Genocide remembered on the Hill



The Congress of Canadian Armenians recently honoured MPs who had voted in 2003 to support a private member’s bill recognizing the Armenian genocide.


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is greeted by Azad Chichmanian of the Congress of Canadian Armenians.


Iggy with Taro Alepian, chairman of the Congress of Canadian Armenians.


Former Liberal leader Stéphane Dion.


Bloc MP Claude Bachand.


NDP Montreal MP Thomas Mulclair.


Liberal MP Frank Valeriote (centre).


Alykhan Velshi (left) and Jamie Ellerton, who both work for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.


Plaques given to MPs who were at the 2003 vote—and voted in favour.


At the same time Tamils were on the Hill protesting the Sri Lankan government’s attack on separatist fighters and accusing the government of genocide.






Genocide remembered on the Hill

  1. I wonder if the Armenians are as enthralled as I am by the sheer magnificence of the beard that will one day sprout from Kenney’s extraordinarily productive face.

  2. I love how whoever arranged the photos maintains the latest media ‘ Narrative ‘ . First off big smile Iggy then to finish it off a photo with a thorouohly thoughtful look through recently trimmed unibrow. Then followed by a wistful forlorn look by Dion (no doubt see Iggy) .. a nice addition was the twinkle in the eye of Thomas Mulcair who has been marching up the line to try to level his gaze on Jack at the next leadership convention (I wonder when that will be – if at all – see Jack). Though starting with kenney I would have found another angle something that feeds in to the latest liberal talking point about immigration – wait there isn’t one as all the Lib’s are talking about is how terrible the Conservatives are at spending the Stimulus – doesn’t anyone else find this ironic liberals complaining about not spending money fast enough – good grief!

  3. I read about Sri Lanka. Its a pretty sad island who oppressed Tamils. Hopefully the Tamils will get some justice for the genocide by Sri Lanka. According to a former UN official, 40 000 Tamils were killed but we never knew because Sri Lanka banned international media and foreign aid from reaching the Tamil civilians. End the bloodshed!

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