Gay rights to be included in the next ‘Discover Canada’ citizenship guide

Conservatives drop their opposition to the subject’s inclusion


The next printing of a guidebook aimed at immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship will contain references to gay rights, including mentions of the legality of gay marriage and prohibitions against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney had vetoed the inclusion of such information in the current version. But Conservative MP Rick Dykstra said it’s time for a change. “As with everything else, the potential for evolution and improvement is there,” he said. Gay rights were already a part of the “Welcome to Canada” guide for newcomers published this summer, paving the way for the Harper government to take a “very, very good step forward” with the next printing of the “Discover Canada” citizenship guide.

Ottawa Citizen

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Gay rights to be included in the next ‘Discover Canada’ citizenship guide

  1. It's great news that Canada is so on point with LGBT rights! I can only hope that America will (one day soon) have such a guide. It is way beyond time for America to come into step with the other nations on LGBT rights, including immigration.

    • I want NBDTEWRNGFSE rights! NOW. I can wait for TYMJIOLDFS rights!

  2. This should make John Baird happy.

    • Hahahahahaha

  3. Shocking, these conservatives are at risk of becoming progressive!

    • You mean AIDS, the only disease with its own lobby group.

      • Yes, because no one raises money or awareness for cancer, MS, cystic fibrosis, or lyme disease.

        • Or Breast Cancer.

          "The Centre Block and Peace Tower were bathed in a pink light Thursday as part of breast cancer awareness month. The prime minister's wife, Laureen Harper, flipped a big pink switch on the stairs in front of the tower to turn on the lights in her role as a pink ribbon ambassador."

    • Gay rights to be included in the next ‘Discover Canada' citizenship guide, lol
      What a bunch of crap. A deteriorating society. Should be included in the next field of medical investigation! Like just WHAT, exactly happened, after you were born? Google it!

  4. Well done. I think it's an important message of how tolerance is a key Canadian principle. Thank you for making the right decision Conservatives!

  5. This fact no one seems to get. Homosexuals LOVE being the center of attention. And, having no moral control, that can be anything! This closet crap was just their whine! Some minorities seem to have their own whine. Pandering is the ruination of a Country. As is obvious. The United States have caught on and are adjusting.

    • Opinion does not equal fact.

  6. TOLERANCE! lol
    Education and knowledge limits the amount of tolerance, we have to put up with! If one depends, on tolerance, history will tell you what eventually happens!

    • We should learn from history, not strive to repeat its mistakes.

    • I think I'll, put commas, in weird spots in, sentences. Also I'll make the, point that IGNORANCE! lol is combated, by education and knowledge. What, on earth do you mean that, education and knowledge, limits tolerance? That, makes no sense.

  7. This is getting hilariious. Post-trudeaupian Canada embraces gays/lesbos rights (privilages?) but at the same time
    lets into the country bunch of islamic fanatics who are openly wiling to kill all lesbos/gays/infidels/etc….

    Can't we become one day a normal place? Place with out special "rights" & "privilages" ?
    It's gerting very difficult to be a plain WASP here :(

    • Well, a hundred years ago there were lots more special rights than there are now. Like the special right that white men had to elect their government. A few decades before that, white men also had special rights to own property and to go to university. Until the 1960's, white people had the special right to immigrate to Canada. And until 2005, heterosexuals had the special right to marry. So don't worry, Jonathan, progress is being made!

      • Whoever succeeded, succeeded! And the people who rose to the top, didn't push a bunch of scum ahead of them, and the successful never will. So, continue to stay out of the road or get use to wheel track faces. Although, enjoy your short term of running with the best!

    • PS it's so tough to be a WASP in Canada today that there are only twenty of them in the Cabinet, by my count (excluding anyone of Irish, German or French descent of course, as presumably Jonathan is against special rights for those groups, too). Three of them are women, mind you, so perhaps they don't count either.

      • Yeah right, try to get these days a job in fed. gov. or public fed. services if u r a white, straight, anglophone male – good luck with that!
        There should be no special "rights", "privileges", "social incentives", etc.. based on race, religion, sexuality, or anything else.
        Unfortunately libtards don't grasp an idea that putting any fraction above rest of the society, they create a new "Animal Farm".
        Examples?: Human Rights Commissions that become similar to old Stalinist courts. Multiculturalism – an misleading ideology imposed on all Canada without any prior referendum or discussion.

  8. I refuse to pat them on the back for admitting something that is the LAW.
    They have the right BY LAW to marry… thanks to the present government, I might add…so now, we're supposed to be proud of the fact that they are willing to 'admit' it, even tho it obviously leaves a bad taste in their mouths??!?
    Evolution, indeed….welcome to OUR country, sir. We've known about these rights for awhile now.

  9. "Why do the gays keep pushing, pushing…"

    They are trying to achieve what you take for granted; equality.

    • Who, has equality? And equal to whom? The biggest B/S word ever invented.

    • they are already citizens and that gives them the same rights as other citizens. that should be more then enough. but it isn't. it never is and it never will be. beating the rest of us on our heads with their deviant ideas will not get them any RESPECT. just makes them look more pathetic!

  10. it's all easier to swallow if we don't talk about it, is that it?!??!
    If you can't keep up with the rest of us bettie & liminator, get the *&^%$#!! outta the way

    • Your not hard to catch, in your condition!

  11. Crap. There goes not only the neighbourhood, but the country.

  12. About darn time!

  13. You are nothing if not a privileged 'special interest group' type in a country that bends over backwards for everybody bug the majority. Oh, to be an indian getting everything free without even thinking of working for it or a French-'Canadian' who doesn't have to be bothered with English (love Bill 101). How about lus left-handed types. Surely we can get on the gravy train too??

    • How about people like yourself being able to openly complain about everything and everyone? Get over yourself and you're little pity party. Poor me, no one cares about people like me! Boohoo. Want a tissue?

      • that is exactly how the gays sound!! i guess you have a surplus of tissues, eh!?

    • I think you've managed to accomplish "being nothing" without any government help whatsoever!

  14. Funny. McLeans thinks saying "AIDS is the only disease with its own lobby group" somehow contravenes its policies.

    • Facts before policies.

    • Likely it was deleted because people were offended and clicked "Report." Which they shouldn't have. They should have merely rebutted that you are lying (or at least dead wrong) because as noted above, cancer, MS, cystic fibrosis, lyme disease and countless other diseases are lobbied for.

  15. What does that even mean? In the US, gays are not equal citizens, that's what they're pushing for and they so far have not got what they want. In Canada it's better and the government including gays in a section on diversity and equality is hardly some kind of power-grab.

    • It used to be, "lets copy the Netherlands", . I say, good Idea, and, now we are! lol More Muslims!

  16. But none of those disease's are created, by the same lobby group, nor are they continuing mutations, with only one way to stop them. So the fact is, you have a lobby group, lobbying for its continuation, an equality thing!
    The very reason, forced equality won't work, obviously.

  17. Why gays/lesbians wants so much attention? Why do we have to nanny them all the time?
    They should just merge with rest of society and make some input in building this Country rather then jumping and screaming for special privileges!!
    Most ppl. do not care if someone is straight or lesbian, but giving special treatment or privileges to this group will
    certainly turn rest of society against them.

  18. Another thing: for one immigrant coming from Westarn/European cultural background we have 4 immigrants from middle east/asia. Those 4 imigrants do not care about our democratic values, they do not care about history of this country. Lots of them are muslims and they have embedded in their mind hate against lesbians and gays (look at third wold slum like Pakistan, Somalia, Saudi, Iran) , where gay would not survive one single day.
    What's the point in changing citizenship guide if we do not change the foundations of immigration law?

    • Simple! Pakistan, Somalia, Saudi, Iran immigrants are certainly favored over homosexuals, by the smart unblindered citizen. The ones who don't roam the forums in packs, defending the indefensible.

      • So the do Canadian even realize how deeply face of this Country is changing?
        Do they realize that Canada will not be anymore a western civilization with universal democratic values?
        What if whole Canada will soon to look like a Vancouver?
        By favoring Pakistan, Somalia, etc.. immigrants over the local residents our universal values will evaporate and stoning woman or hanging gays will become a daily attraction. What then?

        • supersize popcorn, supersize pop and party on al jazera!!

  19. "the potential for evolution and improvement is there."

    Evolution!?? really!?!? this is more creationist BS than evolution. humanity is a dual-gender system. "gay" evolves only when it deals with having a good time. otherwise it opposes everything we were supposed to be.

    This is so unfair!!! they have to right to choose to be wrong, while we don't even have the right to speak the truth!!

  20. Just curious, What are gay rights? I have searched but can find no reference any special rights afforded the gay community that are not also given to the general community at large. Nor could I find any rights denied to them either.
    MACLEANS would do Canadians a great service if they would publish these rights and inform those like myself who are unaware just what these special rights are. I foolishly believed that everyone in Canada had the same rights regardless of who they may be.
    Perhaps a note in the guide stating " In Canada discrimination against anyone will not be tolerated" printed in capital letters would be more appropriate.

    • Obama will fix the special rights bunch, right up the ,lol
      Reuters) – The Obama administration decided on Tuesday to appeal a judge's rulings that prevented the U.S. government from banning same-sex marriages