Garth Drabinsky gets 7 years in jail

Toronto theatre mogul is sentenced


Garth Drabinsky—founder of Livent, an internationally acclaimed theatre company in Toronto—was handed a seven-year sentence. Convicted in March on two counts of fraud and one count of forgery, Drabinsky was sentenced Wednesday to four years for the first fraud conviction and seven years for the second – to be served concurrently. His business partner, Myron Gottlieb, was sentenced to six years. “The contributions of Mr. Drabinsky and Mr. Gottlieb have made to society must be and are taken into account, but no one is above the law,” said Ontario Superior Court Justice Mary Lou Benotto, speaking at a Toronto courtroom. Both Drabinsky and Gottlieb claim they were framed by employees. The men are accused of fraudulent accounting—beginning in 1989—which overvalued the company. The scheme fell apart when a group of U.S. investors took over Livent, and uncovered the plot.

Toronto Star

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Garth Drabinsky gets 7 years in jail

  1. I bet Myron and Garth will produce one hell of a prison musical.

  2. I guess the big mistake they made was getting U.S. investors involved. If not for that I'm sure the Canadian legal system would have sent them merrily on their way to fleece other Canadians. Like Alan Eagleson, Lord Tubby or Bernie Ebberts, they can do no wrong until they carry on with their usual malefeasance south of the border or involve Americans in some way. That's when the boom gets lowered on them and they are ushered into the crowbar hotel. Cheers.