George W. Bush personally authorized waterboarding -

George W. Bush personally authorized waterboarding

Former president reiterates his view the technique is not torture


In his new memoir, former U.S. president George W. Bush says he personally approved the use of waterboarding, a coercive tactic that simulates drowning, on CIA detainees. In Decision Points, Bush writes that he specifically authorized the waterboarding of alleged Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheik Mohammed, insisting interrogators were “damn right” to do so. Though International legal experts have claimed the procedure violates conventions against torture, the former president says he’d do it again if it meant saving lives.

Washington Post

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George W. Bush personally authorized waterboarding

    • Hahaha, how much they are paying you to promote them?

      I don't like Bush at all but I will read it, I am curious what made him act like that, in other words, I want to hear his excuses!

      • Heh, I just want people to spend as little as possible on it. The thing is something like $35 at list. And, it isn't as if he needs the money.

        I wan't a fan of Mr. Bush either. But I have seen some coverage of leaked bits, and it looks pretty interesting. One comment said that he considered dropping Cheney in 2004 because of his "Darth Vader" image. Now, I don't think Mr. Vader would consider that a fair comparision, but its funny nonetheless.

        • I am curious too, but I am with you, I will not spend 35 dollars for it, but I did for Harperland, full price, ha!

          • Like I said, it'll fit nicely on my Kindle for $10. I don't think I'd be paying more than that. Apparently there's a deluxe version for a little over $200 that you can get as well though. But I'm not nearly that discerning.

      • I already asked our public Library to bring it in for me, This way it's not like I am supporting Pres. Bush's retirement…(actually I'm cheap. )

        • Hahaha, I should do the same thing, I won an office bet yesterday $100.00 that Harper wouldn't agree with the potash take over, I was the only one, everyone else said he would, It pains me to give him my money!

          • Congratulations on your win…$ 100.00 dollars is sweet, but bragging rights can be worth more sometimes……

          • And boy, Do I bragg! So far I have won every bet, I am in PR, deal with advertising, I tend to see it that way, and it works : )

          • I envy you for working in an office where people care enough about politics that you can find other bettors. I'd lose constantly, since my political predictions are almost always wrong, but it would still be fun…

          • We do, and we have the best time, it is fun!

  1. Send him to Syria.

  2. Islamists cut heads off, shoot and stone, but we can not use even waterboarding?
    C'mon give ma a break. Dude who is willing to blow himself in public place to kill everyone in the name of his sick
    mix of religion and ideology deserves for every kind of method to pull out information from him.
    After job is done, he gets bullet in a head and problem solved.

    • If we resort to the methods employed by the people we are fighting, what makes us better than them?

      We have a moral and ethical responsibility to be better.

      • '''We have a moral and ethical responsibility to be better ''' …And the States are doing just that, thats why they do not throw rocks and stuff…Just waterboarding and shocking of ones Testicals instead……

  3. Harper would would approve water boarding if he has not already. Its a neo con thing. Something about an inability to grasp a simple concept like . "the rule of Law".

    • So you speak for Harper? Nothing like maligning a guy for something he didn't do.
      This article is about Bush, but you grab the paintbrush and bring it up to our country.
      You're reaching, and badly.

  4. North America is one lucky Continent to have finally found a real leader in Mr Bush. The more knowledgeable will rate him as North Americas greatest leader. Hopefully Canada will rent his waterboard.