Gaza-bound boat damaged on Turkish coast -

Gaza-bound boat damaged on Turkish coast

Irish activists blame Israeli sabotage


A boat that was destined for Gaza as part of an “aid flotilla” was damaged this week, The Washington Post reports. Fintan Lane—leader of an Irish humanitarian group that plans to deliver aid to Gaza—said this is the second time a ship headed for the Israeli occupied territory was damaged on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast this week. Lane believes the Israeli government is responsible for a gash in the shaft of his group’s boat which prevents them from embarking their mission. Mark Regev, a representative of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, refused to comment on the incident, though he did say that Israel is often blamed for wrongs it does not commit.

The Washington Post

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Gaza-bound boat damaged on Turkish coast

  1. Good show. 

  2. They have proof? Or do they prefer the shotgun method of blame allocation?

  3. Some Irish support terrorism almost as a way of life. Maybe they are unhappy because their side lost World War Two.

  4. If their aid activities were sincere, they would deliver it to Israel according to their policies. Israel is a sovereign, democratic State, a sea of tranquility compared to all the other Middle East countries, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq ect. ect. ect. Why do they harass Israel? Anti semitism is an unexplainable phenomena 

    • I agree. I have never understood anyone hating a whole race, and can’t fathom why Jewish people have been getting it for so long, from so many sources. It boggles my mind.

      • I spent over half a year with the U. N. peacekeeping force living between the Israeli and Syrian armies, and in that capacity regularly traveled both in Syria and Israel.  The stark contrast between the two societies was best found in their comments: the Israeli man on the street’s comment was ‘all we want is to be left alone to live a peaceful life’, whereas on the Syrian side the overwhelming comment was ‘ we will wipe them off the face of the earth’.  How do you negotiate peace, or co-existence of any kind, with someone who is bound and determined to destroy you absolutely?

    • To counter your points;

      – These flotilla are more about symbolism than delivering aid. It would take many, many more boats to have an impact, aid wise.
      – Measuring a theocratic democracy against neighbouring autocracies sets the bar awfully low.
      – People can criticize a country’s policies without it being hate.

  5. Yup, if they had proof, this would be real story.

  6. Israel is a secular state it is not a theocracy.

  7. hmmm, democracy versus despotic, theocratic autocracies who vow to exterminate the democracy and it’s people. The symbolism of the activists adds to the turmoil of the whole Middle East not just the Israelis and Palestinians and helps to light the possible, eventual conflageration.