German president quits -

German president quits

Horst Koehler resigns following criticism of remarks about military


German President Horst Koehler has said he will resign immediately after coming under fire for linking German military missions, such as the Afghanistan deployment, with the defense of economic interests. In a radio interview earlier this month, Koehler made the controversial remark that it is sometimes necessary for Germany, an export-oriented country, to deploy troops “to protect our interests… for example free trade routes.” The statement was highly unpopular with German politicians, and led to accusations of ‘gunboat diplomacy’ and embarrassment for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government. In announcing his resignation, Koehler said he regretted that his comments led to a misunderstanding about a difficult question for the nation, and that “it was an honour for me to serve Germany as president,” the BBC reports. Jens Boehrnsen, speaker of the parliament’s upper house and member of the opposition Social Democratic Party, will serve as interim president.

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German president quits

  1. There is no reason why Germany should be more shy that other states about defending economic interests. Shy because of the last world war? Time to set things right, even about that last world war where german leaders found partners in evil in many other countries in Europe where the private sector thrived on war – and even found at least silent assent in the catholic church.
    I am sorry Mr. Koehler is resigning, because to my knowledge, he was the first pro-active president. Now he is also the first to create a situation which I hope will end well.

  2. Yikes!!! Talk about thin skinned. What wooses those German pols are. Look at Harper and Chretien. You couldn't run those guys out the door with a team of horses.