Gene Simmons accused of sexual assault -

Gene Simmons accused of sexual assault

Make-up artist describes alleged incident as “degrading, shocking and humiliating”


Make-up artist Victoria Jackson has filed a civil lawsuit against KISS frontman Gene Simmons, alleging that the singer groped and grinded against her while wearing his costume. The suit’s spiked chest plate jabbed her in the face as he  behaved in “a lecherous and inappropriate manner,” the Telegraph reports. Simmons’ spokesman, Allan Mayer, said said the singer “categorically denies” the allegations.


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Gene Simmons accused of sexual assault

  1. I have to wonder why she brought a civil suit and not criminal charges. Could it be that her case is so weak she needs the civil court'sverson of guilty (guilty by the perpondernce of evidence) and not the criminal court's version (guilty beyond a resonable doubt)?

    • i read she also tried to bring criminal charges but they were dropped ..sounds like she is try to cash in on his image

  2. What was she expecting? Or did she get turned down for a raise?