GG’s husband didn’t want Queen to stay at Rideau Hall -

GG’s husband didn’t want Queen to stay at Rideau Hall

Jean-Daniel Lafond asked to send her to a hotel, source says


The Queen of Canada technically owns the Governor General’s residence in Ottawa, so it’s more than a bit strange that Michaelle Jean’s husband asked that Elizabeth II stay in a hotel instead during last week’s royal visit.
Jean-Daniel Lafond asked that the Queen not stay at the 9,500 square-meter royal residence, a source told the Toronto Sun. The GG’s office did not comment. The Queen stayed at Rideau Hall.

Toronto Sun

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GG’s husband didn’t want Queen to stay at Rideau Hall


  2. Jean-Daniel Lafond seems a bit daft. I'll miss his wife, but I won't be sorry to see him leaving Rideau Hall.

  3. The Queen should have responded by "asking" that Lafond stay in a hotel while she stayed in Rideau Hall.

  4. I think it's time for the lodgers to be moving along.

  5. Statement from His Excellency Jean-Daniel Lafond:

    "Since her appointment as Governor General of Canada, my wife, Michaëlle Jean, and I have had the pleasure of welcoming several members of the Royal Family to Rideau Hall, notably His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, with whom we got along quite well. The current allegations are completely unfounded, given that we warmly welcomed Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh right before we left Canada for our visit to China, and wished them not only a wonderful visit to the country, but also a lovely stay at Rideau Hall. And it was in that same spirit that we bid them farewell in Toronto upon our return from China, and that, with great appreciation, we received their tokens of friendship. I therefore vehemently deny the insulting and ill-intentioned remarks that have been attributed to me."

    • You mean an anonymous source lied? Say it ain't so, Dave!

  6. I am not defending the Separatist Lafond but I think this is a hatchet job by David Akin. To think Lafond would try such a thing defies credulity. If this is the way the new Sun TV News is going to report politics in Canada I will not be watching. I want honest, accurate and unbiased reporting. Maybe Akin left Global too soon.

  7. hollinm…you want WHAT from the Sun! hahahahahahahahahahahaha etc.