George Galloway to sue Ottawa over privacy -

George Galloway to sue Ottawa over privacy

Former MP uses his first appearance since being turned away to lambaste Canada’s mid-east politics and involvement in Afghanistan


The anti-war former British MP George Galloway finally made it into Canada—he was denied entry last year—to share his views about the country, including that it is now seen as “no more than an embassy for [Israeli Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu” and “a trumpet for the most extreme Israeli politicians.” The outspoken supporter of Palestinian causes also said the Afghan war has been in vain and will end on negotiated terms that were available without the military invasion. Galloway added he intends to sue the government for invasion of privacy because a spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney called British newspapers in March 2009, tipping them off that Mr. Galloway would be denied entry because he supports Hamas.

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George Galloway to sue Ottawa over privacy

  1. This is so typical of the way the Harper governement handles situations. Kenny was just a mouthpiec for the controling Steven.
    Good for George to stand up to these people.

    • Galloway is just a mouthpiece for despots. A rare occasion where I agree with the Conservatives. Let him sue, it'll drain his pockets and he won't be any further ahead.

      • Rather odd and ironic for George Galloway to be suing for invasion of privacy, when the guy courts publicity like no one else on earth.

  2. thanks mr. Galloway. Whether your views are right or wrong you have done a great service for freedom of speech in Canada. Canadians ability to speak out against government actions or policy is in danger. Who would have thought freedom of speech in Canada could be lost by an oppressive elected party? If we let Harper get away with this it may get worse. A dangerous road for a democratic country to go down. Harper has forbidden federal scientists to speak with the press before getting permission to do so.

    • Mr Hawke, scientists working for the government have to work under the same rules as any employees of any organisation ie, they speak of their work when allowed to do so by their employers. Canadians should be comforted to know that their PM is enforcing the rule.

      • 1) Where does the funding for that organization and the resulting research come from? Unless that research is highly proprietary or relates to national security, why suppress it?

        2) Obfuscating information that contradicts your ideology is not something to be commended.

      • ex-canuck
        The Canadian people are their employers, not Stephen Harper and the Conservatives alone. We pay for their services, we own the results and are entitled to know what we paid for.

    • You do know that George is NOT a Canadian, do you? Do you?

  3. Intentionally confusing someone with a big red nose and size 36 red shoes with a national security threat was bound to have some consequence at some point.

    You can't clown a clown without getting clowned, clowns; it's as simple as that. *honk*

  4. Do Canadians feel flattered that a radical, nationally embarrassing, ex-parliamentarian from the Mother country has paid them attention? It seems so. Oh Canada, one despairs.

    • If he wasn't publicly barred from coming no one would really care about him.

  5. The left's new hero.

    His intricate and overt support for known terrorist organizations isn't a bug, but a feature,

    for today's "progressive left".

    And just as our agenda driven media didn't bother much to mention the actual length of the long form census (a staggering FORTY pages) in the debate about its…..length,

    the media gladly whitwashes the despicable connections, ties and support for those who seek to destroy our way of life.

    The lefts tacit (if not explicit) alliance with radical Islam continues apace.

    Now, let us continue to honor our new hero, who is the enemy of my enemy.

    • The left can learn everything they need to know about "the enemy of my enemy" from the right. The left has also fought longer against Islamist abuses against women than anyone on the right. Half of y'all couldn't find Afghanistan on a map until 9/11. Now you all front like you've always cared.

  6. "great service to freedom of speech"

    as for the Seattle reporter who had to change her identity because she dared to suggest we have a "draw mohammad" day, or the single pastor who dared to….gasp…burn a single koran

    or the myriad of other examples of our being forced to comply with sharia demands that we honor mohammad as they do,

    the crickets are chirping.

    To today's "progressive" left, only the "correct" form of speech need apply for our freedoms.

    • Small minds should not expect everyone else to hold small thoughts.

  7. Well, the press opinion cohort seems to have determined that Galloway is
    a clown. As far as I can tell it's unanimous. Must be true.

      • Which means the press agrees with … you. I take great comfort in that.

        • Saves you from looking into it; and then forming, and voicing your own opinion I guess.

          You're welcome.

          • You have no way of knowing what I've looked or not looked into. When the press
            spittle munchers ignore the easy targets and pontificate on other stuff …

            maybe I could start taking them .. and you .. more seriously

          • I heard about this also. From what I understand the were some execution style potential murders committed by the IDF, and one guy shot from a helicopter. That is very serious if true, and should be seeing the light of day more in the Western press.

            Thou I haven't read the actual report myself (and take Human Rights Coucil reports with a huge grain of salt), I agree that this deserves alot more coverage then George Galloway, and isn't getting it.

            BTW That doesn't mean Galloway isn't a clown. Even a broken clock…

  8. Well, I consider myself left of something,and I most assuredly do not align myself with radical Islam. Lets face it, keeping him out of the country gave this thing far more legs than it deserved. How many people did he draw in Toronto, 500? Mr. Galloway was re-elected 5 times (although the last may have been a protest vote), so somebody must have thought he was doing something right. Or left.

  9. Did not know much about this guy so did a bit of looking. I was surprised at what I found on you tube. The things he said in speeches saying we are all Hamas, giving money to them and saying he wished it was a hundred times more changed my mind on the Govt action to bar him. They were right. His speeches are anti semitic no matter how he tries to justify them. One of the videos can be seen at

  10. 'anti-war'? this man is pro-genocide, to characterize this fascist as 'anti-war' is ludicrous. Simply because he was elected by morons is no reason to show him any respect, show him the door, let him sue.
    He would be the first to welcome The Islamic Republik Of Britain – and probably the first useful idiot to find himself in trouble with their new Overlords too, but that wouldn't last long, all the useful idiots would be duly thanked for their service and then……

  11. He is a hero of the Palestinian cause . Harper and the right demonize him because he is truthful about the Israeli occupation. He fights for the oppressed .

  12. Gary,

    take a peek at how Palestinians and Arabs live in Isreal, compared to how they live elsewhere.

    They live freely, and gainfully, and without oppression.

    Now take a look at how Jews live in the mid-East other than in Isreal…that's sort of a trick question, they have essentially been culturally anniahlated in those countries/regions.

    Those who truly care about the oppressed would also recognize the plight of Jews in the greater mideast, and would also recognize the role of despotic Arab leaders in the plight of Arabs and Palestinians.

    Those who seek to point the finger of blame to history's greatest scape goat will continue as you are doing.

    And in the process, perpetuate the very "oppression" you purport to be against.

  13. It is perfectly defensible position to keep Galloway out of the country on the grounds that he handed cash to Hamas, but the manner that this was done is disturbing.

    If Jason Kenney wanted to make the case against George he should have stood up and done so, instead of blatantly lying about not being involved.

    He even had some shmuck cowboy commenter believing him, and shooting people full of holes, for suggesting that this directive came from Kenney's office.

    In the end as odious as I find Galloway, I don't believe he is a big threat. Let him in and have CSIS and/or the police keep an eye on any fundraising he does here.

    BTW Galloway supporters, this isn't about free speech, and it never was.

    You can catch all of Curious George's greatest hits on Youtube. There is no censorship of his ideas, or arguments in Canada.

    • Absolutely. Kenney should have figured out that the best way to deal with clowns like Galloway is to ignore them. When Galloway wasn't allowed to enter Canada, the publicity he so desperately craves was handed to him on a silver platter.

  14. Galloway who?

  15. but they have shopping malls, nice restaurants and hundreds of millions of dollars in 'aid' money, so it's not all bad.

  16. That's a lie. Common sense should tell you Palistinians are people and all people tend to die after 7 days wtihout food and water, nevermind 50 plus years of being without.

    Palestine is the biggest welfare state in the world. Instead of taking care of its citizens with the millions of dollars being poured into it from the Arab world, Hamas builds nuclear weapons aimed at Tel Aviv schools and arms its citizens to shoot up cars filled with pregnant women.