Gawking at cat named Thatcher -

Gawking at cat named Thatcher


Oh look — Gawker has picked up on the story of John Baird’s cat.

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Gawking at cat named Thatcher

  1. Was it kitty H1N1, or did the fiesty feline finally succumb to the nadir of tory pussy politics – died from an accountable case of fur balls?

  2. I find it surprising that Baird is a cat person. Harper I can definitely see as one (both because he is an introverted, reserved guy, but also because he is a Blofeld-esque supervillain). Mackay also makes sense as a dog person – he is outgoing and outdoorsy.

    Does anybody known anything about parliamentary pet preferences?
    (does this picture reflect Ignatieff's stance on cats?)….

    • The last decades have seen a surge in popularity of cats generally, since they are a pretty low-maintenance pet.

  3. They're saying some unkind things about Mr. Baird over there. I just hope there's enough cookie dough ice cream in Ottawa to get him through this trauma.

  4. How many times will Harper let Dimitri Soudas embarrass the nation before he decides on letting the kid take a walk?

    And is that kid gonna bite on every little morsel to appear on his blackberry?

  5. I just can't wait for Stephan Dion's dog to finally die so we can officially declare Kyoto dead!

  6. It's hit the media internationally.

  7. "(Thatcher just recently received a fresh batch of the coal miner blood that she feasts on, you see)."

    That's funny. Both New Labour leaders have feted the Iron Lady that drinks the blood of their base.