Garth Turner won’t run for the Liberals

The so-called maverick won’t seek Ontario riding nomination


Garth Turner, the outspoken Conservative-cum-Independent-cum-Liberal former MP for Halton says he won’t run again in the next election. And in keeping with his unpredictable nature, Turner took a parting shot at both Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper in his announcement, claiming both leaders’ pledges not to raise taxes are fundamentally dishonest. “Economic growth alone won’t wipe out an historic debt load or the need for spending cuts and tax hikes.” he said. The one-time cabinet minister in Kim Campbell’s short-lived government returned to politics as a Conservative in 2006 but was booted out of the Tory caucus less than a year later over statements he made on his blog.

Toronto Star

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Garth Turner won’t run for the Liberals

  1. After watching CPAC and seeing Garth get caught in the act of trying to scam the journalist and viewers I would not trust anything this guy says .. whatsoever .. the faster Garth is Heave Ho'd by the media as a non story the better for all of us. Too bad scaming the media isn't a crime as this guy beolongs behind bars and no doubt about it!

  2. Garth Turner= FAILURE : )

  3. "Hello?"

    "Hi…Elizabeth? Elizabeth May? It's Garth Turner here."

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