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G8 statement shouldn’t refer to Israel’s 1967 borders: Harper

Canadian PM refuses to endorse statement, prompts change


Prime Minister Stephen Harper blocked a mention of support for Israel’s return to its 1967 borders in a G8 communiqué aimed at kickstarting negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Harper’s stance follows a speech by Barack Obama in which the U.S. president called for talks based on the 1967 borders. Israel has steadfastedly rejected the idea and Harper criticized the G8’s position for neglecting Obama’s call for concessions by the Palestinian side. “Obviously I would like to see reference to elements that were also in President Obama’s speech,” Harper told reporters at the G8 summit in Deauville, France. “Such as, for instance, the fact that one of the states must be a Jewish state. The fact that the Palestinian state must be de-militarized.”

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G8 statement shouldn’t refer to Israel’s 1967 borders: Harper

  1. Leader amongst leaders, way to go SH!

    It takes courage to take a stand for Israel!

    • Yes absolutely.  Canadians should feel proud that we have the only G8 leader to courageously stand for what is right even when its not politically correct to do so.

      As a bonus, this will send all the Harper and Jew haters absolutely apoplectic.  

  2. It is ironic that the day after the arrest of Ratko Mladic, who practiced deadly ethnic cleansing based on religious bigotry in the Balkans, the world leaders cave in to the proponents of the same sort of ethnic cleansing based on a different religious bigotry in the Middle East. This failure by the international community to stand firm against the obvious unprincipled intentions of Harper and Netanyahu will ensure ethnic cleaning and conflict will continue for decades in the Middle East. Harper claims a need for balance in the G8 public statement, but wants Isreal to have nuclear weapons while insisting any Palestinian state must be de-militarized. Harper’s definition of balcance must come straight out of the Old Testament in Netanyahu’s back pocket.

    Stehpen Harper is not satisfied to set back Canada several decades, but his actions will set back peace in the Middle East even longer.  Harper’s support for Israel is neither principled or in Canada’s interests. 

    • Ethnic cleaning by the Israelies ?? When is the last time an Israelie strapped on a bomb and blew up a marketplace full of Palastinian civilians or massacered a bus full of Arab schoolkids ? Alfanerd was right. This type of principaled action by our PM makes Jew haters absolutely apoplectic. Listen to yourself.

      • The majority of Israel’s Prime Minsters either led, participated in or openly condoned terrorist activity to promote the establishment and growth of Israel.  Those include David Ben Gurion, Moshe Sharett, Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzsak Shamir, Menachem Begin and Arial Sharon.  These leaders didn’t need to disguise their terrosist activity in the way you describe because they used the Israelis Military and Secret Service to do their dirty work.  The special case was Arial Sharon who commanded a massacre of Lebanese citizens, inlcuding many women and children by the Israeli army in 1982 which was verified by the supreme court of Israel.  The largest group of protesters regarding this atrocity were Israeli citizens, hardly Jew haters.  Even loyal Israeli citizens don’t support the state of Israel in the unconditional and descriminatory way our Prime Minister does.

        • Israel defended themselves from hizbollah’s attack.  Like any war no matter how high tech, there has been no  bomb yet smart enough  that can distinguish innocents from combatants, especially if those combatants are coward enough to fire and hide behind innocent people (?).  You should watch Shimon Peres being grilled for this in Doha where the crowd were unfriendly:


          You should also watch the grilling of Hamas and Fatah by their own people and see what real terrorism is like and see how these nincompoops killed and terrorized their own people just so they could retain power and keep much of those touted and abused international aid and funding.


          If you want confirmation on who walked out on the final signing of peace treaty, watch Clinton’s interview in Doha:


          Do not let your hatred and prejudice blind you.

          • So based on your lack of rebuttal to my statements, you agree that the Israeli government uses its military and secret service, with the support and financing of the USA, to accomplish the same things that Hamas does, which you label as terrorism.  Yes Israel deends itself, if you call killing 1000 Arabs for every Israeli kill, defending.  Most people, including many Israelis call this massacre.  The opinions I am expressing are shared by between 40% and 60% of Israels citizens, so I assume you believe they are blinded by hatred and prejudice, of themselves! 

    • There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as there are those dedicated to the total extermination of Israel and all Jews. Bravo Stephen Harper – and I didn’t vote for you either. More shame to me!

      • So exactly how do you figure that Jews are in any danger of extermination when Israel is armed with nuclear weapons and several NATO countires, in particular the USA, finance Israel’s military and guarantee to defend Israel in the case of attack.  Over the past couple of decades in conflict with its neighbours Israel has killed roughly 1,000 Arabs for every Israeli killed. For over 60 years the Palestinians have beeb denied ANY state while Israel has slowly taken over what little land was reserved for them.  The facts on the ground indicate If any group is in danger of extermination, it is the Palestinians.   

    • It takes courage for you too, Sunshine coaster, to be
      1  anti-semetic,,,at least anti-Israel
      2 ignorant
      3 anonymous

      Way to go coward !!

      • I am no more anonymous than you are.  All of the opinions I have expressed here can easily be found in various Jewish owned Israeli print media and is shared by roughly 30% of Israeli Jewish citizens.  Are you saying that Jewish Israeli citizens and journalists are anti-semetic, anti-Israeli and ignorant with respect to their own country and their own situation.  Expressing these opinions in Israel is not considered anti anything, so why should it be in Canada.  Try to think beyond Stephen Harper’s talking points. 

  3. I’m tired of this. Since its inception, Israel has been a proxy fighting to maintain its precarious existence. Since Israel’s inception, the Palestinians have been a proxy fighting to maintain their precarious existence.

    And I sympathize with both sides. Radicals on both sides dominate the discussion, and they aren’t Gandhi-styled radicals. If not for the international community, either the Jews or the Palestinians would be ‘gone’ by now.

    Israel is radical to survive. Palestinians resist to survive. Or vice-versa. Anyone taking sides is discounting other legitimate claims.

    I don’t know the solution, but I know it won’t be found in taking sides.

  4. Good to know we have a PM with a backbone instead of a PM
    whose main concern is to impress the world and peers with double talks and
    empty words.

    The Palestinians had always been the party who had been walking out on negotiations
    and refusing to sign the final agreement which they themselves had negotiated
    (as with Arafat).  To single out and pressure the party which has been
    coming to the table with serious intent of getting a peace agreement, is

    During a Doha debate interview, Former Pres.
    Clinton had mused about the time Arafat chickened out signing the final
    agreement, only to call and wanting the agreement back a year after Clinton stepped out of office and there was a new government in Israel.

    Hopefully there will come a time when Palestinians are serious enough in
    acknowledging the existence of a Jewish state along side a Palestinian
    one.  Watching the Doha debates, it seems quite a far away reality.  The Palestinians have been
    suffering from poverty not because of Israel but because of its leader’s
    misappropriation of international aids/funds (very generous compared to international aids to Africa).  Many of these nincompoops chose to use the money lining up their
    own pockets and buying more armaments instead of using it to improve the lives of
    their own people. 

    Watch the fireworks and very tiny glimpse of what Israel has been facing in the
    Middle east:

    1) Shimon Peres’ grilling in an unfriendly territory and crowd:

    2)  Pres. Clinton’s recounting of Arafat’s chickening out:

    3)  Fatah and Hamas leaders grilling for their crimes against their own people

    4) Hamas leader’s grilling by its own people

    • All of the links you provided show Palestinians vigorously defending their position with WORDS.  Words are much more civilized instruments than armies so why do you present this as a supposed illustration of Palestinian intransignence?  It is the Israelis who routinely use state violence to subdue Palestinians whose land they have taken.   

  5. This is off topic, but I would like someone to create a power index of all the elected MPs and non-elected officials in Ottawa.  The total can add up to 1 or 100. If it adds up to 100, then each of the 308 MPs would have about 0.325 of the authority.  However, power is how one can exercise authority. For example, the prime minister may have about 75 per cent of the power.  It may be higher or lower.  The PMO may have 10 percent of the power.  The cabinet ministers may have another 10 percent.  The leader of the opposition may have 1 percent.  All of the remaining MPs may have 4 percent combined or about 0.015 percent each of the power.

  6. Chuck Heidle    I must say that the Prime Minister of Canada is more of a friend of Israel then Pres.  Obama. We finally may have a world leader with a clear vision to see what the P.A. is doing. Lets pray for him because he will becoming under alot of heat from the other world leaders!

  7. How on Earth can there be unbiassed discussion here when readers may only vote if they ‘Like’ a comment, thus, suggesting that no one dislikes these Zionist comments.