Getting to know the Smokin’ MacNeils, of Sunwing passenger fame


One friend of the MacNeils, the family who were booted off a Sunwing vacation flight en route to Dominican Republic, has told the CBC that the smoking, belligerent MacNeils don’t sound at all like the family she’s known and worked for the last seven years. According to Debra Wilson, she was shocked to hear of the MacNeils’ behaviour, describing it as uncharacteristic.

The MacNeils—father David, mother Darlene and their son David Jr.—were accused of smoking and acting disorderly, and were thrown off the plane during an unscheduled stop in Bermuda. There, they went before a judge and pleaded guilty to various charges. Although, only the son was convicted of smoking—and he claims he wasn’t.

David MacNeil owns Mabou Mining in Ontario. And the family resides in Mabou, N.S., a hamlet in Cape Breton—home to other famous Canadians, including the Rankin Family. Neighbours have expressed embarrassment at the story of the MacNeils’ flight, some surprised and others not.

Darlene told the CBC yesterday that the family has their own version of the story to tell and will do so as soon as they fly home from Bermuda.

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Getting to know the Smokin’ MacNeils, of Sunwing passenger fame

  1. Why not interview the other one hundred and seventy or so passengers first. I am sure Darlene is lovely, but in this instance a plane loaded with fuel landed because two males probably had beer piss issues. Then they got more entitled and smoked in the bathroom.
    If justice plays out, and hopefully it will, I personally do not care where the mentally delayed men came from, since I care more about the safety of the majority of passengers who also have families, and had to land in an over weight plane. Man urinary products are available in Mabou, Nova Scotia. I think.

    • They weren’t charged with peeing on the toilet seat. And the plane didn’t land because one of them lit up in the can. It’s what happened afterward that caused them to miss out of a Dominican Holiday – and other than them “pleading guilty” we don’t know what that was.
      Let’s give them the space to indicate they’re not total arsenholes.

  2. >and will do so as soon as they fly home from Bermuda.

    But not on Sunwing…

  3. Sure the flight crew just made it all up. These idiots should be banned from flying.

  4. This is a typical “I am better than you and I don’t really care”. Given the family is loaded with money why did they wet lease a plane to go to cuba? They are a disgrace to Cape Breton and a disgrace to Canada. Pretty simple rules “DO NOT SMOKE” or “GET UP when the SEATBELT SIGN IS ON” did they forget how to read English?
    As a cape bretoner I am disgusted and I hope I do not run into them somewhere because they will get a piece of my mind.

    • i think your obnoxious and to quick to judge. theres two sides to every storey, and i think you should, like everyone else, mind your p’s & q’s until the family has a chance to at least say SOMETHING in their defense!

      Canadians are forgiving. understanding. compassionate.

      dont jump to conclusions and assumptions before you know the entire storey! the news and media tend to exagerate, ALOT. give them some space.

      ignorance and rudeness isnt going to change the situation. it didnt affect you directly. so why have a melt down?

      • He’s probably having a meltdown because your attitude is part of what’s killed Atlantic Canada for 50+ years and given us such a bad reputation in other parts of the country.

        Neighbour down the street on EI every chance he gets intentionally? No, that would be rude to point out.

        Underdeveloped economy due to a labour force that can’t change with the times? Ontario and Alberta’s fault.

        Kids (or, apparently, adults) can’t spell or do math because the incompetent teachers aren’t fired because that would be “rude”? Whatever.

        This behaviour is abysmal, and to even be accused of it by an airline (that has no incentive to say it) is a disgrace.

  5. I hope in my heart that if the MacNeils are found innocent of this smoking freakshow, that they sue Sunwing for slander. It’s disgusting to see how people have reacted to this. A 16 year old can commit murder in this country and not have his face plastered all over the news, but, this 16 year old has had his face plastered on every media outlet across the world. How many of you that have been name-calling would be crying bloody murder if your child was bullied like this at school? This all makes me sick. It all sounds more tabloid and no articles seem to be objective. I feel sorry for children growing up in this truly ignorant society. Who are we to call ourselves civilized?

    • Yes it is too bad these parents didn’t think of what they were going to put their youngest son through before they dunk too much and bully the flight aattendents , guess he didn’t learn his manners from home.

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