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G8/G20 security blunder

Firm hired to provide security is not licensed in Ontario


The company that won a government contract to provide private security for the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto is not licensed in Ontario. Some 1,100 private security guards from Contemporary Security Canada were hired by the RCMP to keep the two G-localities safe by screening pedestrians in designated areas. But the security company is required by Ontario law to be licensed here, and the Globe and Mail reported that the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services said Contemporary Security Canada is not currently approved. A spokeswoman for Minister Rick Bartolucci said, “We are scrambling to do that due diligence with the aim of getting them licensed so they can proceed. So we’re kind of behind the eight-ball on this.” She added that the ministry found out about the issue after the company was hired, and that the company will only be able to operate at the summits with the appropriate approval.

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G8/G20 security blunder

  1. No surprise there. They are not Vancouver based they are based in the States. They also had no license to operate in BC for the Olympics. Some dancin' around had to happen there. They also provided little/no equipment, clothing etc. See John Daly's report on it. Sounds like a crappy company to me…

  2. Why are we listening to a spokeswoman for the Minister? This is the Minister's responsibility as the CPC has stated. Clearly he should be out in front explaining why exactly due diligence is being done after the hire process has already gone through.

    • Ahem…Rick Bartolucci is a minister in the LIBERAL provincial cabinet, not a fed. Apparently, Harper's yahoos see no need to consult provincial governments, either. Could these clowns even organize a church picnic?

      • Wait.. so is the Province in control of security, or is the Federal gov't?

        If it's the Federal government, why are we listening to a spokesperson for the provincial minister at all?

        • Because the provincial minister oversees the licensing. The Feds screwed the pooch by hiring people without proper licensing, but the Provincial government are the only ones who can really fix the situation.

        • Because in Ontario, there have been too many incidents involving "security firms" and "private investigators" whose employees are dangerously untrained, incompetent, abusive, and of questionable character (read: goons, thugs, and enforcers). The whole "industry" begs for regulation, which the provincial Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services needs to apply more stringently than it has in the past. That means licensing.

          The more salient question is why did the federal government ignore the province's regulatory framework? I would suggest either ineptitude or arrogance accounts for the oversight.

  3. I think THE most salient question is why were they hired when the RFP specifically said that all bidders must possess certification in Ontario. So obvioulsy whoever did the RFP (the RCMP) did not actually check one of the mandatory requirements, and instead gave it to a company that they knew.

    This is a far greater scandal than a "fake lake"…

  4. Last week I went down to the CSC temporary recruitment center to apply for a security position. I was told that I would need certification by Ontario to apply and was given a number to call. When I called the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services I was informed that I would be require to take a 40 hour training course before I could apply for the license, then processing could take 3 weeks! So here is the interesting thing, most of the people were turned away because of a lack of this license and I over herd one of the recruiters complaining that they had only had 35 qualified individuals come through the day before. I expected to see a line up around the building being it was only the second day of the recruitment drive but when I arrived, I only found two other people in front of me. One of the lady's was from Barrie and was interested in working at the G8 but was told that the G8 was being staffed by CSC staff from out west that had worked the Olympics. The way I see it CSC can't possibly fill 1100 security jobs with qualified individuals just a few weeks before the event and I bet 99% of the security guards being shipped in from BC for the G8 do not hold an Ontario License. The CSC recruiter I spoke with was very nice but the event was horrible organized & executed and I walked away in disbelief that this was the same organization that was hire to help secure the leaders of the world.