Giant icicle comes down, but making the cut not that easy


SASKATOON – A worker trying to remove a three-storey-tall icicle from a Saskatoon apartment building quickly found the first cut is not always the deepest.

Removal of the massive chunk of frozen water created quite a stir on Twitter, where observers noted the icicle was proving too much of a match for a chain saw.

Melting water from the inside of the icicle was dulling the blades and making it difficult to cut the icy giant into bits.

Lisa Tootoosis, who lives in the building next door, was worried the ice mass could fall right through her windows and brought it to a supervisor’s attention.

The caretaker said the ice weighed so many tonnes it could smash right through the walls.

A fire inspector came to the site and ordered the icicle removed.

The property manager declined to comment.

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