Games outside the House -

Games outside the House


NDP MP Peter Stoffer takes a chess break on the Hill.



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Games outside the House

  1. Commies love chess because it's Russian.

    • Probably of Indian origin. If you want Rushin' ya gotta go to speed chess.

    • Stupid people hate chess because it's hard.

      Seriously. Chess transends all boundaires except ignorance.

  2. In NDP chess, the pawns join a union and can never be removed from the board.

    • Spoken like a Queen rampant.

    • NDP MPs are just pawns on the PMs chessboard.

  3. Can Mitchel Raphael get a shot of Steve playing 3-D Vulcan mind chess?

    • I missed that shot by 2 minutes, Live long and prosper.

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