Gadhafi ordered Lockerbie bombing, says former Libyan minister

Ex-justice minister claims to have irrefutable proof


Well, that would explain it. Even after renouncing terrorism, Moammar Gadhafi wouldn’t rest until he’d sprung Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the man convicted in the 1988 bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103 over Scotland that killed 270 people. Now, as Gadhafi’s grip on power slips, and his methods turn brutal, his ex-justice minister is saying the Libyan president personally ordered the bombing. The Swedish tabloid Expressen quotes Mustafa Abdel-Jalil saying he has proof that “Gadhafi gave the order about Lockerbie,” though he doesn’t specify what sort of proof. “To hide it, he [Gadhafi] did everything in his power to get al-Megrahi back from Scotland,” Abdel-Jalil apparently told the paper.

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Gadhafi ordered Lockerbie bombing, says former Libyan minister

  1. a further justice left undone

    • I agree. He literally got away with murder. When his people trounce him out of power, they should do to him what the Iraqis did to S. Hussein (try him and execute him for crimes against humanity). The U.N. should also remind him that when the dust settles, and it will, he will be held accountable for murdering his people for demanding their basic human rights. The U.N. should outlaw dictatorships anywhere on this planet. The world should have a standing army to enforce this decree.

      • Couldn't agree more, Bruce… It is sad that dictatorship is tolerated and in some cases, encouraged, just to line up pockets of greedy corporations, and promoting a "double standard" perception of the UN and world organizations in the middle east.

      • I think he should be boiled or crucified. Hasn't been a decent crucifiction in a long time.

        • The English had the most extreme — some prisoners were "hung, drawn and quartered". Now they just let other countries do stuff like that.

      • sounds good to try him, but reaching the veridect already by excuting him would make such a trial loose it's credibility!!

  2. Jeasus, thats minor to what the piece of sh-t did. The middle east is full of them. Thats why they are controlled by America and coalition and will continue to be. Oil is more important to all of us then a few lives.
    Unless, somebody is hiding a new simpler source of energy. Or I should say, a new way to produce the energy from the already known sources of energy. There are no more source discoveries. I am sure someone knows a much simpler, far cheaper way of using nuclear. But, thats where our big oil boys come in.

    • Sure there is. Brazil has found and is using it for over 30 years. It is called ethonol / alcohool.

  3. Ok, I'll step down in the morning.

    • please on my behalf.,or i will saw off your arms and legs like in 127.

    • Ha ha ha — THAT's funny!!!!

  4. Col. Gadhafi must be seized and brought in leg-irons and shackles to the International Criminal Court at The Hague to stand trial for his crimes, including crimes against humanity, war crimes, and terrorism. Of course, a vigorous defense in a fair trial would also see the likes of Tony Blair, George Bush et al. come to provide testimony and undergo questioning by Gadhafi's defense attorneys. All of which would prove to be immensely eye-opening, to say the least . . .

  5. "Well, that would explain it" . Are you kidding? Do you mean you just figured it out now? that you thought the convicted bomber was doing it alone? Wake up. If this brings anything new at all. It shows that the courts and the governments of the west were constricting with Qaddafi. Any 2-month old child in Libya will tell you no one in the Libyan security forces go to the toilet without permission from Qaddafi. Let alone bomb a plane. Is there a reason for him to pay more than 3 billiooooons

  6. Why do you want to saw Qaddfi's legs. Canada's prime minister was one of the first to take the pilgrim to Qaddafi's tent. The West asked to imprison the bomber and to get paid. Then they closed the case!!! and raced to Libya to kiss Qaddafi's… Btw, he is same Qaddafi you are talking about today.

  7. The UN should not wait until it get worst to act. To save lives we should act now, the mad man is going wild like a beast ,he will kill many as he can, stop him now please.

  8. Is this really a surprise to anyone?

    • Agreed, is not surprising at all, would be nice to bring him to justice.

  9. Jct: If Ghadafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing, why did the CIA have to frame the Libyan to the point they released him when he appealed? Why frame a guilty man with bogus evidence. They use bogus evidence to frame innocent men, not guilty ones. Anyway, it's easy to life about an "enemy" but the no-crowd shots from Libya are laughable. In Egypt, we saw crowd shots of hundreds of thousands, in Libya, we see a dozen vandals with a crowd of spectators. Just like pulling down the Saddam statue looked popular until we saw the empty square with the wide-angle shot, so too, the constant low close shots with no crowd shot implies there was no crowd. Har har har.

  10. After the lies about WMD in Iraq that led to that war, I would hold judgment on what Ghadafi did with respect to Lockerbie. It is also odd that this guy waited until his cushy life abusing his people was at an end and suddenly "has always opposed Ghadafi."
    He was Ghadafi's justice minister, his hands are not clean and this is probably the beginning of a bargaining process. Nobody has ever lied during them have they?
    If he has evidence good, until then, go fish.

    • If you were a member of a jury in a court room, Harebell, you would be required to hold your judgement for the sake of justice. However, there have been intelligence reports for years that have linked Qaddafi to the deaths of those people on Flight 103. No hard evidence, perhaps, and maybe what evidence exists is only circumstantial or hearsay; but if you were to honestly ask yourself if Mustafa Abdel-Jalil's stunning "revelation" doesn't have the ring of truth, what would that little voice inside your head say to you? Did Qaddafi order the attack, or didn't he?

      You are not a jury member in a court room, so you can express an opinion.

      • The press weren't jury members when the Bush administration pushed unsubstantiated statements and lies as reasons to go to war. Neither were the UN. Now the guy who told the lies is being investigated following the deaths of 100s of thousands.
        I'm not too sure trusting a guy who up until now was happy member of the Libyan government is very prudent. So forgive me for not jumping to conclusions or overstepping my knowledge. Either he puts up or shuts up. Right now he's in the same boat as Ghadafi as a leader of a tyranny, that is undeniable. The latest outbursts smack of self preservation.. you know, give them what they want.

  11. Is anybody really surprised that Moammar al-Qaddafi ordered the bombing of Flight 103? This Justice Minister (that is, if they have any justice in Libya) "revealing" that he knows who was responsible for Lockerbee is sort of like a parent telling their kid that there's no Santa Claus after the kid has already been told by his class mates. A day late and a dollar short, I say.

    Qaddafi is responsible for the deaths of thousands of his countrymen. It's safe to say that the scale of Qaddafi's crimes equals that of Joseph Stalin's, except that Libya's population is only around 7 million while the Soviet Union's population was more than thirty times Libya's, about 250 million. If only the bombing of a commercial airliner, killing all passengers on board, was Qaddaf's only crime!

    You know that Qaddafi will never submit to being taken alive, nor do you want him to. Qaddafi is the type of criminal who a constable of the RCMP would hope tries to jump the gun when given the order to halt. The trial of somebody like him in Canada would be a waste of the public's money and the Crown's time, and nearly everybody would love to see news footage of a crowd abusing his corpse as it hangs in the town square upside down by the ankles.

    Pity the poor girl caught in bed with him when it happens. Clara Petacci met the same fate as her souteneur, Benito Mussolini, you know.

    The difference between the Prime Minister of a democracy like Canada's and a President-For-Life like Muammar al-Qaddafi is that dictators can force their country to die for them before they themselves leap into the yawning hole in the earth that awaits them. Already, many more Libyans than the 270 who died over Lockerbie have died so far.

  12. not surprised after all he is a mad man UN should step in with force right now before he starts a killing spreee

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