Gay marriage defeated in New York -

Gay marriage defeated in New York

Defeat in New York follows failed attempts in California, Maine


A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York was defeated in the state Senate on Wednesday. Though the bill had been passed by the state Assembly, and had the support of Governor David Paterson, it lost decisively in the Senate, by 38 “no” votes to 24 “yes” votes. Thomas Duane, the openly gay state senator who sponsored the bill, vowed to keep fighting for equal marriage rights: “I’m like a dog with a bone,” he said, adding “I don’t give up. I don’t know how to!” The defeat, following similar results in state referenda on gay marriage in California and Maine, creates a bleak landscape for supporters of gay marriage, and (along with the recent election of a Republican governor) may help stymie the New Jersey legislature’s attempt to pass a gay-marriage bill.

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Gay marriage defeated in New York

  1. Marriage the title in the western world is from Judeo-Christianity not governments.Marriage is for uniting the two human genders together not just one gender together.Also for natural procreation plus a mom and dad for and with kids plus for commited companionship between a man and a woman.History,tradition,naturalism and Spirituality all inform marriage is exclusively for a man and a woman.Homosexuals simply start a new official union name for a heterosexual couple and a homosexual couple are different science,philosophy and religions know this fact.

  2. America just isn't ready yet for equal rights, whether they be racial, sexual orientation, gender or religious.

    They are, however, still ahead of most countries on these fronts… which doesn't make it anymore right.

  3. “I'm like a dog with a bone.”

    I never really understood that line, though I'm glad Duane clarified it for his sound-bite.

  4. Larry is bang-on. Personally I could care less what people do in private as long as it doesn't hurt others but I must admit homosexuals getting on a soapbox makes me wanna puke. Marriage was designed by and for a man and a woman. Go get your own security blanket. Leave ours alone. I don't have any objection to equal access to medical, pensions, etc. but don't pretend you are the same as a heterosexual couple–you aren't and never will be. Untill now I have never believed in harming homosexuals but the more they shove their lifestylel in my fce the more inclinced I am to back up and take a swing.

  5. Forget about man-made rules, regulations and traditions. Forget religion and ideology. NATURE made procreation a combination of 2 different genders. In a situation where all the individuals of a species may be of one gender, some individuals spontaneously change gender, thus, allowing procreation and propagation of the species. I got that from a National Geographic documentary. That being the case, and it IS the case, this whole issue with gays and lesbians is more of a psychological problem than anything else. It should be studied more intensely to find a cure…if there is one, of course.

    Personally, I have nothing against them, gays and lesbians, AS LONG AS they don't disturb my life. They should keep thier celebrations and ideas to themselves and not parade them out in the open and create problems for everyone.

    Apparently their right to parade their views in public supercedes my right to not have to see and hear it. How so? Everytime their collective panties get in a twist or they have one of their "pride" parades, I am forced to watch in the news while I am looking for something more serious and important…whatever it may be. And those frivilous and obscene displays are neither!