Gadhafi’s forces crack down on protesters

Gunmen roam streets, shooting indiscriminately at civilians


After the Libyan government’s brutal crackdown of anti-government protests over the weekend, pro-Gadhafi gunmen are roaming the deserted streets of Tripoli, with reports of gunmen opening fire on a bread line in the Fashloum district on Tuesday, killing three. Government officials sent out a text message ordering public servants and other workers back to work, but most were reportedly too afraid to go out into the streets. More uprisings have been reported in the western towns of Misurata, Sabratha and Zawiya. At least 300 people have died so far, but as reports are difficult to verify and more bodies litter the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi, the body count is expected to be much higher.

BBC News

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Gadhafi’s forces crack down on protesters

  1. I for one am now ready for a little foreign adventurism ala Ronald Reagan (86). Gadhafi should die before he is able to kill hundreds more innocents.

    • Agree..Something better be done right quick, just make sure he is dead this time……

  2. The Irony being that they are using a modern medium to enforce archaic and brutal policy. Odd that the government has progressed that far.

    Oppression in 160 characters or less.

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