‘Gaybies’ growing in numbers

A ‘gayby boom’ in children born to same-sex parents redefines family unit


As the first wave of children born to same-sex parents come of age, U.S. society has begun to acknowledge the legitimacy of the not-so-traditional family unit. A product of the post-AIDS-crisis boom of the late ’80s, “gaybies,” as they affectionately call themselves, are growing in numbers. At present, about 594,391 people—almost one per cent of U.S. couples—identify themselves as gay, lesbian or transgender. One-fifth of them are raising children under the age of 18. Anecdotal evidence suggests that despite having to deal with homophobia and discrimination at a young age, their experience with diversity has led these gaybies to become tolerant and accepting. Though gay marriage is only legal in six states, the upcoming census will include data from families that consist of two moms and two dads, offering further insight into this group.

ABC News

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‘Gaybies’ growing in numbers

  1. That's from all the publicity that homos are now getting. If it weren't for all the gay pride parades their populations would soon dwindle. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them but as a society we seem to be worshipping them more than just accepting them as they are which apparently is having adverse affects on people's sex preferences. A world full of gays by nature wouldn't last much more than 100 years, I don't have to spell it out you know what I mean.