Giant Senator Mike Duffy balloon floats over Ottawa

Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls for Senate referendum



Giant Senator Mike Duffy balloon floats over Ottawa

  1. I don’t know what’s bigger, the ballon or the real guy!

    • neither,
      the real guy’s ego is the biggest

      • When Mike visits PEI, its population doubles!

  2. WoW————————3 storey Mike Duffy balloon.

    Sure hope it’s visible from Steven Harper’s office !

  3. It’s the Pillsbury Dough Man!

    • No.

      The taxpayers dough man.

  4. They were going for life size

  5. Poor Senator Puffy. All stressed out and huffy. And taxpayers have had enuffy of Senator Duffy. All that parading around at taxpayers expense as a Tory carnival clown. All those steak and lobster dinners while you gave the samed canned speech about the virtues of the Senate. Jokes stolen from your Bob Hope pocket book of jokes. Yawning party faithful just wanting to hear you call out their 50/50 numbers so they could go home and sleep it off. Was it really worth it Mike?