German finance minister says worst of eurozone debt crisis seems over


BERLIN – Germany’s finance minister says the worst of euro area’s debt crisis appears to be over after three years of worries over Greece and other members of the group of 17 European Union countries that use the single currency.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was quoted Thursday as telling the Bild newspaper: “I think we have the worst behind us.”

Schaeuble says Greece and others have recognized that they can only overcome the crisis by implementing reforms and that the Greek government — which has received two bailouts — “knows that it cannot financially overburden the other euro states”.

Some in Germany have expressed concern about the economy of neighbouring France. But Schaeuble says the government there “knows very well that every country must constantly conduct reforms to remain competitive.”

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German finance minister says worst of eurozone debt crisis seems over

  1. Since when did France want to be competitive?

    • What a dumb comment, based on stereotyping and generalization. Since when does any country have monolithic collective urges (like the will to be “competitive”).

      • So Canada, collectively, doesn’t want to be competitive at the World Juniors this week? That’d be news to most Canadians.

        • Many don’t care and some probably don’t even know it’s happening.

          • So the fact that some Canadians don’t care about the World Juniors means that Canadians in general don’t want the team to be competitive? I’d wager that even if you asked those who didn’t care, or didn’t know…. they’d still want the team to be competitive. Why would any regular Canadian NOT want our team to be the best? To give all the other teams a fair and equal shot? Bwahahahaha

          • Not what I said (and, anyway, not relevant to the item about the state of the European economy).

            I said countries don’t have monolithic urges. To make such facile judgments stereotypes entire populations and is demonstrably untrue.

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