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G8, G20 security costs go through the roof

Latest estimates show security spending climbing to $833 million


Ottawa is expected to table new cost estimates for next month’s G8 and G20 summits that include a nearly five-fold spending increase on security forces. Preliminary figures released last March pegged security costs to come in at $179 million for the two summits, but revised estimates now suggest spending on security could climb to $833 million—an increase of $654 million or 465 per cent. The G8 summit will take place in Huntsville, Ont., from June 25-26, while G20 meetings are scheduled for June 26-27 in Toronto.

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G8, G20 security costs go through the roof

  1. If the estimate has blown up 5x original, I can't wait to see the actual cost. This is a sign of bad planning – in this case seemingly no planning.

  2. Canadians should be asking how the costs could escalate 465% in just a year. But, I suppose the staff of the Minister responsible for the miscalculation won't appear before any Parliamentary Committee that may be struck to investigate the issue and we'd be stuck with Ministerial talking points as an answer.


  3. That's nothing – consider the Conservatives "Truth in Sentencing" bill.

    Mr. Toews first said it would cost $90 million over 2 years, then that went up to $2 billion over 5 years. By my math, that's an increase of 889 %.

    And that's using their figures! If you use the $7-10 billion figure that other reports suggest, it's an increase of 3,111 – 4,444 %.

  4. Thank you clueless activists.And well done on the RBC bombing.

  5. It could also have something to do with undue enforcement of general protesters; who are typically exercising freedom of expression and doing it peacefully. CPC may have been looking for excuses to reduce the right for Canadians to demonstrate.

    • The protester group that bombed the RBC has stated they will be there.So knowing that do you then endorse blowing up banks to make a point? That is known as terrorism .And to insuiate ANYgovernment in this great country would stop a peaceful demonstration is insulting .While I disagree with the Liberals I do not for a second think they or any Canadian political party would prevent a peaceful protest.
      And I guess your undue enforcement is a swipe at the brutality of police? What is wrong with you Liberals to actually give thumbs up for this ? What does politics have to do with common sense.I state that police in general are ok and I am fine with peaceful protesters.I guess that makes me unworthy of being a cynical Liberal.So be it.Party of tolerence.Sure,more like party of blame the establishment if a citizen gets out of control.What ever happened to taking responsibility for ones actions?

      • Leftists think freedom of speech includes vandalism and trying to harm opponents.Somebody just gave you a thumb down,lol!

  6. Why can't these people just use a phone? Or a videoconference if they're all so eager to see each other?

    • Or as has been suggested, meet at the UN HQ, which already has the security infrastructure in place.

    • There`s an idea,a brilliant one too.That would be a 99% expense reduction,if any money is even spent anyway.They can just sit in their offices and talk to each other.They will not disrupting vendors,workers and businesses who have to shutdown because of this summit .Thye are not even compensating the vendors and businesses now are they?They need to start what you just suggested D-R and soon.Great idea.

  7. Ive heard London England had one of those meetings and it only cost about 30 mil, its a big waste, they were saying on the radio that Toronto will be a world class city after this huge expense?, un-nececessary expense of this size should require the approval of the citizens who are paying for it.,