Gbagbo threatened with military action by African leaders -

Gbagbo threatened with military action by African leaders

Governments of Sierra Leone, Benin, and Cape Verde ask the Ivory Coast president to quit


African leaders are warning Laurent Gbagbo that if he doesn’t step down from his contested post as president of the Ivory Coast, he may face military action. The presidents of Sierra Leone, Benin, and Cape Verde held talks with Gbagbo at the presidential palace in Abidjan after first meeting with the top UN envoy to the country. Though Benin’s president, Boni Yayi, said the meeting “went well,” the three leaders declined to comment further. There had been hopes that Gbagbo’s three West African neighbours would succeed where the UN, U.S., EU and African Union have failed in convincing him to accept defeat in last month’s presidential election against Alassane Ouattara by offering him the chance of going into exile. However, Gbagbo made it clear he won’t quit so easily. A spokesman for the government said it would sever ties with countries that recognized envoys named by Ouattara only a matter of hours after the meeting with Ivory Coast’s neighbouring leaders.

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Gbagbo threatened with military action by African leaders

  1. This is the time for us in Africa to show the world that we are of some substance. We should very swiftly and decisively deal with Gbagbo so thet any potential dictators out there, waiting in the wings, will never again attempt to rule without mandate. Look at Mugabe. SADC and AU moved very slowly and the idiot has caused untold suffering. Africa cannot afford to be known for all the bad reasons. If we deal with Gbagbo here and now, we will restore immense confidence to the world about our capacity to run effective self-cleansing and monitoring systems. Congratulations ECOWAS. Shame on you SADC. Apart from Ian Khama, you are all despot Mugabe's bed-fellows!!!

  2. The recent involvement/declaration by United Nations obviously control by the West/USA does not bring any benefits to the people of Ivory Coast rather a confusion to once again undermine stability so as to pursue the French government interest. This is true, giving the history/present controls of the French. In as much as they are pretending to promote peace in that country, clearly, we know that they want to have control over future administration. Even though, the word colonialism is not heard yet there is an emergence of the confusion.

  3. You mean that Africans will actually take the lead role for once in handling problems? Nest they can serve in Haiti and show them that action is possible. Both French colonies,….just coincidence!

  4. When will we drop the politically correct charade? Every cent dropped into African charities to help feed starving Africans only results in more starving Africans that need to be fed. And with problems like that, they have all kinds of time and money for the odd recreational war and sport in tribal or ethnic cleansing. I am beginning to think the racists were right about a few things.

    I don't care how many bloated babies with big bellies they trot out for the cameras. I don't care how many concerts Bob Geldork puts on. I am done, it is time to write Africa off and let it sink or sort itself out.

  5. Great that election was meant to stabilize Ivory Coast after a 2002 civil war split the nation between a government-controlled south and rebel-held north.