Germany to wean itself off nuclear energy -

Germany to wean itself off nuclear energy

Plans to close all reactors by 2022


Germany announced on Monday that it will shut down all of its nuclear power plants by 2022. Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen announced the decision after emerging from late-night talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other officials. Germany is the first major industrial country to commit to closing its nuclear power plants. Rottgen said eight reactors have already been shutdown and will never be used again. A further six will be turned off by 2021, while the country’s three newest reactors will go offline the following year.  “It’s definite,” said Rottgen. “There will be no clause for revision.” The announcement comes after the German government announced a review of its nuclear policy shortly after the outbreak of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima reactor in Japan. There have been mass anti-nuclear protests in Germany in recent weeks, while the country’s Green party has seen a surge in popularity.

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Germany to wean itself off nuclear energy

  1. This is politics at its worst.  Mean while, Germany’s next door neighbour France produces over 80% of their power from nuclear.  

  2. Since Germany derives about 23% per cent of its power from nuclear energy, it’s inconceivable that solar energy can make up the difference; Germany doesn’t get enough sunlight during the day. Germany’s Ruhr Valley is a rich source of anthracite while the former East Germany is a leading source of lignite. The trouble is, the East will smell like a giant Trabante while the West won’t smell much better.