding up a hundred suspects including whoever has the same colour clothes as the description, grabbing them out of a crowd and dragging them away? I suspect that it's because of the targeting of police cars that they needed to show who's boss. The next time someone puts graffiti on a wall, I hope it's trash talk about police or G20 leaders so that the police will investigate it vigorously.

    • Well spoken!!!! We appreciate the words of wisdom not violence!!!

      • What utter rot! You are screaming for an inquiry when the chips have not settled as yet. The commander of the combined security force spoke to this from the Barrie (note!) command center saying that there would be a full review of the mess. I think you should all wait for their report (probably a whitewash, but we haven't seen it, have we?) before you get your shirt in a knot.

  11. I am glad that all these people are willing to increase my taxes to pay for a tempest in a teapot. Who do you people think is going to pay for a judicial inquiry? Some judge and staff at about $10,000 a day isn't worth crying over a few bruised egos.

    • Absolutely agree!!! It's sad really, these people are crying for justice when they are the ones causing the injustice… If they all stayed home in the 1st place we could have saved a few hundread million dollars! Just a few maybe, & that could have gone to save those poor birds that animal rights group was crying about!

      But eh, its our right to protest right???

      • It's fine to protest, but after your little street party has attracted some opportunistic thugs, and you get swept up with the trash, why should you complain about the company you kept?

    • Tell that to a friend of mine who lives down by Queen and Spadina who was trying to get to Shoppers Drugmart to replace his battery in his diabetic machine. It took 6 hours and he had EVERY right to be doing this. The problem with what happened at Queen and Spadina is that when the police moved in they corralled everyone in the vicinity including the people waiting on the streetcar platforms going away from the area. Plus his health is definitely worth an inquiry and I am more than willing to pay my share. I look at it this as a small price to pay to be free to go about my business as needed and if you don't, move to a fascist state where those decisions are made for you. I have to admit you have posted by far the most selfish line of bull I have read.

      • Your friend should have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Notwithstanding his health needs (I have three major chronic problems including DM), with the well-publicized event taking place and the expected disruptions, a little thought would have shown him that he should have gotten his supplies before the dates of the kerfuffle. One of the things that bothers me most about this society is the idea that seems to be abroad of "I want what I want when I want it." Ridiculous! Planning is part of living with chronic diseases, and your friend needs to think about what he will need somewhat in advance. I don't see any need for blowing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on an inquiry with that as an example.

        I don't think conferences like this should be held in luxurious surroundings in a major city, but rather, at sea on an aircraft carrier. The accommodations can be luxurious enough, the place is very secure, and the chance of some kind of insurrection is zero. Modern ships of that class even have the capability of supporting as much media coverage as you like. The time of putting our cities at risk from organized vandals is at an end, but you don't need a public inquiry with the aim of crucifying the police, who only did their job, is cruel and stupid. Our society is too often willing to point fingers when it should be thankful.

  12. really? Come on this is just sad! If you were arrested during the G20, you should not have been causing ****! If you were not causing ****, you should not have been so nosey & stayed home! With all the hype & warnings about staying out of Toronto, & the increased police presence, its really only your own fault. The Police were there to keep order, & I must say they did a DAM GOOD JOB! (even though there were some bad apples, what do you expect with 10,000 + officers… ) Use your head people.

    • Oh & if you wanted to protest…. Should have picked another weekend. Peace & Love without all the garbage!

    • So on one side there's the popular argument that Toronto was a fine place to hold it, and we shouldn't let the actions of a few thugs deter us from spending a billion dollars to secure it.

      And on the other side we now have the argument that the actions of a few thugs in uniform should be enough to prevent people from using the city they live in and pay taxes in?

      • Toronto is a great place to protest! Just not during the G20…. Look at the history of the G20, anyone in their right mind could have formed the conclusion it would be a bad time to protest! violence, increased police, absolute chaos! Okay, maybe a bit over the top there, but use common sense! Everyone saw this coming, & if you didn't, then you don't have common sense! People think they will get media attention during the G20…. Yes you will, while you are sitting in the back of a police cruiser or smashing a window… again, history repeats itself, it does not matter what country you live in!

      • By "thugs in uniform", you mean the cops, or the goons dressed in black and wearing baclavas and throwing molotov cocktails…?

        • That you have to ask I think answers the question.

    • i usually try to adress people and have a logical, congenial debate. but you're an idiot.

      • There is nothing to debate, try joining society sometime! Its much nicer when you say the glass is half full & not half empty!

    • The Mayor of Toronto told people to go out and enjoy the city. Then they arrested them.

      • Poor David Miller. He is in the position of having to go along with the PM, even when he, and the whole council knows it is bullpuky. One the red zone fence was up, the city was under siege, and if you didn't realize this, I am sorry for you and whatever happened to your sorry behind. If you had once ounce of thinking ability, you would know that, from the history of international summit meetings, the city was no place for ordinary citizens nor for peaceful protesters. Peaceful protesters simply provide a screen for the organized vandals who mix themselves in the crowd. So it is not surprising that the security people would sweep up the grain with the chaff, now is it. Too bad the chaff elevator didn't have luxurious accommodations like hot meals and privacy, but when you get caught in an insurrection, too bad.

  13. In one of the pictures (about 25 down) there is a "protester" holding a sign that reads: "Angry Protest Sign". Could it be that someone with a sense of humor has successfully infiltrated this morose mob??

  14. Whatever happened to investigative reporting?

    I don't know if it is a matter of cost cutting by media corporations or the indolence of today's journalists by why isn't anybody looking at all these "groups" who claim they represent the public and are getting so much of the media attention?

    Who are these groups that pop up for interviews who claim thousands of members but seem to be little more than a handful of people and a website.

    Why doesn't the media investigate who really are the people behind these groups and who funds them? Who are these groups who claim to represent the "public"?

    And why does it appear to be the same people popping up again and again in interviews under ever changing group names particularly in election years?

    • And why does it appear to be the same people popping up again and again in interviews under ever changing group names particularly in election years?

      Yeah, I've noticed that – first they called themselves Progressive Conservatives, then Reform, then Alliance, now just plain Conservatives…when are these people going to pick a group name and stick to it?

      • Now that's the best laugh I've had today.

        But on the main subject, the fourth estate has to be careful not to get Pogoed. Wouldn't it be awful if the report turned out to be "We have met the enemy, and he is us". ~Walt Kelly.

  15. The animals and gorillas from Toronto please dont come to Ottawa and growl. Stay within the Toronto zoo permises.

    • Of course they'll be kept in the zoo. The zoo has very good keepers and the SPCA would be very upset by any of them in the streets of Byetown.

      The big problem Toronto had was the urban guerillas who urinated and defecated all over the town's businesses and streets.

  16. You will have only these civil demonstrators to thank when your own civil liberties are not violated, and only yourselves to blame when they are.

    • There is a time and place for everything. This was both the wrong time and the wrong place. The G20 leaders are too busy to care about your personal agendas, and the bloc noir care only about vandalizing another big city while using the crowd to hide themselves.

      Get a parade license and hold your protest on a weekend when the world is not busy protecting its leaders.

  17. Juvenile anti-authority taken to an extreme. These 'protesters' are lucky they live in a rich country like Canada, they know they'll never have to grow up.

    • This was not a protest; it was a call for independent investigation into human rights violations that were committed during the G20.

      • Another investigation showed 'peaceful protesters' to carry pistols, fire bombs, machetes, and hatchets… Care to comment, idiot?

        • By "idiot" are you referring to me? Now who's juvenile (and also offensive)? Also, what does that have to do with the clarification that this was a call for inquiry and not a protest?

        • By "idiot" are you referring to me? Now who's juvenile (and also offensive)? Also what does this have to do with the event being mislabelled "protest" when it was a call for investigation?
          Finally, if you could send citation for this "other investigation" wherein weapons were found (that were not foam weapons intended for a LARP session) I would appreciate your sharing.

          • Now, now, children, can the name calling. This is supposed to be polite conversation. The whole issue of rights and freedoms is enshrined, at last, in the constitution. It is called The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and you can look it up on the Internet. Quite an interesting read if you haven't already done so.

    • I don't think this poll asked the right questions. Obviously, pretty much no one supports rioting and burning cop cars. But are Canadians really "disgusted" with the peaceful crowd that marched to ask leaders to discuss maternal health? It wasn't just one crowd of "protesters" in downtown Toronto. Plus there were local workers, shopkeepers, residents, people downtown for the baseball games and jazz festival. Many of them were detained or roughed up by police, too.

      • 1. The bloc noir mixes itself in with legitimate marchers, and cannot be distinguished from them after they have discarded their black shell;
        2. What is the point of organizing such peaceful protests when you know you are going to be infiltrated by a minority of vandals who are just there for the fun of messing up your march?;
        3. Since the vandals can't be distinguished from legitimate protesters, how can you blame the police for picking up every suspicious character in their net? Was anyone wearing a sign or badge that could clearly say "I belong here, leave me alone"? Of course not, that would curtail some mythical freedom.
        4. Was this not in the middle of an international summit in which many leaders, subject to assassination, were present?

        The time for disgust was when the Feds announced, on short notice, that the event would take place in down town Toronto. In my humble opinion it should have been held at either CFB Borden or CFB Trenton at the very least.

        Since the Ark Royal is visiting Canada at the moment, could we not have borrowed her, and held this conference on board about 100 miles out to sea? The accommodation is not bad, and fair luxury could be created with the security budget that wouldn't have had to be spent on all those cops and that fancy command center in Barrie.

        • And where were the police for 2hrs. while the rioters were wearing their "black shell"? And yes I can blame police for picking up everyone. Wa this seriously the plan B we got for a billion? Telling shopkeepers to fend for themselves, letting the idiots riot and then claiming everyone else was complicit. Although I agree that the first mistake was choosing to hold the summit downtown.

          • The police were probably in a caucus race with the OKW in Barrie trying to get the mandate changed from protecting the red zone, to jumping on the mess in the down town core. For a Billion dollars, they could have built luxury accommodations at either CFB Borden or CFB Trenton, and had money to spare. Now, I admit they would have needed the fake lake at Borden, but at Trenton, which is practically in the Bay of Quinte, they could have just taken them out to the Officer's Club island.

            The shopkeepers should have been fully aware that any losses suffered due to the action of the anarchists was not covered by their insurance, nor would any company underwrite such a policy. they would have been better off to have boarded up and closed for the duration.

            Seems to me there were a lot of Pollyannas involved in this mess.

    • So? I hope there is a hailstorm to greet this massive waste of time protesting something that most of the people there could care less about.

  18. On the days of the G20 protest, I was at work at the hospital, taking care of patients, doing something useful for society. Where were you, freaks and punks? Oh, that's right, you were at 'work' too, smashing windows… er, I mean, "defending democracy"… Which brings the question: What do you do for a living, aside from smashing windows…? That's right, you're on welfare, or you're a university student, enrolled in very useful programs such as Sociology or Anthropology… Anyway, gotta go back to the ER now, to take care of another goofball like you who thought it'd be a good idea to 'dance' with the riot cops… I'll treat his injuries so he can go back to smash windows, get his head bashed in by the riot squad, etc.

    Get the message…?

    • Great point Bill! If all those protesters wanted to make a difference, they should go to school, get a job in politics, & then, just then, maybe they can make a POSITIVE difference!!! Put down the sharpie, put down the sign, & pick up a BOOK!

      • Right, because the only people who are allowed to have a say in how our society works are politicians.

        Maybe you should pick up a history book.

        • lame, clearly you are narrow minded! That explains why you think protesting with a cardboard sign & some sharpy markers is going to change the WORLD! Get a voice, than be heard. Yes, in large groups a protest is wise & you can make a difference…. Do it during the G20 when there are 10,000 + cops, **** heads, & lots of world media…. The only thing that is happening there is lots of arrests…& the media will cover that, they don't care about your cause!!

          If you didn't see that coming, you need to pick up a book!

          • You are obviously a very sad ignorant individual. Many of the people protesting were well-educated individuals. I'm not sure if you, The Man, have ever picked up a book and know anything about constitutional rights in Canada, but peaceful assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of association is just the short list of a number of chartered rights violated by authorities during the G20 protest. Whether you deem it stupid to exersize constitutional rights during the G20 is irrelevent, upholding these rights is essential to protecting the Canadian population, especially disadvantaged groups that have been systematically discriminated against by the government for hundreds of years!

          • clearly you can read, your brain just can't process things logically!
            again, pointing out the fact people want to exercise these right during the G20 then ask why in the world did they get arrested?
            I support our right to protest, but don't protest during the G20 with 10,000+ cops while **** is getting broken, & ask why did I get arrested? Then complain to everyone about it!!

          • Why should innocent bystanders get arrested? Many innocent people trying to carry on normal daily activities like going to and from work were detained against their will. It's completely illogical to say "protesting is okay, just not on days when there is large police presence and when important issues are being dealt with". Obviously the same kind of exposure and media coverage doesn't occur on any random day of the year, the G20 provided that opportunity.

            If someone broke into a store and robbed it while you were buying something and then everyone in the store was arrested, was it your fault because you shouldn't have been in the store? People evidently did not expect civil liberties and constitutional rights to be ignored, hence why they took part in peaceful legal protest! When engaging in legal and encouraged actvity such as political activism, G20 or not, one doesn't anticipate human rights being violated on such a large scale!

          • And Recceca you are just sad. Explain to me please how it's acceptable that a friend of mine who has diabetes and was not part of the protests got stuck at Spadina for 5 hours. He was going to Shoppers to replace his battery for his in his blood/glucose machine and was standing on the north bound streetcar platform when the cops corralled EVERYONE!! If that's fine with you move to a fascist state where all your decisions are made for you. I prefer freedom.

          • I think you misunderstood what Rebecca was saying.

          • You evidently didn't read my post at all, I support a public inquiry.

          • Rebecca, if you are going to talk about ignorance and illiteracy, you had better use the spelling checker.

            The Man is right. To really make a change you need to become either an MPP or an MP, not a voice crying in the wilderness. This isn't 1867 or 1776, the time for country making by mobs is over.

          • 'My government, right or wrong' – is that it Moose? Well good luck with that.

          • Not at all. As usual, people read into any writing what they wanted to hear to mix a metaphor. However, street protests on the scale of those we have been having are not very effective. A letter writing campaign, carefully orchestrated, could do a lot more. Write your MPP, your MP, the Premier, the PM(O). Be a real nuisance. They have to answer, even if it is a form letter. This kind of stuff, if there is enough of it all at once, gets more attention than marching with signs.

            If you really want to change things, and get the mandarins worried, vote Green and not for Jack & Olivia. My system says you just replied to something else I said, so I guess I better go see what you want this time.

          • Many of us have written countless letters, peaceful assembly is a constitutional right! Please point out any spelling errors, I didn't see any in this post! As this is a comment board I usually don't pay attention to my spelling the same way I would if I was writing an important document.

            It's ludicrous to say that you need to become a politician to initiate change or be involved in politics. Are you suggesting politics is only for the elite? Canadian politics concern all Canadians, which is why protecting our chartered rights to protest is so important.

          • There was one slip in the first or second line. I don't have it in front of me, but it caused a jerk of perception when I saw it. My browser has a spell checker on at all times, so I don't get victimized by my bad typing.

            No, you don't need to be a "politician" to effect change, but you can become a member of the legislature or the house if you want it badly enough. You seem to be implying that you have to have a large war chest to run a campaign, but in fact, after you get nominated, all you need are willing workers and a modest printing budget. A friendly ear at a newspaper can also help.

            One of the best ways to hit your representatives in the legislature and the house is my e-mail, physical mail, and telephone. You can become a nuisance if you disagree with him, or you can join his constituency office if you like him. Parading around with a sign is almost a negative opportunity. There are so many people doing parades for this agenda and that, that you get lost in the shuffle.

            If you want to be politically active, pick a candidate and work for him. Stick to him when he loses, and especially when he wins. Of course you can just use section 2(c) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and assemble peacefully and hope someone notices your point, but I think active is better than passive, and being in the main action is better than being on the outside looking in. If you have a good reason to be inactive with respect to your various representatives, well and good, but otherwise, if you care about how things are, get out there and work.

      • It's too bad nobody ever said that to Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or Mandela. If only they had just quit protesting and picked up a BOOK, they could have made a positive difference. *sarcasm*

    • Out of over 20,000 protesters there were less than 100 causing damage. There is even footage on YouTube of a protester tackling someone who was trying to loot a store and *throwing the merchandise back into the store*. Why do you think it’s fair or reasonable to condemn so many based on the actions of a few?

      Oh, and by the way, I’m employed full time as a computer programmer.

      • again, same as above…

    • One of my friends was pushed off her bike by cops on her way home… cause she lives downtown. Where else was she supposed to be? She wasn't protesting or rioting. The rioters deserve whatever they got, but most of the people arrested, detained or roughed up like my friend WERE NOT RIOTERS. That's the problem.

      I think there should be an inquiry because on Saturday, when the cops failed to contain the small group of rioters, plan B was to allow the group of thugs to smash, burn and terrify local shopkeepers, and then arrest everyone in sight. I guess that's one way to find 200 thugs, but for a billion dollars, I had higher expectations. After all when we go to work, you and I are expected to be accountable. When police make a thousand arrests in a weekend, they should also be accountable.

      • Dearest Liz,
        How were the cops to distinguish those who were not involved. Saying so, doesn't make it so. Cops are very much fact based in their conclusions. If you can't prove you have a legitimate right to be on a hot spot, they have every reason in a hot pursuit situation to sweep you up with the chaff.

        The reason there should *not* be an inquiry is that it is a waste of money considering the number of people who think their ox has been gored. The situation was totally abnormal, so don't expect normalcy from anyone in that situation. The event was well publicized, everyone knew there would be riots. Why should anyone expect to be able to go about his business under these circumstances? Instead of bleating, be a nice sheep and go back to the fold.

        • If we can't expect the police to handle themselves well during abnormal situations, we need different police. Because, that's kind of the definition of the situations police get into.

          • Now you want another level of police? Don't we have enough? How do you think an outfit like the Surete du Quebec would have handled this? Lots of broken head, I'll bet. You want something to supersede the police forces in extraordinary situations? We have it. All we have to do is have the PM proclaim the War Measures Act, and the Canadian Forces will take this on. Hmm. Martial Law means no assemblies, so no protests. Problem solved.

          • The War Measures Act no longer exists.

          • Want to bet how long it would take to pull it back. Old statutes never die, they just sit in the Parliamentary Library.

          • It's been replaced – but it just shows how out of date you are.

          • No, it is just not a piece of legislation I hoped would never see the light of day. It was on my list for repealing, not replacing. I suppose the new one is as draconian as the last. Got a reference?

          • No. I want a police force that handles itself well in abnormal situations, that's all. I don't want to have to make excuses for them as you seem to be doing.

          • No excuses. Allowances. They are also human beings. As far as history records, there has only been one that could have been perfect in all situations. I think you have finally seen Canadian cops at the breaking point. And if that's what it was, let us all give thanks they didn't turn into the Gestapo.

          • So one flaming car, a few broken windows, and a big crowd is our police's breaking point? Sorry.. that's pathetic.

            Heaven help us if there's ever a real emergency if that's the worst they can handle over a three day period. You seem to forget that these are the guys who are supposedly hired to keep the peace. That means they damn well better be used to handling situations where there isn't peace, and damn well better be able to do it in a professional manner. If they can't, we need to hire better police in their place.

          • Under the present set of police powers and with the connivance of the overloaded court system, the cops are not allowed to do much. If you will notice they got violent after a couple of days of being rather restrained. There are times that passeth all endurance.

            First of all, this was an irregular force, gumbled together by somebody appointed by the PMO. One can scarcely believe that this produced a truly prepared and disciplined force. Their job was to protect the red zone, and only that. Now, let's add a little spice to all this by adding general protection of the city, which should have been Bill Blair's job, but he was trapped in a secondary role by the OKW in Barrie. I am sure that he and Mr. Miller had a wonderful caucus race before and after each media scrum.

            I fail to see why you want to put the total burden on the Toronto Police Service. They were practically bystanders once the PMO got the bit in its teeth. It is all well to armchair general this event, with 20/20 hindsight too. I wouldn't have appeared at any of the venues during that fracas, and I wonder about the naivete of those who thought this was going to be a peaceful event. History has shown that the bloc noir will do their best to disrupt parties like this, and they succeeded, possibly beyond their wildest dreams.

            There is no point in standing on section 2(c) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms unless everyone in the crowd is law abiding. The bloc noir was out to bust up the party, and they did.

    • God Bill , it sounds like you need a mental health break. Or maybe a change of profession.

    • Well said, Bill. I am sure you wouldn't have been silly enough to stick your head into that grinder just because you needed something you forgot to get before the day of destruction. It is amazing the number of people who "innocently" got caught up in the sweep when the cops finally became fed up with the nonsense.

  19. Honest hard working citizens were nowhere near the lines and hence did not get arrested…

    • Bzzt! Oh, sorry. That answer is incorrect.

      Thanks for playing. Enjoy your parting gift.

    • Except for those honest, hardworking citizens who were on their way home from work at Queen and Spadina on Sunday night.

    • Or that innocent hard working TTC operator who was arrested on his way to work.

    • I didn't realize the hardworking citizens of China town didn't count. Please enlighten me

      • People must be able to see they are walking into a riot situation. Ever hear of reading the news or watching the media? Anyone caught in that sweep who was "innocent" was as innocent as anyone who joins a mob.

        • So you're suggesting that in order to be a citizen of this country, you MUST pay attention to the media messages at all times?

          Interesting. I think they used to call that the Politburo.

          • What I am suggesting is that people be aware of their surroundings. You don't rush into a building that is on fire, and it is silly to walk out on a street that is filled with doubtfully inclined protesters. This is PRAVDA.

            If you remember the Politburo, though I doubt it, you wouldn't talk about it so freely. Someone may be listening.

          • Even National Post photographers were arrested:

            Even the Toronto Sun has this kind of comment:

            "…What this city needs is the promise of its elected officials to hunt down police officers who abused their power with the same fervour and dedication as they hunt down those who set cruisers ablaze and smashed windows. To argue unabashedly that not a single officer of the law, amid the thousands on our streets this weekend, crossed a line is insulting to everyone who held a camera this weekend and the hundreds of innocent people held in a temporary prison…"

          • Yes, it would be nice if the bad apples, and there certainly were some, could be identified and disrated or removed from the force altogether. However, remember that things were rather heated, and there was lots of fault on both sides.

            People like me with chronic problems requiring medication should not take part in demonstrations that are expected to turn sour. Too much danger of being swept up without our drugs and held for hours and hours. So I avoid these near occasions of death by missed drugs. I have three chronic diseases that, if not treated properly could result in my death in about 48 hours.

            Now, some media people were certainly grabbed. They were zipping around the crowds without any press ID, and so looked like everybody else. Risky business when there is a G20 mess going on. The real problem here is that neither the Mayor nor the Chief of Police had control of this situation. It was taken from them by the OKW headquarters at Barrie, and the PMO. You can't have a divided command in situations like this. It is a military-type operation when you field that many bodies. The PMO has shown that they are about as good at being generals as Adolph the Aryan. I think that the holding of International Summit meetings in big cities should be ended. Ships at sea seem to be the best place, and we currently have Ark Royal in Halifax, so they could have borrowed it with enough notice. Aircraft carriers are commodious, can be luxurious if you can spend a billion dollars on temporary accommodations instead of bad military operations and planning, and are completely secure if you take them 100 miles off shore. Maybe some demonstrators could have fallen off the pier in Halifax, but nobody would have been there to push them. Besides, Dartmouth is where the ship would have been docked, and it is a Canadian Forces Base. Security anyone?

  20. For a long time, cops were powerless, because they were 'backed' by pussy-footing politicians who were afraid to stand up to the whining pinkos… Now finally, cops were able to rid the city of the vermin that arrogantly pretends to defend society by peaceful means, when in fact are using violence to carry the message of their 'values'

    • If this really is Don Cherry, I think you and I are the only ones who saw through the fog of special agendas in this matter. Good for us!

    • Like those a-holes who tried to go to work that day and got arrested instead

  21. I was born in Canada and think it is the greatest country in the world but, we should never give up our God given rights as humans.

    • Agreed, but they are not God given. They are in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Give it a read sometime, it is on the Internet. God doesn't give rights, He only gives commandments, and we should all live by them including the special one in the New Testament.

  22. I am not a 'protester' .. just a 39 year old and quite successful businesswoman who pays taxes and is a contributing member of society. I am OUTRAGED that the police have been given the ability to treat people this way using 'secret laws'… there should be no SECRET laws. They have ALL lost my vote. This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable to think that when decided we can lose our civil liberties and be treated like caged animals. I saw this same behaviour back in Vancouver 10 years ago under the same kind of circumstance and it concerned me then and it REALLY concerns me now. Fight back! I will attend the next rally if I am aware of it and I'll invite everyone I know. I AM the taxpayer and I am not going to allow this to happen again!

    • As far as I know there were no SECRET LAWS. What do you think we have? Do you believe that legislation can be passed in camera? What secret law are you referencing? If you are referring to the emergency powers act passed by the Ontario Legislature, it was hardly any secret even if it was on short notice. If you think every piece of legislation should be hacked and debated for a year or more, move to the United States where their tripartite system makes it hard to agree on fire hydrants let alone anything else.

      If the PM wanted to really drag out the troops, he could have proclaimed the War Measures Act after the first smashing day. Maybe if Mr. Ignatiev had been in charge, that is what would have happened. Then you'd have had Martial Law, and you really wouldn't have been happy with that, I assure you. People seem to forget what emergency powers the various levels of government have, and then complain when they try to bite a wooden leg.

      • No secret ones, just fabricated ones.

    • blah, blah, blah…

  23. It's so unfortunate to see so many negative comments regarding people exercising their constitutional rights as Canadian citizens. It's absolutely ridiculous and unsubstantiated to generalize the thousands of non-violent protesters, journalists and by-standers who were arrested, searched arbitrarily, and stripped of their human rights as "whining pinkos", "freaks and punks" or the antithesis of "hard-working citizens". Whether you chose to participate in the G20 protest or not, threatened dissent and human rights violations are issues that concern Canadians from all walks of life!

  24. They always say they are for peaceful and legitimate protest but are they really? They condemn the police, but where is the strong condemnation for destruction of properties by those blank brained bloc? As you see in pictures, those same so called peaceful protestors cheered those violent criminals and hide them. Hey bloc heads those police officers are humans too. When they are hurt, their families are hurt too. Those are not robots out there, they are just doing their thankless jobs while receiving heckling and abuse from bozos like you. You shout for your rights, how about human rights of each individual police officers, owners and workers of those businesses that have been destroyed. Shame on all of you!

    • If you watch the video footage, when a man attempts to loot a storefront that was smashed into, there are bystanders that actually stop him! Generalizing all protesters is the same as generalizing all of the police which you are evidently quite opposed to. The large majority of protesters were peaceful, you are evidently very sheltered and ignorant to this blantant fact that has been evidenced by thousands of pictures and videos. The issue isn't police officers being mistreated here – the issue is constitutional rights and civil liberties of protesters, journals, and the general public who happened to be bystanding, that were very obviously majorly violated on.

    • Ahem Nice rewrite there but here's the question you should ask yourself: Where were the cops when the rioting went down? Tim Hortons? They sure weren't doing their job.

  25. Remember those people who initiate rallies and protests, they are not there for your rights but they are there to get their names on the press ready for the next election. Opportunists all! I hope the police will sue for libel against those member of the press who alleged about rape – if they are found lying. There was one suppose to be a member of the independent press from Ontario who came to Vancouver olympics to supposedly report and protest on poverty in Vancouver, to Vancouver's dismay she used that press association to demand that she has to be given a free housing unit too, what a crock.

    • It's ridiculous to assume that all protesters are criminals. How did you logically deduce that thousands of people were all there to get their names to the press for the next election – don't be ridiculous. It's utterly shameful that you would even suggest that a rape allegation would be false when the investigations have not commenced yet. Rape allegations are to be taken very seriously, many go unreported because of fear of being further victimized.

  26. Spend some time look at as many videos on you tube as you can search for G20 and Cop or Cops you’ll find lots. Eventually if you see as many videos as I have you’ll wonder.

    1. Why did Toronto police Ignore and leave cars when there were tonnes near by that could have stopped or simply not abondoned their cars.

    2. Why did Toronto Police & OPP et al aka ISU attack, kick otherwise Assult all sorts of people in peaceful protest, including the elderly, Children women and regular every day folk.

    Not just “long hairs” or people who were not white albeit when you watch enough videos on you tube like I have you’ll see: people with long hair Dark skin funky hair or Jewelery in their Skin significanly overtly targeted.

    It’s not a co-incidence that OPP detachments from every Toronto hating Rural patch from Brcebridge to Pelee to Thunder bay.

    It’s simple math at the end of the day, now determine who crafted the formula and you have the ultimate responsioble party.

    Spend days weeks perhaps months combing the internet and you will evetually find each badge number and each Under Cover Mug Shot of each “Dirty Cop” who choose to listen to the CO instead of pursuing what is right and just in a free society.

    Think of it this way. Ontario just had a nice filtration proccess for all it’s dirty cops, now we can get rid of them and let the good ones keep and do their Jobs!

  27. Great to see so many people protesting peacefully with a strong message to our Government to stop lying to us about the waste of tax money that we the people provided for them. Their blatant abuse of power. . All under the disguise of "National Security " just to line their pockets with the rishes themselves.. Leave thousands of citizens on social assistance with the looming threat that the Special Diet Allowance will be scrapped leaving many fearing that they will not have enough food to eat come this winter when utility costs will rise dramatically…. shame on you …. and thanks to all those who protested peacefully to promote change not impede it with violent behavour.

  28. Well, well–who'd a thunk it? That we'd live long enough to see the day when the sheep finally say "enough is enough!"
    But think about it; you're blaming the border collie instead of the shepherd!
    Do you seriously think that the police department suddenly went rogue, in order to "take over the flock"? These people are trained, from day one, to obey orders; much the same as a good border collie.
    We would be better served by focusing our attention on the shepherd.
    Having been "sheared" for years, we're a bit shocked to learn that the reason for it is not that he thought we looked too warm. He only cares about the wool!
    As individual sheep, we are fairly ineffectual, but in vast numbers, we have the potential for power; a power strong enough to perhaps influence the way we are treated by the leader of the flock! Always bear in mind where it is that they are predisposed to lead sheep and lambs to.

  29. Very interesting photo spread. In particular, the snap of one protester, an apparent English major, holding a sign above his head which reads "who will protect us from police".
    His T-shirt bears the well reasoned and mature message "Fuck the G20". This advances the cause for a serious public inquiry how…?

  30. Let's try it again!
    An interesting photo spread. In particular, the snap of one protester, an apparent English major, holding a sign above his head reading "who will protect us from police".
    His T-shirt bears the well-reasoned and socially mature comment "F… the G20" And this advances the need for a serious public inquiry how…?

    • Great grasp of the issue there, Don.

  31. To the board managers:

    Well, well. I seem to be accumulating negative ratings at a great rate. From the way things are going, I take it this is the domain of the broken wheels who try to thump everything in view. What a shame. All you get are complaints. Don't you ever get sick of all these people who think they have a cause?

    I would say that, on the average, the people replying to my posts are angry about something, and it is not necessarily the subject at hand. Some cooler heads should prevail, but I understand the psyche of these people, and I think it is sad. We have one of the best counties in the world and all they do is squeak their little axes against the public weal. What if the chips were really down?

  32. You mistyped the last letter of your username.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  33. What a bunch of self centered, hypersensitive, looses. These kids, are really about building their own exaggerated legacy based upon mythology. if Toronto Police, are brutal, then how would the children describe Cuban, Iranian, Russian, or Chinese police? This collection of idiots, are simply little more than school yard lassies, who don't come in from recess as quickly as they should. All of them are a bunch of overfed, overindulged sissies.

    • Typical internet tough guy. How would you like being trapped in a cell for 19 hours? With no access to a phone? With hardly any water or food? Whatever you think of the protesters' beliefs, they had the right to voice them without being thrown in a dungeon.

    • And your spelling sucks.

  34. lol at the guy holding "angry protest sign"

  35. Remember the OPP at Ipperwash? Remember the RCMP actions at the airport in BC? Remember those Toronto cops investigated for criminal behaviour in the entertainment district? The public has a short memory but loss of confidence in those who are supposed to enforce our laws gets real ugly in the end, especially if it is across the country, across police agencies and with only the minority supporting the actions of police because they are related? The public trust in our authority figures is weakened and mainstream media appears confused and perhaps too loyal to those who provide a steady stream of info to them?

  36. It's nice to see some outraged comments from "mainstream" Canadians. I'm hardly a radical, but the events of last Sunday absolutely disgusted me. I went to the rally on Canada Day and I was disappointed that fringe groups (Bolshevik League, etc.) seemed to make up the majority of the protesters. It's time for Canada's complacent middle-class to wake up and speak up. Your country depends on it!

  37. I was walking up Spadina middle of the day on that Sunday, near College, FAR from any protest, when a bunch of cops demanded to see my ID, searched my bags, and basically threatened to arrest me if I didn't give them 100% cooperation. What did I do wrong to deserve all that? I don't know. But I recall walking away feeling THANKFUL that I wasn't arrested.

    ……and then it struck me: What country am I living in, that I just felt THANKFUL that I wasn't arbitrarily arrested, for walking up the street two blocks from where I live, when I did absolutely NOTHING wrong? What country am I living in, when as a law abiding citizen who avoids protests and large crowds, I fear the police? This isn't the Toronto and Canada I know.

    I didn't know about this rally, and I feel a little bit ashamed I wasn't out there with them.

  38. To: theintellectual

    I missed your comment. Spamassassin canned it before I had a chance to look at it, so it must have contained some of its key words. I am forced to think that it wasn't very polite. If you'd care to resend it, I've turned on my spam long now.